Wealth Cash System Reviewed! Scam or Legit?

By | May 4, 2015

Name: Wealth Cash SystemWealth Cash System Review: Scam Or Legit?
Website: www.wealthcashsystem.com
Owner: Walter Green
Price: $12 Or “Free,” but with a catch!
Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

Wealth Cash System is just one of those products that would need to take a lot to convince you. Everything is really simple, the sales page especially. So for it to make the claim that “you can easily make over $3000/week online,” is highly debatable. Especially given the fact, that they also claim you can begin making this money without any selling, advertising, referring, or even owning a website.

In this following review, I’m going to explain what Wealth Cash System really is, and whether this can work as a legitimate work from home solution or not.

What Is Wealth Cash System?

This is a system that is not new and was actually developed by a fairly well-known internet marketing guru, known as Walter Green, who also created the Free Cash System.

However, once that product began to lose popularity, Walter not only resorted to using this very cheap and flimsy product Wealth Cash System, but began to make outrageous claims of making $1,843,207.48 in 90 days…

At first you might come across nothing more than a simple sales page, but afterwards, if your not interested in his product, will be taken to the next part as a better way of luring you into the Wealth Cash System. There are nevertheless, a wide range of inherent red flags here, which give away a lot. But, I believe that the worst aspect of all, is Walters total failure in explaining what you would be doing beforehand.

Sad really. Rather than explaining to how he got to his “48 million” dollars in total income, that is all he tells us over and over.. How much income we can potentially make. Well that’s easy really. All I’d have to do is tell you sign up here if you want to make your first million dollars by tomorrow. The one most vital aspect when coming across these nonsense marketing products is to keep your mind wide open and to have a sense of what might work and what won’t. It’s also important to have the realization you will not get rich overnight, and making a lot of money, will take a bit of time and effort, but is extremely doable when joining the right programs (More Below).

How Much Is It?

Here is a kicker.

Depending on which page you go to (either www.wealthcashsystem.com or http://wealthcashsystem.com/free4usa/mg/membersok.php), you will come across two different versions, in both price, and in the sales page.

That is likely a result of Walter Green testing out which page will work better. Regardless, they both use the same exact objective, and premise when it comes to you using his system to make money online. While the second better explains what you’re likely to be doing, the first page literally has no mention of it at all.

What is worse, is that one of the pages will actually charge you beforehand, while the other one will claim to be free, when really both contain a huge catch behind the scenes!

Wealth Cash System Version #1: Offered at $12.

Wealth Cash System Version #2: Offered for “free.”

Despite the small price difference, the most important aspect here, is after you are registered and supposedly ready to “Download your free software” or “Get instant access,” is the required $250 deposit minimum just to get started!

Yes, so even after you cough up that first $12 that your totally still unsure about spending, and is likely to never get refunded, you still have to pay $250 extra!

Here’s How It Works!

The Wealth Cash System uses the Binary Trading Market as a way to lure you into the online marketing scene. It is in-fact one of the worst ways of all to begin, and may just immediately turn you off from your attempts of making an online income. If that’s the case, I truly cannot blame you!

Binary trading uses a simple way of allowing you to make money, but at the same time, risk losing all your money. The chances are usually no greater than 50/50. Therefore, Walter Green seems to have no problem in telling us, we can become millionaires over night. What he really fails at in this aspect is telling us, while the chances of this are maybe .001% (or like hitting the mega jackpot), the chances of losing our entire deposit used to spend on a number of trades is closer to 100%.

Binary trading is really no way to try and make money. You’d be so much better off trying your hand at poker, or blackjack. Because the binary trading market is made to take your money.

It is important to also know that over the past year there has been a huge rise and influx in the number of binary trading programs like Wealth Cash System, and Free Cash System (another one of Walter Green’s products), that claims to have this unique strategy or secret in minimizing the risks that are inherently involved with binary trading today.

Personally, I have been reviewing and helping thousands of individuals worldwide from making the mistake of spending money into these highly convincing yet scam-like binary trading products ready to take your money away.

They have literally opened their doors in the thousands and are simply ruthless in the way that they will try and scam you! (I highly advise against it.)

What Walter Green Gets…

Many might be asking “Well what does Walter Green get out of all of this?” After all, he is only charging you either “$12” or “free.” So what is the catch and why would he be pulling our strings?

That is a great question, and one I find myself answering on a more constant basis than ever before.

Once you get registered with Wealth Cash System (or Free Cash System, or even A to Z Cash System), you will be assigned to Walter Green as your permanent binary trading option broker. And, as a result, any and every deposit you make into the binary trading market will give him a huge chunk in commission. So, even with just one $250 deposit, he is looking to make a very easy $150+.

My Recommendation?

Don’t give him any satisfaction. Don’t play into Walter Green’s silly and even ruthless games. And definitely don’t let him gain off you!

Any small decision can make a big difference, and in my personal opinion, scammers like these, don’t deserve our money, or anyone elses for that matter. It is truly surprising what people will do these days, so when you do come across a highly legitimate product like Wealthy Affiliate, its best to be thankful for being surrounded by real people who are always looking to help us succeed in the best manner possible.

Thank you for reading this Wealth Cash System Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, I will be more than happy to answer them for you below!

16 thoughts on “Wealth Cash System Reviewed! Scam or Legit?

  1. Dhani Bakhsh

    HI, guys its just a fake system don’t believe on this because its my personal experience that this kinds of system and advertisements are not working and I have lost my money alongwith my friend. So do not believe on these kinds of schemes and save your hard earning money from these cheaters.

  2. Rad Adaya

    I almost pay the $12, until I thought of finding any reviews…. Thank you for your review!!! I saved my $12 for a Happy Meal… :-) However, are there any online marketing businesses that I can start or join for a stream of income?

  3. Gregory Watson

    I filled out the form and when I went to deposit the $250 lucky I had no money in my account but did put my credit card details down ..will they try taking the money or am I better off to cancel the card as they have my details?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No I think you should be okay Gregory. As long as the transaction didn’t go through the first time, I don’t see any reason why you should have to cancel your card. I don’t believe they would go as far as to deliberately take money out of your account. Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry, but you should be fine. If you feel safer cancelling the card, then by all means do it.

  4. Florence

    I was misguide and misinformed when I joined Wealth Cash System. The e-mail address provided for support doesn’t even work. How do you get in contact with the customer support team that claims they’re available 24/7? I guess what they don’t tell you is the fact it’s another trading scheme.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I believe we’ve all been there at some point Florence, falling for these get rich quick schemes. They’re everywhere now and I’m sorry to hear you got caught in this one. But at least we both know now that products like Wealth Cash System never actually work.

      I know that a lot of people have fallen victim to this one and it’s sad to see how long these guys have been operating for. If I knew of a way you could get in touch with their support team, I’d definitely let you know. Unfortunately, it seems these guys are just in it for the money. If you want a way to earn and build a legitimate online business, I would recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Cecilia Chi

    Thank you Peter, for your review of the wealth cash system. I wish to let you and other readers know that your review is more than accurate. How do I know that Walter Green is a scam artist and his wealth cash system, a scam? Because I was scammed by Walter Green and his wealth cash SCAM system. This man is ruthless and belongs in jail. In my opinion, he charges a mere $12 because he feels that people will not hesitate to pay a misely $12 and if the system doesn’t perform, purchasers are unlikely to ask for their money back. I did ask for my money back, but never heard back from Walter Green.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s exactly right Cecilia and I can’t believe how long this scam has been running for. But the price point is definitely where they get you at the start, only to present you with more upsells as you move forward within the system.. It’s those kinds of products that you’d want to stay away from!

  6. Stan Levin

    Thank you for your detailed description of this $12 offer I received.

  7. oiva

    hi peter i wanted to know if this binary option trading is real or just a scam?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Oiva, binary trading itself is not a scam, but more like a gamble. It’s products like Wealth Cash System however, that’s a scam. They claim to have a free software that is able to catch “binary trading signals.” In doing so, they’ll tell you that by using their system you’ll increase your number of winning trades. But this is far from the truth.

      What the owner behind this product is really doing is getting people to sign up under him. That way he becomes your binary broker and makes a commission off all your trades regardless of whether you win. There is no actual software behind Wealth Cash System and as a result wouldn’t recommend joining this product or any other that looks remotely similar.

  8. Dave

    Yes lots of these binary trading sites, all similar. Overall, given the chance of increasing your income is much less than 50% and the company will always take commission on every trade……….so you are almost guaranteed to lose money! if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Well stated Dave. I would say at least 90% of these binary trading sites tend to be scams. It’s the people and products who are looking to actually teach people about binary trading that are legit. At the same time, as you said the chances of winning will always be under 50%. Because of that, binary trading is probably not the best way to try and make an income.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Stanley, this looks very similar to Make Cash Monthly. They are both offered on Clickbank and both seem to utilize only Google. I’ll make sure to test them out and give them my review. Just from looking at the entire setup and wording makes it look like a scheme I would probably want to stay away from. Thanks for asking.


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