ViSalus Body By Vi – Should You Join This MLM?

By | March 3, 2016

Name: Visalus – Body By ViViSalus 2016 Review


Type: MLM & Network Marketing


  • Basic: $49
  • ECS: $499
  • ESS: $999

Rank: 55/100 – I Don’t Recommend It!


Should You Join ViSalus?

First let me explain what Visalus is. This is a network marketing opportunity which involves direct selling and recruiting. The opportunity is based on health, weight loss, and supplements and is a company that uses a plethora of incentives to try and get you going.

Its Rising Star Program and Bimmer Club for example, can qualify you for a new BMW and color of your choice. But what exactly does this type of success depend on? Success with a company like ViSalus depends on your drive to make it happen. It relies not only on your ability to make sales as a Visalus distributor, but to also build your own team of network marketing professionals and lead them as well.

In an opportunity such as Visalus, you must go out of your way to do whatever is necessary. For that reason, this MLM is one of the toughest opportunities to get involved with. I only recommend joining if you really have a thing for fitness and a large social network who you can constantly contact (but that’s just my own opinion).

Success will ultimately depend on you growing a large downline and getting repeat customer sales on a month to month basis. Therefore, it’s also important that Visalus’ product line is of the utmost quality. Also, remember that Visalus is not a cheap opportunity to get involved with. If you’re looking to join, then you should plan on spending an upwards of $100 per month just to get started.


Visalus Product Line

Visalus seems to carry a few different types of products that would be similar to what they might carry at your nearest vitamin shoppe. They call them “Challenge Kits,” and they range from weight loss products to artificial meals and energy drinks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the products:

Weight Loss

  • Shape Kit – $99, $124 retail
  • Transformation Kit – $149, $186 retail
  • Fuel Kit – $249, $311 retail

    Body By Vi Order Form

    Body By Vi Order Form – Click to Enlarge

Active Fitness

  • Body By Vi Core Kit – $199, $249 retail
  • Body By Vi Fit Kit – $299, $374 retail
  • Body By Vi Fuel Kit – $398, $499 retail


  • Balance Kit – $49, $61 retail
  • Crunch Kit – $99, $124 retail


  • Vi-Shape Superfood – $114.99
  • Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix – $63.99
  • Vi Crunch – $14.99
  • Vi Crunch Fusions – $14.99
  • Shape-Up Health Flavors – $15.99


  • Vi-Pak – $149.99
  • Omega Vitals – $45.99
  • Vi-Slim – $55.99
  • Vi-Trim – $55.99

In addition, Visalus also has a drink and snacks product line (Visalus GO, PRO, and Neuro). But I thought I’d just mention their main products so you can see what the prices look like. They’re not very cheap as you can see and tend to go for quite a bit of money. It makes you wonder how much these products are actually worth.

Nevertheless, we have the purchase price amount and a suggested retail price. It’s this difference between the retail and the purchase price that would make you your profit. It’s important to question though, how many people in your circle are willing to spend that much amount of money on a product made by Visalus. Keep in mind, these kits are likely to last 30 days as well.

In addition to this product line, Visalus has what its called, a 90 Day Challenge, which kind of goes hand in hand with these products. They include Project 10, Body By Vi, and Vi Life. Project 10 focuses on you losing your first 10 pounds. Body By Vi focuses on a 90 day weight-loss or fitness goal and Vi Life is an on-going 12 month challenge. These products are supposed to be used in conjunction with these challenges.

I do like how Visalus doesn’t only incorporate tangible products but these challenges as well. It can be a great incentive for somebody looking to lose weight to join Visalus, look into the products, and begin trying out the challenges. It kind of gives more emphasis to the products. Question being, how well do they really work and is it worth this very high price point?


ViSalus Independent Distributors – How Much Is It?

Now putting the products and auto-ship fees aside, you still need to pay to become a member. Add these costs on-top of the auto-ship prices and you have a fairly expensive opportunity at hand. My advice is if you can’t afford to join ViSalus, try and avoid it for the time-being (or join as a basic distributor) unless you’re simply dying to join.

Here is a breakdown of ViSalus and its associated membership fees:

#1. Basic Distributorship – $49 fee and comes with your own ViSalus welcome kit.

Visalus Basic Distributorship

#2. Executive Success System (ESS) – $499 and is claimed to come with everything you need to launch your ViSalus business. This includes over $500 in products, special incentives like the weekly enroller pool and ViSalus Bimmer Club, and an executive mentorship series.

This includes Billion Dollar Beliefs, Cashing In On Facebook, Lucky 7: Attract Prosperity to Your Life Now, and Tax Breaks: Secret Of The Wealthy. In addition you get access to ViSalus Executive Success Club which includes 50 free online books and lectures.

(Personally, I’m not sure about this additional mentorship series. To me, it seems irrelevant to the actual ViSalus Opportunity, but maybe it’ll help with motivation.. Agree to disagree, but that’s my opinion).

#3. Executive Success System with Samples – $999 and comes with everything in the Executive Success System plus 50 taster packs and 25 starter packs.

Visalus Executive Success System

Ideally, to become successful with ViSalus, you’d eventually want to reach your way up to the Executive Success System with Samples. But as a Basic Distributor or ESS member, here is what you’d be choosing to purchase for your Monthly Challenge Kit.

Take note: you must purchase at-least $125 worth of products every month on auto-ship in order to be eligible to receive Visalus commissions.

#1. Balance Kit: $49, $68 retail value

#2. Shape Kit: $99, $136 retail value

#3. Core Kit: $199, $278 retail value

#4. Transformation Kit: $249, $339 retail value

#5. Fit Kit: $299, $409 retail value

As you can see, there isn’t a huge price difference between the price of the kit and its retail value. So you can imagine, that the profits here will be marginally low, until you can grow a much larger consumer base and begin obtaining repeat monthly consumers.

Furthermore, as you can see, price of getting started with Visalus does not come cheap so it’s very important you have a game plan of how you’ll go about selling these products and building your team. There really isn’t enough training to go off of inside the Visalus opportunity.


Vi-Net Lite Vs. Vi-Net Pro

In addition to the products above, you’ll also need to look into myvi or Vi-Net. This is the location of your own ViSalus back-office and is where you’d go to get some additional membership training, Vi-360 support, as well as the ability to check on and manage other members you’ve enrolled into Visalus. There are two options you can choose as a member..

Vi-Net Lite (Price – Free):

  • Limited real-time business dashboard
  • Ability to shop and place orders
  • Enroll/Manage New Customers & Promoters
  • Vi-News UpdatesVi Net Pro Vs. Vi Net Lite
  • Vi-Events Registration

Vi-Net Pro (Price – $29/Month):

  • Expanded real-time business dashboard
  • Ability to shop and place orders for customers as well
  • Enroll/Manage New Customers & Promoters
  • Vi-News Updates
  • Vi-Events Registration
  • Quick Reports
  • Challenge Part Video Library
  • Training Library
  • Success Library
  • Vi-LIFE digital Magazine


ViSalus Reviewed – It’s Still an MLM!

Listen.. I know that feeling of excitement when first joining a new opportunity and one that might look legitimate from the outside. You see that BMW incentive, the lucrative compensation plan, and others that might be succeeding with the program and you finally feel you found the right opportunity.

But in the end, you need to realize that to become successful with Visalus you need a real concrete plan in place. You need repeat customers coming to you asking for more and more of the product.Should You Join Visalus?

You need individuals to join under you and through your team. You need to make sure that their performing and hitting their daily monthly quotas. Otherwise, all that work you’ve put in would have all been done in vain.

In my opinion, I don’t think any MLM allows for a suitable enough opportunity. The idea becomes too far-fetched and the job itself becomes old very fast. They send you a bunch of products on auto-ship and then tell you to do all that selling by yourself. There’s really not a whole lot of individuals to turn to within this industry since so much of it is home-based and is mostly all done online.

Despite the excessive number of products, the pretty cool weight loss challenges, and your own little back-office, Visalus is still an MLM. It’s expensive, it’s hard, and there’s very little support in the way with these kind of opportunities. It’s the unfortunate truth of any and every single MLM out there and they all rely on the same exact thing… Finding consumers wherever you can to purchase the latest product and then try to get them to join.

It’s not an effective way to start or do a business and it’s the leaders at the top of this MLM-like scheme that rake in all the money through the sales made by their gigantic downline. These downlines take years and years to grow, if ever at all.

Personally, I feel like it’s the lackluster training and strategies that cause 99% of those individuals to fail. I believe the average salary made for Visalus last year was in the tune of $125 for the year. That’s not very good..

More importantly, the biggest downside to MLM in my opinion, is its very strong online prevalence, and yet so much of it is done outside. If the company or job is online, I think that the majority of its business should be done there and not through MLM house parties, or being forced to contact family or local friends from your gym.. Unless that’s your burning desire.

The most effective way of starting an at-home business online is not through an MLM, but affiliate marketing. The real difference here is in the way your customers are acquired. Rather than you having to approach them, they approach you and the way this is done is through building a website and authority online.

It beats having to contact friends, family, and neighbors. I hope this Visalus review wasn’t too long and it gave you the necessary amount of information to help your decision in joining.


If there’s one thing we all need to succeed whether online or at our home, it’s attaining the PROPER HELP!





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