Up-Survey Scam Review: Does It Pay?

By | May 26, 2015

Name: Up-SurveyUp-Survey.com Review - Scam Or Legit?
Website: www.up-survey.com
Price: Free
Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Up-Survey.com isn’t like most online survey companies out there. Unlike survey companies willing to pay you a dollar here and there for your opinion, Up-Survey claims to pay out individuals in the thousands just for their opinions.

Even more is the fact you can get paid up to $14 for each survey you fill out. If you ask me, this sounds pretty attractive. Even better is the fact you don’t even need a credit card and you can get started completely free.

Up-Survey.com Review - Scam Or Legit?

But, is there a catch? That’s what we’ll be finding out in this review.

How It Works?

When you go onto the Up-Survey website, you’ll find it to be very simple. There is a “Main” button which allows you to login with your username and pasword, a “Sign-Up” button, and “Contacts.”

up-survey scam review

What’s really odd about this whole setup, is each single button takes you to the same exact page with one small difference, small bits of information at the bottom show up- this to me, is a big signal Up-Survey is a potential online scam.

With barely any information to go off of, the simple setup is used to raise curiosity and register as many new individuals as they possibly can get. With the way they have their system setup, they’re going to need it and you will soon find out why.

Even when you click the “FAQ” button you are re-directed back to the home page. The biggest red flag of all however, is probably the simple stats they show up top, claiming to have currently paid out “$12,780,900.” That’s a lot of survey money!

Up-Survey.com Review - Scam Or Legit?

By the way, I found the “Latest News” section, to be absolutely ridiculous! The earning amounts are not only ludicrous, but continually begin to show one after the next. My only recommendation here – Don’t believe everything you hear!

“How You Get Paid”?

The welcome page shows small footers of information on the bottom. They claim to offer $14 for each survey, $15 for each person you refer to Up-Survey, along with 20% from your partner’s earnings.

What’s The Catch?

The catch is what blows this entire company out the water and eliminates all hope of promise. In-fact there isn’t just one catch..

#1 – You can only complete 3 surveys per day.
#2 – $500 minimum payment threshold.
#3They don’t even pay!

You heard right.

The number one biggest consumer complaint of all concerning Up-Survey.com is the fact they don’t even pay!

Sure, most people don’t even mind the $500 minimum payment threshold. With $14 per survey, and the ability to take 3 everyday, anyone can complete this objective in less than 2 weeks. The real problem comes in with the fact everyone complains of not getting paid.

Now the question becomes, why does Up-Survey even do this in the first place?

Simple. For them its a easy way to rake in and keep all the profits. Just by getting new individuals to join, and begin filling out surveys, the company in exchange gets paid for your opinion. It’s basically like stealing. The company profits and doesn’t even share a tiny portion of their affiliate commissions.. Not cool? I know!

Up-Survey Overview and Final Recommendation!

Thinking about joining Up-Survey and giving it a shot? Don’t, unless you want these guys to profit off you for nothing. Up-Survey is simply a website that boasts itself in being overly simple and too good to be true.

It’s important to keep close watch when encountering programs like these. There is usually some kind of catch, if not many involved. It will not only up your hopes, but possibly get you over-excited for no reason.

In my opinion, if you want to get started with a legitimate system that can make you income, see My #1 Recommendation. Sure, it may seem a bit more complicated than simply filling out surveys, then again who honestly wants to be making income from surveys? Boring..

Thanks for reading this Up-Survey scam review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below.

6 thoughts on “Up-Survey Scam Review: Does It Pay?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry Smruti, but trying to withdraw earnings from Up-Survey definitely won’t work. It’s a scam that a highly recommend staying away from!

  1. Peter

    Hi Peter,
    I find this scam almost laughable. Promising $14 per survey while the other survey companies pay generally a few cents or at most a few dollars. It sounds too good to be true. As you say the $500 limit or the 3 surveys a day aren’t a problem, but not getting paid that’s pretty bad and a nice profit for Up-Survey. Almost the worst part is the time wasted by the people taking the surveys. If a survey takes 30 minutes these poor people will waste nearly 20 hours of their precious time, before they realise they won’t be paid.
    I hope many people read this review to save them from this scam.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I know right! That kind of compensation is a bit overboard in my opinion. There isn’t a single company out there willing to pay up to $14 for you to fill out a survey. Any company that makes such over-exaggerated promises is a flat out scam!

  2. achiyaakter

    I think upsurvey is a scam site,because I have got $506 but its takes no process to payout,I send a ticket but not respond, showing a message Money was sent, please wait,

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yup, Up-Survey is a scam alright. Unfortunately their tactics and behavior can fool us into thinking otherwise. But just as you said, most people have problems once it comes to the withdrawal process. How annoying is that? That they would make you go through all that work, and keep all the money for themselves. Not very fair if you ask me. Click here to see what I do recommend!


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