What Are Upsells & The Disadvantages Of Using Them

By | March 17, 2016

What Is An Upsell?

There are times when using upsells make sense and can be beneficial for your business. But there are others, when using upsells don’t constitute for an appropriate business tactic. The definition of an upsell can be defined as a sales technique that pushes a buyer into purchasing more expensive items.

Project Breakthrough Upsells


One example of this is when you’re at the Apple store and you just bought the latest iPhone. Well a lot of times, the representative you just bought it from might present you with a new case to go with that phone. That right there would be an upsell.. They can range anywhere from the smallest purchases to the most highly expensive items.

We see this happening all across the internet and is a method that is becoming increasingly prevalent in online marketing products today. Many times however, the act of up-selling can end up correlating with that product being a scam. Despite being able to make a business more money, it can also hurt the reputation of that business in the long-run.

Here are some examples of affiliate marketing products that I have seen become greatly affected by the use of upsells over the past year. In many cases, the immense hype and popularity of these products have ended up swindling or is now long-gone and has worsened their reputation as a result.


MOBE’s Upsells (Example #1)

#1. MOBE – Also stands for My Online Business Empire. Owned by infamously known Matt Lloyd, his product that once received thousands of new members coming in daily has come to its own halt as the result of up-selling his consumers into $1,000’s in products and services.

Take a look at some of MOBE’s upsells:mttb system scam

  • $97 Monthly Inner Circle Membership
  • $194 opt-in formula
  • $291 Affiliate Bonus Domination
  • $1,997 for 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • $997 Income Revolution
  • $997 Six Figure Coaching Secrets

Anyway, the list goes on (with the total amount of up to $20,000 in upsells alone) and has become a prime example of a product that has attempted to upsell the heck out of its consumers and failed in the process.

As a result, its members and other consumers have lost an incredible amount of trust in this product. Simply said, it’s the result of its up-sells that became the downfall of MOBE. It’s no wonder MOBE has now attempted to re-brand itself over and over again.. From 45 Minute Paydays, My Millionaire Mentor, to the Easiest Sales System the list only goes on.. The result being that MOBE no longer receives the respect it once did when it first opened its doors.


High Traffic Academy/Project Breakthrough Upsells (Example #2)

High Traffic Academy 2.0 by Vick Strizheus is another prime example of a product that uses the sales strategy of selling very high-ticketed priced up-sells that really aren’t worth anywhere near that much. The majority of its member had ended up losing money in the tune of $3,000 just on its membership with very little to no results. As a result, people saw right through the hype of High Traffic Academy and had nothing more to do with it.

In-fact, HTA 2.0 ended up receiving an endless number of complaints. As a result the owners of HTA, had to resort to trying to convince its members into writing positive reviews about the product to try and restore its old reputation. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s latest addition “Project Breakthrough” will turn out, which by the way also includes 12 upsells at the price of $177 each. People never learn..!


Empower Network Upsells (Example #3)

Empower Network – I’m sure you’ve all heard about this infamous product. Empower Network is well-known for up-selling its consumers and the result is also a lot of damage to its own reputation. Despite having made a lot of money in the process, What Is Empower Network ReviewEmpower Network no longer to seems to get as much attraction as it used to. The product has 5 upsells – $19.99 per month, $100 per month, $500 per month, $1,000 per month, and $3,500.


As you can tell, these upsells increase in price every month and are used as a way to incentivize its members to purchase the next upsell. It uses this fear of failure, that if you don’t buy this, you’re only going to lose out. When in reality, these upsells did absolutely nothing to benefit its members. It’s no wonder now, that whenever we hear the words Empower Network, we almost immediately think “scam.”


Rule Of Thumb When Upselling Your Consumers

There are times however, when upselling your consumers is actually appropriate and can benefit you in your business. The rule of thumb when upselling a consumer is to make sure the product your selling is actually worth that amount of money.. If not, don’t bother, as it will only hurt or ruin your reputation.

Take GoDaddy for example: First they sell you the domain and once you’ve bought the product, they offer you extra services at check-out. For example, you can buy WhoIS protection, hosting, or choose to extend your domain registration. These upsells make sense because it’s giving you additional options for your recent purchase. But even in this case, its use of upsells still remain to be a questionable technique.

Other examples include:

  • Spotify
  • Website Themes
  • Booking Websites

There is no denying it that up-selling and cross-selling are techniques being used almost everywhere as a sales marketing tactic to get consumers to buy. And while it can be a smart and effective way of increasing profits, it’s also important to remember that there is a high correlation with them being scams in the world of online marketing. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use them. But only use them when it makes sense and it feels right. Otherwise your business will be looked upon poorly and the chances of you getting referral consumers will be slim to none.

Offer value and provide the benefits of your upsells and price them accordingly. It doesn’t make much sense to follow in the footsteps of scams like MOBE or Empower Network that upsells its consumers into $1,000’s of worthlessness. These products have fallen pretty quickly and all they worked to achieve has resulted in nothing. A lot of times these up-sells can even ruin the business experience of its members. So whether your an affiliate or product developer, do yourself a favor and avoid the use of buying into excessive up-selling.

What do you think of upsells? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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  1. Stu

    Incredibly well written Peter! I was always hazy on this concept, and I’m really glad you took the time to make it plain as day. No one has ever bothered to explain the meaning of upsells, so keep up the great work!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the comment Stu and am glad it’s helped give you a better understanding of what up-sells are and when to be on the lookout for them. They are constantly being associated with scams nowadays and I hope the examples above helped illustrate that. Great job with your website by the way! :)


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