War Of Clicks Review – Doesn’t Make Much “Cents”!

By | September 2, 2015

Name: War of ClicksWar Of Clicks Scam Review

Website: www.warofclicks.com

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 35/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is It?

War of Clicks is a PTC or Paid to Click website with an interesting theme going on. Launched in June of last year, War of Clicks allows you to earn revenue through the simple click of an advertisement. But after using War of Clicks myself, one might criticize this opportunity as a total time waster. In this review, I’ll be going over the pro’s and con’s of using paid to click websites in general and a reason as to why you might want to find a better solution to earning your online income!

How Much Is It?

The good thing about Paid to Click sites is they don’t normally cost you anything to join. It’s as simple as entering in some basic information and a PayPal address. From there you simply get to clicking and try to start stacking those small pennies in your account. So far, earnings at War of Clicks have reached a total of $215,000 by 600,000 members. Do the math and that comes out to an average of $0.36 per person. Of course some earn higher than others, but the reality of this program is to earn big, you really have to know what you’re doing and how to do it.

War Of Clicks Scam Review

How It Works?

To date, War Of Clicks has supplied over 500 million advertisements! Essentially, when signing up with the program you also have the opportunity to not only earn money, but advertise to its members. This in-turn will cost money. That money is taken by the company and dispersed in small amounts to its many members. So if you happen to have another opportunity you want to promote with some money to spend, it might not be such a bad idea. On the other hand, I’ve found advertising on pay-to-click websites extremely ineffective, probably due to the fact that everyone is there just to click on ads and try and make some money. A 1-month banner alone will cost you $65.00.

How You Can Earn?

The way I look at it, there are really two main ways you can earn. For me, one way sticks out as a more attractive option than the other. But the first is just by clicking on the advertisements yourself.

War Of Clicks Scam Review

To give you a quick breakdown, you get about $.002 for clicking on a 15 second advertisement and $.016 for clicking on their “rush hour advertisement.” There is also a War Grid where you can rack up some “war coins” and exchange them in for cash and rewards.

But the best way to earn with War of Clicks is still by obtaining referrals and I don’t mean renting them. If you didn’t know, you can even do that too. By obtaining direct referrals to the system, you can earn a residual income as long as they are clicking on advertisements. The main drawback here is I find that the majority of referrals in Pay To Click situations will end up leaving, sooner than later. Reason is because the earnings are much too low and most people just don’t get into it.

The amount of earnings / the number of members = should speak for itself.

War of Clicks Overview

There are some other features within the War of Clicks system, but unless you’re a huge PTC fanatic these really aren’t worth going over. Trust me, War of Clicks and every other PTC system is not worth your time. If I could rank them all as a big fat scam, I would.

The rented referral system has already been a bust, which is why you don’t see many of the “big” earners doing it and is no wonder why they only cost you pennies a day. The majority always end up leaving. Nobody, not even the system, rarely ever lasts. In summary, paid to click is one of the worst ways to try and make an income online, unless you’re getting direct referrals on an everyday basis. You’ll need thousands just to make anything substantial.

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On the other hand, at least War of Clicks is still paying and it will be interesting to see how their new revenue sharing program pans out. If you haven’t heard, this is their new HYIP feature where they actually take money from the newer members and pay them out to the older.

I wonder, will War of Clicks just become another ponzi scheme in the mix?



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