USA Lead Club Review – Legit Or Scam?

By | February 8, 2015

Product: USALeadClubusa lead club review - is it a scam?

Owners: Tanner Campbell & Daniela Milano

Type: Biz Opp Lead Membership


Price: $30 per month (+ $30 setup fee 1st month)

Rank: 40/100

In this review I’ll be covering a new Lead Selling Membership website called USA Lead Club. This topic is a fairly big one,  in todays world of online marketing, as the profitability of millions of individuals, sellers and businesses rely upon their daily fuel of leads.

But, can USA Lead Club provide the leads certain individuals and entities are out on the hunt for? This in-depth review should help by covering some of the major impertinent aspects in regards to the lead quality being offered by USA Lead Club.

Lastly, we’ll be comparing side-by-side USA Lead Club with an additional membership website, I think may prove to be very helpful in your case…

Thus, let us see which is more beneficial: the purchasing of random leads on a monthly basis or the building of your own brand and business in your own targeted niche!!

What Is USA Lead Club?

As stated, USA Lead Club is simply a “biz opportunity,” for individuals and businesses to attain leads.

How Many Leads Does USA Lead Club Supply?

Each individual is eligible for 135 various leads per day.

Three Question Qualification Process

According to USA Lead Club each individual lead has gone through a 3 questionnaire pre-screen process in order to determine each one’s eligibility.

The questions are fairly broad and in my opinion, don’t believe they’re quite specific enough to carefully categorize these leads for any specific niche, subject, or topic.

Hence, if one were to join USA Lead Club, that person or individual would most-likely benefit mostly by targeting the MLM type crowd.

USA Leads Pre-Screen Questions:

#1 – Do You Have a Valid Credit Card?

#2 – Would You Be Willing To Invest $100 or More In The “Right” Opportunity?

#3 – Are You Ready To Get Started Within The Following 30-day Period?

USA Lead Biz Opp Process & Information:

Once these questions are answered and the leads are eligible they are then transferred to the USA Lead Club buyer.

You are additionally able to browse through each one by personal contact information:

– Full Names

– E-mail Addresses

– IP Address/General Location

USA Lead Club Member Features

One of the pretty cool features I found when using USA Lead Club was your ability to download and save these leads into a CSV format; the type used for an excel word processer, in which they are saved for you permanently.

The next cool feature is your instant ability to transfer your USA Lead Club leads right into your own autoresponder.

Therefore, any online marketing newbie should find the utility of USA Lead Club as a fairly simple and easy process. That’s not to say however, that the system is completely flawless!

USA Lead Club Broadcaster

Another cool feature by USA Lead Club which simplifies the process abit more is by offering its own unique Broadcaster, which would likely be very beneficial for anyone who cannot afford or simply doesn’t have an autoresponder.

How You Use USA Lead Club?

Their autoresponder is better well-known as a “Drag ‘N Drop” Broadcaster. Basically, it is all a matter of a simple drag and drop process that allows you to mail out messages to your leads all at once.

Although this is a free included feature with USA Lead Club, you can only use it once a day, which for most people, I believe is plenty enough.

Potential Problems With USA Lead Club..

# One – While some or possibly most individuals may feel as though 135 leads per day is quite enough to help get their business started and going, the majority of your traffic and conversions will ultimately rely upon how you utilize these leads.

# Two – No one knows for sure whether the corresponded answers by USA Leads have actually been proven to be correct. This is indeed one of the biggest problems found within USA Lead Club. In-fact there is no proof at all that the leads themselves actually answered yes to every one of the questions. If you think about it, why wouldn’t USA Lead Club simply provide any and every lead its gotten and hand them over to its consumers.

# Three – In the majority of instances with these types of lead business opportunities, you tend to face one of the biggest problems of all, when looking at the industry as a whole.. That is that the majority of the times you should already expect that these leads aren’t solely yours only, meaning despite USA Leads Club promise of complete exclusitivity is not enough of a guarantee to know for sure whether they are being used by many other members as well.

Therefore, if any one of these three problems were to be the case, there is a very good chance you may find a lot more trouble in getting your leads to convert.

In-terms of the last potential problem, 135 leads per day is quite a lot to be giving out to each consumer. If you do the math, that means just by having 1,000 USA Lead Biz consumers, would be the equivalence of 135 x 1,000 = 135,000 “qualified leads” PER DAY!

USA Lead Club Review Scam Or Legit?

At this point, I cannot perceive USA Lead Clubs “2.0 biz opp” to be a scam. What I can tell you though is this is definitely not the best way to rely upon the profits of your very business. Most true online entreperneurs have a much deeper obligation in not simply obtaining, but more importantly, properly connecting with their leads.

Proper E-mail Marketing!

When it comes to e-mail marketing there truly is no greater, more significant factor than your ability to creating a good and legitimate sense of trust; it allows for an everlasting bond that simultaneously gives you as the “business owner,” a growing brand and reputation.

Without one, you are most-certainly looking at simply shooting blanks in the dark.. Can you ever remember a time when you decided to open an e-mail from a random person online and purchased something?

Thus, my sincere belief here stands, that USA Lead Biz is more likely than not simply stating the fact they’re using a pre-screening questionnaire/survey for the sake of their own legitimacy and reputation, which they then back-up with never-ending consumer testimonials! All made in an attempt to reduce the chances of individuals double-questioning the business opportunity in the first place.

Lead Purchasing Vs. Brand Reputation Building!

In addition, for any business to be profitable, you’ll want your audience and leads to be as targeted as can possibly be. In the case of USA Lead Club, while these 3 questions may help to improve the quality & chances, specifically in the internet marketing niche, will have zero affect for any and all other kinds and types of niches.

While some individuals may find 135 leads per day to be quite plenty, we truly don’t know how genuine they really are. We don’t even know if they are all real! Nevertheless, why pay for leads when you can learn the skills and ability to attain hundreds and eventually thousands by the day without having to pay for them.

The benefits of this are endless!

As these leads will truly become exclusive to you and will allow you to profit more and more in the long-haul. Additionally, you will be able to build your brand, your business, and even turn it into its own empire, and attain leads for any niche you desire.

USA Lead Club does not give you this privilege!

In-fact they are nothing but a service, selling you some names and e-mails.. This random relationship is what I find to be the most troubling and tends to stand in the way of its very legitimacy; an irrefutable fact, that regardless of how many & what kind of leads you are given, that the established relationships similar with the everyday blog and websites we see, will be nearly impossible to achieve.

This is why I do not endorse USA Lead Club, as it does not provide you with a legitimate business opportunity, but merely a very small service in comparison to the potential magnitude that can be developed and created as you go forward in creating your own online business and brand (<– Click There To Begin!) 

You just have to know the right methods in doing so and this is exactly what W.A provides you with. While this will involve the inevitable opening of a website and blog, I’m sure will make it worth all the time, effort, and investment of hard work you put in the end!

That in my opinion, is the beauty of being able to find, get, and attain your own traffic and leads. So, how should one go about learning all these steps to doing so?

It’s actually a very easy process and a top-recommendation of mine. One you may find to be more legitimate in nature than you’ve come to imagine, with more help, support, and top-notch training than anything you’ve seen.

This is truly, an all-in-one platform to giving you all you need and more to achieve everlasting success, by the creative process of learning to build your own branded website!

6 thoughts on “USA Lead Club Review – Legit Or Scam?

  1. Natalie Dixon

    I really like this explanation. I also do wonder (and am happy to hear views on), lead gen systems as opposed to FB ads where you directly connect with your audience and can maintain the integrity of the contact.

  2. George Gaines

    i agree with you. People who buy leads are always playing partially blind. You never really know all of the details of a given lead. Here is the thing. There is a finite amount of leads available. So everyone is being worked by someone for some product, service or action. This is why the only answer to stand out is good content with congruency of your brand or message throughout your advertising materials. Lead with abundant free content. Once you get a list build and maintain a relationship with that list. They say the money is in the list. That is partial truth. You must have a list but the money is in the relationship.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks George, I agree as well. It’s kind of pointless just buying leads you haven’t even made a connection with in the first place. There’s so many different opportunities and competition out there, connecting with them is most definitely a vital component to getting leads that convert. There’s a huge difference there and you’ve brought up a great point. Thanks for your input here!

  3. Tom

    Good informative article. Thanks for your point of view.
    It has helped me with deciding about this company
    Tom R

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Absolutely Tom!

      Always happy to provide my perspective to my readers.

      I haven’t heard much on the company as of lately, but I am fully aware that having to constantly buy leads, that you don’t know where they are from, are coming from where, can be bad news. People try and sell them all the time on LinkedIn, and since then I’ve been more then skeptical of this type of business. It can really be a hit or miss and wouldn’t take my chances with it.

      Instead, a better USA Lead Club alternative, would be to venture into PPC methods, or by generating your own traffic, which I already see you’re doing a great job at with your website! This will allow for a consistent rush of daily leads all year around and you can’t go wrong with that :)




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