Venture Plug Traffic Review – Not My Top Choice!

By | September 29, 2015

Name: Venture Plug TrafficVenture Plug Traffic HYIP Review


Type: HYIP/Revenue Sharing

Price: Varies – Adpacks Starting at $1

Rank: 48/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is It?

Today, there are more revenue sharing products than I can count. They are growing so increasingly popular, I simply can’t believe how widespread they’ve become. It never used to be this way, until earlier this year. It’s astonishing to me how many products are out there like Venture Plug Traffic.

This is an HYIP product, also known as a high yield investment program that allows you to advertise while getting paid. While the idea in itself isn’t bad, it just isn’t a sustainable practice.

In fact many might see it as simply unethical. The sad reality is just as much money that is being gained is also being lost and the only real source of profit here is through new members.

If you’re interested in knowing whether Venture Plug Traffic can make you an income, then continue reading.

Venture Plug Traffic Adpacks

The way any and every HYIP works is by purchasing adpacks. Despite the majority of these products telling you that it is not an investment product, in order to make money with Venture Plug Traffic you need to spend it first.

One of the nice things about Venture Plug Traffic is the wide number of payment options that they offer. But there’s a downside here as well. They have an extremely low ROI and as a result, will require you to purchase even more in order to make more money.

Venture Plug Traffic Compensation Plan

Nevertheless, Venture Plug Traffic has 16 different levels and everyone starts at the first. I’m actually a big fan of this rule as it usually shows that the company isn’t trying to scam you by spending more money off the bat. This is for the good of the program and to try and keep it sustaining as long as possible.

The first level comprises of $1 adpacks and expires at a 120% ROI, thus earning you $1.20. As you can see from this example alone, that’s not much profit, at all. This means you’d be spending $1 just to make .20 or $100 just to make $20!

In addition, they require you to purchase a minimum of 120 level 1 packs before you can move forward; a total investment of $120. As you get higher through the levels, you’ll notice that the ROI increases at a nice rate. This is most likely an incentive to get you spending more and to keep the service going.

How It Works?

If Venture Plug Traffic struggles to recruit new paying members, it ends up losing its leverage. Everything will begin to shut down from payments to individual accounts and even the program itself. I’ve not only witnessed this happen but experienced it myself. This happens more than you can imagine and as a result, makes Venture Plug Traffic one risky endeavor.

Here is how it works – When you purchase your first adpacks what happens is you’re given a position in the cycler. In the cycler there are thousands of positions like yours that’s programmed to payout at certain times of the day depending on how many new members and deposits are coming in. So everyone from oldest members to its newest are paid in order.

Here’s the catch, if for any reason deposits slow down or new members aren’t coming in, the company has no more money to payout with! As a result, the greater majority of revenue sharing products like Venture Plug Traffic end up shutting down at some point. With money still invested in the program that means you could lose your entire investment.

What’s The Risk?

Many people don’t even end up walking away with a profit, but a major loss. If you think about it, since all the profits are coming from its latest members, all the money that’s been given away ends up being their loss.

So pretty much, the amount of profit for one member is equivalent to the amount of loss of another. And it’s for this reason, I can’t stand HYIP’s. It took me awhile to realize this fact until I started to investigate after having a huge loss myself.

I was disappointed in myself for trusting another company with my money that had no name and no reputation. While it’s true I’ve made money investing in HYIP’s, I must say it takes quite a long time to get that investment back. Not only that but the amount of money required to invest was getting to be too much.

Venture Plug Traffic Advertising

Similar to every other rev share program out there, Venture Plug Traffic uses advertising in order to kind of cover up this added benefit of rev sharing. What the company is really selling is advertising, not the opportunity to earn by investment. This is simply their icing on the cake that makes it legal. Otherwise, it would be a considered a complete ponzi scheme.

Venture Plug Traffic Advertising

But even when you look at the advertising service, there is nothing unique or special about it. For those that are using this program to try and spread the word about another product, you’ll find that it is totally ineffective. Everyone is there for one reason, and one reason only – to try and earn more money.


  • Opportunity to earn.
  • Requires you to start small.
  • Referral commission plan.
  • Growing fast.
  • Accepts PayPal.


  • Not sustainable over the long-term.
  • Too risky.
  • Takes time & money to earn anything substantial.
  • Not very ethical.
  • Advertising is highly ineffective.

Venture Plug Traffic Review

If you’re planning on joining this program, my one advice to you is to be careful. Don’t get me wrong, revenue sharing can be fun, but can also be just as disappointing too. This is a risk versus rewards game meaning these two cancel each other out and for me the pro’s do not justify the con’s.

I’ve been there, done that and revenue sharing really gets old especially when most the programs begin to slow down earnings and you just know they’re not going to be able to last much longer. You can never tell with HYIP’s what’s going to happen.. Am I safe to make a deposit today? Will things go well in the next day, month, year?

Venture Plug Traffic Review – Not My Top Choice!

Thing is, when you make that first deposit things move very slowly at first. It takes time to accumulate your earnings and move up the levels. During this time, anything can happen.The site itself has its own vulnerabilities with people trying to constantly manipulate the program. So it’s always important to watch how the company is progressing and to keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re looking for a sustainable business practice and an income you can rely on, then “sharing revenue with other members” is not the way to go! Instead you should take a look at a more legitimate type of online business that requires some actual work. I guarantee you can earn a lot more than you ever could with this product. Personally, I think that you can do a lot better than joining this program, but the decision is yours!

Thanks for reading this Venture Plug Traffic Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below!


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2 thoughts on “Venture Plug Traffic Review – Not My Top Choice!

  1. Abhay

    i am not able to login venture plug traffic from last 4 to 5 days as the message says’ “Captcha Does Not Match”.
    why is that..

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Abhay, it likely has something to do with the admin banning accounts. This happens all the time with hyips like Venture Plug Traffic. Best thing you could do is contact them or better yet, avoid these investment programs from here on out.


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