Weapons Of Mass Commission Scam Review

By | April 2, 2015

Weapons of Mass Commission Review - Does it Even Work?


Name: Weapons Of Mass Commission

Website: www.weaponsofmasscommission.com

Owner: Mathew Neer & Jamie Lewis

Rank: 31/100 – Scam
Upon first look of Weapons Of Mass Commission, there are a few factors I did not like about its main sales page.

The first being, when you scroll to the very bottom, creator Matthew Neer tells its audience:

“Or Option #2: Decide NOT to buy this and go back to doing whatever you were doing before you found this page. In that case, I would recommend getting a job…”

What an impolite message this statement sends and definitely does not make for a good first impression of this product.

Neither does the use of the name “Weapons Of Mass Commission.” Seriously, any highly successful online marketing coach would be much more focused on helping us achieve actual results, and not try and push its product right in our face.

That’s what I call, complete turn off for a product!

To me it sounds like a bunch of exaggerated hype and an attempt for its owners to be making as many number of sales as it can.

In this following, in-depth and detailed review, I will go over and cover the most important aspects you need to know before buying Weapons Of Mass Commission and why I personally prefer this more legitimate method to making an online income.

What Is It?

Weapons Of Mass Commission is an internet marketing product, that offers you to download a system that can supposedly work to help you create $980 in just 3 hours.

The product was developed by Matthew Neer and partner Jamie Lewis, who both guarantee our ability to maximize our online profits and potential, by making niche sales with Clickbank.

Weapons of Mass Commission Review - Does it Even Work?

But, not everything is as flawless as it seems.

There are a range of issues, I’m not sure where to begin. When all said and done, Weapons Of Mass Commissions fails like 99% of every other WSO promoted out there today.

Income Proofs – Real Or Fake?

In addition, while Matthew Neer moves forward in showing us his one single commission payment made by Clickbank of $980.60, he then moves forward with the attempt of proving a profit of..

Wait for it.. $251.480.00!

Weapons of Mass Commission Review - Does it Even Work?

The very odd part about this is first Matthew Neer uses a Clickbank income proof statement, and then further moves on to using this very bland, excel-type looking sheet, with random typed in numbers.

No offense, but to me, this really couldn’t look anymore fake.

Next cause for skepticism, is the fact he is still pushing WSO’s out there for a living. If he is able to manage creating a six-figure income for himself, he really wouldn’t bother doing what he’s doing.

The next income proof shows a commission of $13,950.00. I actually might know the product being promoted in this case; a great and highly recommended keyword tool actually, called Jaaxy.

Although, this income proof and commission may actually be genuine, the six-figure amount of $251,480 shouldn’t fool you.

How It Works?

Neer uses and leverages what he calls a S.Y.S.T.E.M, which really focuses on traffic. That to me is a very big plus, as the majority of online marketing products really tend to miss out on this one.

Weapons of Mass Commission Review - Does it Even Work?

As a result, most individuals miss out on the true importance of traffic, and end up failing as a result. The sources used however, are way below mediocre. What’s worse, is that these traffic sources are really the substance of the product’s featured training.

Nevertheless, Neer makes a great point when using S.Y.S.T.E.M, that is, anyone who can make one sale online, can move forward to making a hundred sales, and so forth.

Thus, it is all a matter of leverage.

Step #2 of S.Y.S.T.E.M delves into the use of specific niche forums, showing you how to obtain traffic to your website or promotion by tactically going into various discussions, and posting your own opinion. This isn’t a bad strategy at all, and can really work to boost your traffic.

Step #3 covers the process of conversion – another very important step, teaching you how to convert your online traffic into buying leads.

Thus, it moves forward into teaching you how to build your own e-mail list of targeted consumers, which you can then turn around for a profit, by making your own sales and commissions.

What It’s Missing?

While Weapons Of Mass Commission may seem to have good intentions, it fails with its attempt of using a solid approach to making an online income. Besides the use of list-building and e-mail marketing, it tends to forgo many other important alternatives and aspects, I personally believe are too effective to simply leave out.

Thus, it forgoes the use of:

– Facebook AdsWeapons of Mass Commission Review - Does it Even Work?


– Social Media

– Blogging

– Video Marketing

– Mobile Marketing


As a result, I really do not like the traffic tutorials and methods taught by Weapons Of Mass Commission.

Instead of teaching you how to create a solid foundation that can be used, grown, and tamed for years and years to come, it literally uses the simplest traffic methods known to man.

They are so mediocre in my opinion, and have seen them time and time again. Even more is their complete ineffectiveness, and the fact they are not even slightly targeted.

This traffic consists of:

– Free Traffic

– Solo Ads

– Superior Ad Swaps

– Classified Ads


While Solo Ads is probably the most effective one of all on this list of traffic, does not justify the fact, you’ll be having to spend $100’s of dollars before you can even begin to see a cent come your way.

In regards to free traffic, this just blows, as the use of traffic exchanges is becoming more and more outdated, and more ineffective everyday. The days where people could be making even a remotely mediocre income with them, have expired long, long ago.

As for use of classified ads, that’s even worse!

Who wants some random un-targeted e-mails from classified ads.. What a joke this is.

The fact most of the individuals who are browsing these classifieds are likely looking for a job themselves, and given that the last thing on their mind is to sign-up for your e-mail list to purchase something, is such a rookie mistake if you ask me.

What I Like About Weapons Of Mass Commissions

Nevertheless, the only good things I like about Weapons Of Mass Commissions, deals primarily with use of autoresponders, squeeze pages, and helping you to connect with your list.

As for everything else, most especially the traffic methods, I find to be extremely inexperienced.

These are the type of lessons and traffic coaching you find in a worthless PLR article, or you see in some random free online marketing e-book.

To me, they are not worth a dime, and just goes to show, the poor amount of effort used when creating this.

Honestly, I believe these guys just went out, purchased a randomn e-mail marketing book, and re-arranged the information into their own worthless WSO.

The simple fact it forgoes the proper teaching and coaching of blogging efforts, SEO, social media, or any foundation ready to give you traffic over a long-time to come, makes it very unsurprising this is nothing but a cheap WSO.


Nonetheless, it seems I was able to prove myself, upon further investigation, after having found Matthew Neer’s “Exclusive Gorillaz Marketing Bonus – $1,667 Value!!!” – “Gain Access To My Company’s Massive Library of Marketing Courses, Software, PLR Articles, and Much More!”

Therefore, it is highly unsurprising that the majority of the included information was likely taken out of a purchased PLR package, and that the sales copy page itself, was likely developed by a third-party hired professional copywriter!

Weapons Of Mass Commissions Overview

To conclude, Weapons Of Mass Commissions lacks any real substance or value. Matthew Neer and his partner Jamie Lewis seem to enjoy taking this easy approach by taking advantage of the Warrior Forum, and its thousands of daily new online marketing sign-ups looking for a legitimate approach to making an online income.

Weapons Of Mass Commissions is not it!

At the rate this product is going, I would much rather go with Option #2, as stated above – that is looking for a job.

Reason being, there is a huge concern here with the talked about traffic sources, and traffic really is the substance to effective, and thorough online marketing. It’s what brings results, allows for sustainability, and lets you reap the rewards!

The Alternative!

Moreover, I have a purchased a wide range and number of WSO’s, over 100’s that can be counted to date, if not more.

Every one seems to lack something, which is why so many will move forward to purchasing one after the next. This happened to me in my first year of online marketing. But, after having landed on a review very similar to this, was I finally able to really begin my lucrative online marketing career. I very much recommend you do the same!

Thank you for reading this review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave them below!

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