WebDocsNetwork Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 30, 2015

Name: WebDocsNetworkWebDocsNetwork Review: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.webdocsnetwork.com

Owner(s): T.C. Chyung

Type: MLM

Price: $19.95 to $39.95 per month

Rank: 25/100

WebDocsNetwork is a company I could not resist reviewing despite how much I dislike MLM opportunities in the first place, but nevertheless, is an opportunity that couldn’t fit anymore perfectly into the shoe of a pyramid scheme description.

Given that it does not generate any retail revenue and operates solely based upon member recruitment and monthly recurring fee’s makes this one, a clear full-out scam!

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What Is WebDocsNetwork?

WebDocsNetwork is an MLM networking opportunity created by T.C. Chyung in late 2010 and offers interested candidates the chance to join for a monthly membership fee.

WebDocsNetwork Products & Services

In regards to what WebDocsNetwork offers within its product line does not include any retail products.

Instead, individuals who join WebDocsNetwork areWebDocsNetwork Review: Scam Or Legit? given access to what they claim to be a “national network of U.S. licensed, board-certified physicians who provide quality care for non-emergency medical needs.”

Thus, it is in-fact a medically offered service.

Why WebDocsNetwork has chosen to offer an income-earning opportunity is unknown but can be assumed to be a service line used simply as another MLM marketing pyramid scheme.

What To Expect?

In more precise terms, members can expect:

“Unlimited access to U.S. licensed physicians via web-cam, phone, or secure e-mail. Immediate access available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

How Much Is It To Join?

There are two available options when choosing a WebDocsNetwork Membership, which include the following:

WebDocsNetwork Member – $19.95 per month.

WebDocsNetwork Consultant – $39.95 per month.

Deciding on your WebDocsNetwork membership should for the most-part depend on how and how much you intend on trying to earn with the company.

The difference being, members are only able to earn on the fist six levels within their matrix, and unlike consultants are not eligible to receive any other commissions or bonuses.

WebDocsNetwork Compensation Plan

In order to get paid in the WebDocsNetwork opportunity you must be willing to share the opportunity with others. Thus, for each new WebDocsNetwork recruit/referral paying members, makes you eligible for an affiliate commission.

WebDocsNetwork Income Potential

Therefore, your income potential is ultimately dependent on which one of the following eight membership ranks they qualify for:

Rank #1: Member – $19.95 WebDocsNetwork Monthly Membership Fee.

Rank #2: Consultant – $39.95 WebDocsNetwork Monthly Membership Fee.

Rank #3: Bronze – Recruit 3 New Consultants

Rank #4: Silver – Recruit 10 New Consultants

Rank #5: Gold – Recruit 25 New Consultants

Rank #6: Platinum – Recruit 50 New Consultants

Rank #7: Diamond – Recruit 100 New Consultants

Rank #8: Executive Diamond – Recruit 250 New Consultants

WebDocsNetwork Fast Start Bonus

As a consultant, you are eligible to receive a WebDocsNetwork Fast Start Bonus for having recruited additional consultants.

This pays down five levels deep. The first level consists of personally recruited consultants and the second, of additional consultants that have been recruited by your first level.

This recruiting pattern thus continues down to the next five levels.

As a result of being so heavily reliant upon MLM marketing tactics, your income is therefore, all dependent on how your team does. So if the people you recruit are struggling or are too lazy to do anything, you’ll find this opportunity as a complete waste of time.

In my opinion, I find MLM marketing to be one of the toughest ventures out there, and one that takes a very, very long-time to start making any online income.. Not to mention all the continuous effort that must be put in, alongside with all the over-exaggerated income earning claims, just makes it not worth any of the time and money spent.

Last but not least, I have come to find that these Fast Start Bonuses offered by WebDocsNetwork are just too low.

They are as follows:

First Level Recruitment – $25

Second Level Recruitment – $2

Third Level Recruitment – $1

Fourth and Fifth Level Recruitment – $2

Sixth Level Recruitment – $3

Given the companies payment structure and MLM opportunity as a whole, please take note, that to become even slightly successful with WebDocsNetwork, you will really need a way or some sort of tool that can help you to recruit one member after another to be earning some kind of sustainable income.

Additional Recruitment Commissions

Thus, in regards to WebDocsNetworks commissions, they pay out a one-time recruitment commission for each set amount of consulting members that join into this company.

They are as follows:

$500 For Each New 100 Members You Recruit.

$1,000 For Each New 200 Members You Recruit.

$2,500 For Each New 500 Members You Recruit.

$5,000 For Each New 1,000 Members You Recruit.

$25,000 For Each New 5,000 Members You Recruit.

$50,000 For Each New 10,000 Members You Recruit.

$200,000 For Each New 20,000 Members You Recruit.

WebDocsNetwork Overview

In regards to the overall quality of the WebDocsNetwork service, I can’t make any claims to its actual legitimacy. Though in my sincere opinion I fully believe that this opportunity has placed so much more emphasis and money into the creation of its Compensation Plan, overall attraction, and marketing methods over its actual offered services.

This is almost always the case with todays MLM multi-level marketing pyramid schemes and simply cannot nor should be trusted. In addition, these MLM schemes make it seem and feel so much easier than it really truly is. Hence, we can allow our imaginations to go wild, but at the end of the day, the truth of the fact is it would likely take decades to begin earning anything satisfactory. At the same time, we would also have to figure that we are actually promoting something that isn’t very legitimate.

How do we know these are certified doctors?

We don’t! The company is probably lying for all we know. What doctor who goes to medical school and spends hundreds of thousands of dollars does ALL of that just to be answering some phone 24 hours a day.

Then again, that’s not really the whole point of this opportunity.. You are not here because you want medical help 24 hours a day at a price, but likely because you are rightfully looking for a legitimate online earning opportunity, and while I fully hear and understand your need, WebDocsNetwork is not going to be the one to do it.

It does not offer the strong necessary tools and resource which we would need to be WebDocsNetwork Review: Scam Or Legit?recruiting masses of people daily, and that alone, is a problem.. As with the majority of MLM opportunities out there, despite the so-called attractive residual income to be received.

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Thanks for reading this review on WebDocsNetwork.. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

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