Unlimited Profits Review By Robert Hollis

By | September 8, 2015

Name: Unlimited Profits

Website: www.unlimitedprofits.com

Owner: Robert Hollis

Price: $99 per month

Rank: 45/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is It?

Unlimited Profits is an online marketing and MLM networking platform by Robert Hollis wUnlimited Profits Scam Reviewith the tools and training to try and help you succeed. The back office within Unlimited Profits is simple, consisting of a home page, your leads, and a profile.

You’ll also find your own affiliate link you can actually use to promote without having to become a pro member. This allows you to take the opportunity to earn an income, without having to pay anything.

On the left hand side of the dashboard you’ll see a list of categorized video’s. From here you’re started off with Robert Hollis’ general overview, a list of consumer testimonials, and some training.

One thing I liked about this back office is the added on feature of being able to contact your sponsor. Unlimited Profits is all about getting proper mentorship. So it’s nice to see you’re able to contact your sponsor at the push of a button.

On the other hand, the ability to get in touch with only your sponsor is a bit of a drawback. Not only should you be able to reach your sponsor, but other people who are also having success with the system.

How Much Is It?

My first experience with Unlimited Profits made me feel like Robert Hollis is doing what he can to make the system feel like it’s legitimate. The mere ability to get started for free before having to pay anything and be able to make commissions without a pro membership gives the platform a nice touch to it.. Better than what most of todays online marketing platforms can say for themselves. From there, if you like what you see and feel like Unlimited Profits is the right product for you, you can upgrade to a pro membership for $99 a month.

Unlimited Profits Training

Unlimited Profits Scam ReviewNow asides from the actual compensation plan, I’d say the training is the next important feature on the list. Is it effective? Does it work?

Personally, because this is an MLM opportunity, I’m not surprised to see that the majority of the back-office is filled with testimonials. Almost like the opportunity is about empowering you rather than teaching you.

Nevertheless, there are some OK training videos but they are mostly based on taking advantage of people and social media. In here you will find things like taking better advantage of Google+ Hangouts and Facebook Groups. They are based on helping you connect, reach out, and network with other prospects.

What I Like About Unlimited Profits

There are a few pro’s when it comes to Unlimited Profits. The ability to try it out for free is a bonus and I like the fact you can promote your affiliate link without having to pay anything. Also, the testimonials felt real and genuine, which is something you don’t usually see within these types of MLM opportunities. Last but not least, things don’t seem hyped up like they usually are in the online marketing world making the brand seem more trustworthy. That’s not to say though, that the product does not have its own flaws..

What I Don’t Like About Unlimited Profits

Unlimited Profits Scam ReviewFor one, I’m not a fan of how the only thing you’re really selling is the opportunity itself. There’s no real product or anything of real substance. For me, this makes it harder trying to sell the opportunity and in a way almost feels like a ponzi scheme. The training also felt weak and is primarily based on how you should go about talking to others to get them to buy into the opportunity.

The lack of proper training on how to get traffic and building up a sense of trust and proper business made the opportunity feel less legitimate.

Essentially all they really tell you to do is Get Started, Become Pro, and Share your Link. This in a way made things feel like the one and only objective were to get its affiliates the company name out there. This then brings me to the price.. For $99 per month I must say that the lack of available tools and lack of valuable training feels much too high!

Unlimited Profits Overview – Is It a Scam?

So, can you become successful with Unlimited Profits? That’s really up to debate and depends on a number of factors. While I’m sure you can build up a nice residual income over the years, you really need to take advantage of social media in this case. The ability to find, prospect, and network with other network marketers is a huge factor.

I would say the biggest disappointment of all are the lack of training and tools and not teaching you how to get traffic. Without traffic it becomes very difficult get leads on an everyday basis, which is what you need to make this work. Also, the sense of not having much of a community or people you can reach out into the opportunity seems to be hugely disadvantageous.

While I wouldn’t go as far to saying Unlimited Profits is a scam, it’s probably not something I recommend. For me, there are just too many deal breakers for me. The fact is there are much better and higher quality online marketing products out there that you can get for half the price and actually become successful with.

What it comes down to however, is your networking abilities and getting your offer seen in front of thousands of people. I’m not sure how successful I could become with a product like Unlimited Profits, mainly because so much of it heavily depends on social media marketing. It seems all your time is spent scavenging for people in the make money online community, which really isn’t all that enjoyable.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you reading my review on Unlimited Profits. If you’re looking for an opportunity with more of a community aspect and one thats not founded upon having to constantly recruit and sell to others, you should take a look at what I recommend most. If you think Unlimited Profits could be a good fit for you, give it a try and let me know how it goes. Looking forward to seeing your responses down below and what you think of this opportunity as a whole :)



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