Unison Wealth Review: Just Another HYIP Scam?

By | December 24, 2014

Product: Unison Wealth
Owner/Contact: Unavailable
Website: unisonwealth.com
Type: Company Forced Matrix
Rank: Borderline Scam!

What Is Unison Wealth?

In this following review we will be taking a close look at Unison Wealth, a program that was just launched in November 2014. While there are a growing number of these types of opportunities, I’d like to inspect this product in particular as a result of its speedy growth, among a few other features in play. In summary, Unison Wealth is one of the newest company forced matrix programs.

Hence, while this following review is intended to be solely focused on the opportunity at hand, provided by Unison Wealth, it will also be offering a bit of contrast with other similar typed products.

The real answer I believe we are all looking for concerns, sustainability...

Will Unison Wealth Work and Can It Last?

First of all, one of the most confusing types of online opportunities out there today are very relevant to what are called “matrices.” It’s almost like taking an MLM opportunity but twisting it in a way, so that without having to recruit whatsoever on your part, can still earn a bit of income!

In most cases however, there is usually, but not always a fixed percentage of what you’d be earning on your initial investment amount.

Moreover, Unison Wealth works differently than most matrixes and cyclers out there by the avoidance of using any re-entries. What is the problem with a re-entry in a company forced matrix? The problem is that it almost always causes members who join in the very beginning versus later on down the line, a distinguished advantage in their earnings amount.

Hence, because of the individuals ability to purchase more and more positions within the company forced matrix, they are given the benefit of the doubt to basically stack and earn more money by having more positions bought either through their earnings, or from their pocket.

Therefore, the people at the end of the line, those who join later down the road, not only earn less but will inevitably find their positions cycling slower. With less positions in the matrix, the lesser attraction the opportunity becomes.

Nonetheless, Unison Wealth has come up with a so-called unique program by dissolving this re-entry ability by members. Thus, giving incentive for a more sustainable lasting product to both new and old members alike.

How Will We Know Unison Wealth Will Actually Work?

Almost 100% of the time, it can take an endless number of trial and error, until a product such as Unison Wealth see itself beginning to work. Even just a small tweak here and there can really cause a product like this to crash. Nevertheless, Unison Wealth, just like any other product out there, as I should advise must only be used with Caution!

I would not make a habit of attempting this program or product simply to try and earn yourself a consistent online income. In order for that to truly happen, one must be in control of a business. Hence, a lot of people have come to rely on products similar to this that have totally crashed in the end.

On the contrary, the majority of instances where members who join early on invest a good amount of money and are consistent, are usually able to get out the program before things inevitably come to an end, with a nice bit of hefty profit.

Unison Wealth Claims..?

– You can earn money by simply paying money.

– No necessary need to recruit to earn.

– Potential earning of every $2 bought position of $103 in Cash overtime, and $53 in your subscription wallet.

Ability to earn 3 different ways:

1) Upfront Referral Commission.

2) Matching Cash Bonus.

3) Cycling of Referrals & Matching Subscription Wallet Bonus.

UnisonWealth Not “Investment, HYIP or Ponzi Scheme” Claim!

If you read over the F.A.Q. on the UnisonWealth website, one thing you will notice is that this company, along with 100’s of other many similar companies claim to not be anything relative to investments, HYIP, or a Ponzi scheme.

Obviously it would be illegal if it were!

However, the reason for this stated claim, is a result of the fact that without UnisonWealth selling at least one good or service on the website in exchange for the money you are paying (or investing, shall I say), that is for advertising credits (which is essentially secondary in nature..), the company would not be legal whatsoever.

Thus, UnisonWealth along the many other similar companies are allowed to do business with you, and not have to pay you a dollar extra or less if anything were to happen in the future, as a result of you having paid for their advertising services. That’s why most joining such an opportunity must take extra extra pre-cautionary measures.

Moreover, I believe that the true intentions of such companies are to simply allow for more and more earnings. It’s very similar in nature to a pyramid scheme, MLM, or even network marketing..

The company’s profitability can ONLY go on and continue indefinitely with the more people it can get to continually pay to join the opportunity!

Essentially, all the profits you make, are all coming from the new people who join and pay for a position in the UnisonWealth Company Forced Matrix.. I know, so what’s the point in that!

UnisonWealth Review Overview

I’ve been in quite a few of these programs and to be honest, they can be quite scary at times. While most back a few years ago, are no longer running, very few continue to update their systems and check that things are operating okay. Is that something you can trust with UnisonWealth?

My simple opinion, despite the “good idea” (I guess), in comparison to other past matrixes is that I would definitely stay away.. So is Unison Wealth a complete scam? Well, below are some of my own reasons why I would personally stay far away!

My Reasons:

#1 – The page is too Cartoon like, and though looks professional in its own way, does not tailor correctly to its audience. I’d feel as though this product would have no problem simply shutting its doors and saying goodbye!

#2 – The “Contact Us” section is simply, just not good enough.. for me! I don’t find it a reliable means of contacting support, especially given lack of address, name, etc.

#3 – Last but not least, and MOST importantly, are the payout options below. The mere fact they don’t have PayPal accepted says a lot! Given my experience and background with these companies, to me it shouts out, if we can’t get accepted by PayPal, there is a good chance our product is no good.

Verdict: Borderline Scam.
Rank: 30/100

Looking To Earn A Much, Much, More

Reliable Income Online?

That’s great, because I have good news, just for you coming to my page, I’m going to show you over to my next review!! I think you’ll be pleased with this all-in-one reliable opportunity that has been running now for a decade, successfully.

9 thoughts on “Unison Wealth Review: Just Another HYIP Scam?

  1. S. M. Zoaka

    Hi peter, I really really need to start earning online. Please, can you send me reccommendations to my mail? shambu24@gmail.com. I believe you will be able to lead me to something that really works. I will really appreciate your response. I borrowed a lot of money and put it into unisonwealth and came up with absolutely nothing. The most annoying part is that I even persuaded people who really trusted me to invest a lot of money there but they now have nothing to show for it. You can imagine the current relationship existing between I and them. Please kindly help me with good reccommendations. Thank you so much.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah I actually hear a lot of stories like that Zoaka with HYIP’s and it’s really unfortunate. Have you taken a look at my #1 recommendation? That’s the best way for you to start earning online. It works because it consists of you getting traffic, which in-turn becomes the foundation to your online success. Feel free to read over my review and if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to help.

  2. Chris

    I found your article when searching for making money online without recruiting. Unison Wealth does appeal to me as it sounds like the system makes the money for you in effect, and your not dependent upon others signing up under you etc. Do you know of any legitimate ways to make good online income, which don’t involve any type of selling or recruiting?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Chris, I wouldn’t recommend getting involved with Unison Wealth. I’m not even sure if they are still operating and paying out. One issue you may have with Unison Wealth is they tend to payout their withdrawals from new members investments. This therefore depends on how many people are joining and how much they’re investing and can shut down at any time. Yes I know of a great and highly-reliable program that does not require any selling or recruiting. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend you giving it a shot. Thanks!

  3. Michael Ladd



    People are tired of garbage;…. some…. just…don’t… get it. Everyone seems to be looking for the next “pie in the sky”, get rich quick deal, and go from one failed program to the next . I have learned that people join with people who know where they are going, who genuinely care about them; not someone who jumps from deal to deal, looking to make money OFF them instead of WITH them. Join a TEAM that is focused on YOUR success, not the next “deal”.

  4. ange

    Is not true that u wrote about the ppl in the bottom line .. daily sub program so every day new position enter level 1 and more and more position dont slow down it speeds up and move faster.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Ange,

      Thanks for clearing this up. However I’d just like to say that is not what I meant.. I understand that with more positions the more potential profit there is when joining Unison Wealth. But you also have to consider that the company will also need to consistently increase the number of sales as well in order for it to make any profit. For example, the more adpacks you buy out of wallet the more adpacks you can purchase more using your earnings.. This inevitably causes an increase in the number of active ad packs in every member.

      The more more ad packs there are the more Unison Wealth will be required to constantly keep increasing the number of sales. Otherwise where will the profit come from? This is the reason why many HYIP products fail in under a year at best.

      While many tend to come and go, my biggest recommendation is to take a look into MyAdvertisingPays as they seem to be doing a good job in their ability to consistently attain new members and make more sales.

  5. Bob McNair

    Thanks for the review
    I was going to join but now I am going to stay away
    Keep up the good work !!


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