WakeUpNow’s MLM Scam Opportunity and Compensation Plan

By | September 10, 2014
Product Name: Wake Up Now
Product Website: WakeUpNow.com
Product Owner: Troy Muhlestein
Product Type: MLM ("financial wellness program..")
Product Price: Priced By WakeUpNow Packages, 
as follows..

• Free Package- $0.00
• Silver Package – $24.95
• Gold Package – $49.95
• Platinum package – $99.95
Overall Rank: Scam.


What Is Wake Up Now?

WakeUpNow is an MLM online business opportunity. WakeUpNow’s products offered, focus on everyday living solutions for all kinds of people. WakeUpNow compensations plan is therefor purely based upon recruitment strategies, many of which I notice to be scam-oriented.WakeUpNow MLM Scam

The first time I was introduced to WakeUpNow was through Facebook. As my involvement in Facebook online marketing groups grew, the more friend requests I began getting primarily from people affiliated with WakeUpNow’s MLM social media recruiting strategies. I decided to write this review because of the unethical means being used in network marketer’s trying immensely hard to scam me from my money.

Even worse, was having to experience the plethora of posts made upon my own Facebook wall from WakeUpNow recruits for everyone in my network to see. As disturbing as I found this to be, I allowed the posts to continue on for months, in order to witness the type of recruiting strategies used and utilize in this product review.



 WakeUpNow Compensation Plan

In order to become well-compensated by WakeUpNow any given person must be willing to go above and beyond. Hence, when you search around the internet, rarely will you come upon a website solely focused on loyal advertising of WUN. It comes off as not very surprising giving the fact it is 100% based on MLM and networking.

Although, not all MLM is bad by any means, it is a result of the given the products and services offered behind the product that calls for fairly negatory means of recruitment. Primary reason being that the products and services served initially aren’t so attractive to begin with. This results in a consequential effort of getting people to pay a sum of money merely to partake in their sole earning opportunity and nothing more!

WakeUpNow Compensation??

It’s almost like saying if you pay this amount of money to join us we’ll try and help you take money off of your phone bill. Even though the money being paid occurs to be far more expensive than the cuts able to be made on e.g. grocery bills, the way WakeUpNow scams people into their products are by their simple offering of an earning opportunity solution.


WakeUpNow’s Products and Services Offered

The products and services offered are based upon the company’s so-called HUB platform, which essentially dedicates itself to going out and finding just about any variety of time-sensitive deals for everyday living activities, along with commodities, such as groceries and the like.

WUN’s products/services include the following (though that’s not to say they are legit in how helpful of an opportunity they truly are):

  • General shopping discounts.WakeUpNow Facebook Scam False Promises
  • Affordable Vacation Traveling Promotions.
  • Food and Groceries
  • Hotel Discounts.
  • Fine Dining.
  • Clothes
  • Automotives

It seems that because of their lack in offering of just one or two highly-unique products or services that can be offered, the company choosingly uses this “HUB,” for two reasons:

1) To make their deals look more legitimate and attractive to both consumers and potentially interested network marketers.

2) To make their MLM company stand out in the competition and make themselves look unique.

Furthermore, it is a result of their highly wide range of products and services that offer any true substance, which is causing more and more network marketers in making the erroneous decision of throwing their money at this program.


Can WakeUpNow live up to promises of cutting phone bills, finding you more affordable shopping, etc.?

Well sure, only as long as they can keep on recruiting the massive numbers of MLM networkers, who for the most part, greatly struggle in finding new network marketer’s to replicate the same marketing opportunity techniques as themselves. Even though, the savings will not cut the cost the marketer has to pay to join in the first place!

WakeUpNow is a lose-lose situation. Part of the reason are its means and ethics in regards to improper recruitment. In-factMy WakeUpNow Scam Review I’ve had many facebook chats with members, who having seemingly immediately lost their temper, as soon as I had to tell them

“sorry, I’m just not interested at this time.” The reply I usually get is “Lol, you’re never going to be successful. Have fun being broke!”

This type of conversations I’ve had proves many things about the company:

1) Minimal value in their coaching and training techniques.

2) The opportunity as a whole is unable to live up to the WakeUpNow hype.

Can I recommend WakeUpNow?

Absolutely… Not! ;)

If you’ve been looking for a way out of WakeUpNow, and are ready to move on to a truer and much more legitimate opportunity, I would be more than welcoming in sharing an opportunity that moves away from the strict networking process. I truly understand, that WakeUpNow does not have the required tools, training, and leadership expertise required for highly-effective leaders when moving down their so-called pyramid.

Only very, very few remain at the top.

While every other enjoining member gets stuck below, they are lost not only without any proper help, and expert mentorship; the type of expert mentorship a person even like myself would need to make money online in a less-stress environment!

Online Scams

Hence, I understand what it feels like to want to be able to do it all on your own. I was stubborn for a very long while, until I realized, I need atleast one experienced mentor who could help me build a valuable website. Instead I received so much more. And I can only tell you how grateful I’ve become upon my finding of this online financial solution, as the mentoring and teachings have become above and beyond my expectation, and that is true value to building your very own business.

Along with this opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be encouraged and more than welcome to help us in the affiliate online sector, to teach and train us how to better utilize MLM in our efforts, as we find that to be a top priority skill nonetheless.

Despite our focus on sole affiliate marketing, network marketing as well can become a double-edged sword when used together. As unfortunate as it is WakeUpNow can’t offer such a solution, Wealthy Affiliate can, and does.

Click Here To Get Started Right Away!

Thanks for reading my review on WakeUpNow. 


Sorry if I’ve offended anyone within the network, but am grateful in offering you either an alternative or better addition to your income stream with utilizing Wealthy Affiliate as your go-to training community where thousands of people spread their knowledge on an everyday basis.


17 thoughts on “WakeUpNow’s MLM Scam Opportunity and Compensation Plan

  1. Joe T.

    Hello! Simply wanted to say how much I can’t stand WakeUpNow. You’re doing a great thing spreading the word without any expectations in return. Thanks.

  2. Stepanie

    Your website has provided us with SO much useful information to work with and I just wanted to tell you personally, what an impressive job you’ve done here with your website and how grateful we are for all the free information you continually provide us.
    So lucky to have you around and be able to rely on you whenever we need help for anything, you’re the best.

    Thanks Peter!!

    – Steph :)

    p.s. another well-written review on WakeUpNow.. will never forget the amazing opportunity you have provide both me and my family!

  3. Zachery

    Wow thank you for saving me both my time and money!

    I literally was about to sign-up with these guys until I came across your review.

    You helped a lot bro, thanks a million!!!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      So glad to hear it Zachery!

      That is my job after all, and I’m happy to have been of service.

      Yeah, you’ll definitely to make sure you avoid such scams.

      Currently, WakeUpNow, Ipas2, and Empower are definitely at the top of my list, so be careful!

      If you have any questions pertaining any other companies, just give me a shout, i’ll be more than
      happy to write up an entire review on it for you if I have to :)


  4. Neil

    Hey, Peter.

    It’s scams like this that give MLM a bad reputation and I now see why people attack me for doing my networking marketing business (which isn’t a scam by the way) lol.

    I suppose when people come across programs like “Wake Up Now”, they automatically assume every other MLM business is the same. I guess it’s like anything in life because many people tend to judge a book by it’s cover.

    With Wake Up Now, it seems the services and products they offer, people can get them anywhere AND thanks for helping me to steer clear of this SCAM.

    I see you also mention Wealthy Affiliate… What does Wealthy Affiliate offer new members?

    Thanks, Neil

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Indeed Neil.

      Some of their recruiting tactics are completely out of the ordinary.

      Happy to have helped make your mind!
      Wealthy Affiliate offers many things, one of the most important being
      the opportunity to creating your own online business foundation,
      without reliance on MLM schemes such as WakeUpNow!

      Although comforting, it does take effort, but I believe overtime,
      its a program that allows anyone to make a consistent income.


  5. Craig

    A very well organized piece you have written here Peter. I think it is very unethical, and not to mention unprofessional to be spoken like that when you’re not interested in someone’s product. Thanks for sharing this review, I will be sure to stay away from WUN.

  6. Ian

    Great job exposing this scam, Peter! I purchased WUN a few months ago and was blown away by how low quality everything was. People all over the internet are falsely claiming that it’s a great product so that they can trick people into buying the product and benefit financially from their purchase. I can’t stand scammy MLMs like this and I hope a thousand more negative reviews exposing them just like this pop up all over the internet. Thanks again for putting this together!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Wow Ian! I’m so relieved to hear from a person who’s actually experienced and purchased from the WakeUpNow system.
      I can only imagine the low-quality involved. It really does seem like one big trick people are trying to pull off
      left and right, constantly! It’s unbelievable.

      When I was approached by one of the guys as shown in the post, I couldn’t imagine the horrendous things he was going
      on to say, despite my polite attitude.. which by the way, was unusual given the things this total stranger was saying
      and claiming about both my life and future. It was very de-moralizing nonetheless.

      Thanks a ton for this input Ian. And I am sorry you had to go through that experience. I’m doing all I can to expose
      these thieves, as the crowd only seems to become larger and it’s just not right.. at all.


  7. Evelyn

    I’ve never heard of Wake Up Now. Sounds like they are pretty rude in the social sites. You sure make a valid point about the training because If people are that rude, there’s probably no training. Sounds like they only want to sign people up and once you’re there you’re on your own. That’s not good. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s a great point Evelyn, and nonetheless, very true!
      Moreover, you’ve really helped support this blog whilst in the making,
      and appreciating all the flaws within online scams these days.
      I really appreciate that. Thank You!

  8. Steve

    If compensation money comes from membership fee’s, it’s a scam…..Period! Great review on Wake Up Now. Anyone who joins this thing is obviously still asleep!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for that insight Steve. That’s indeed a great way of looking at it, and I really do like your thinking.

      Haha, nice joke at the end! Only true W.A’s are awake ;)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Arp!

      Loving your website by the way.

      How much better is Wealthy Affiliate, than any other program out there,
      seriously?! :)

      Look how far we’ve gotten SO fast.

      Best of luck to you brother.

  9. Will

    This is some good info here. I’ve heard a lot about WakeUpNow too but not really looked into it. Thanks for the info Peter!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Will!

      Glad you found the time to read through my review.

      It’s ashame how far people go as a result of this product.


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