What Is Click Ad Pays: Just Another Profit-Sharing Scam?

By | December 17, 2014

Product: Click Ad Pays
Website: Clickadpays.com
Type: Profit-Sharing Business Model
Rank: Scam!

What Is Click Ad Pays?

In the following review we’ll be looking into one of the latest hyped up profit-sharing revenue businesses called Click Ad Pays. Many people, myself included, have been wondering whether this business is legitimate or not. There have been a variety number of similar types of business; some of which have been sustainable to this day, and others, that have flat out gone broke, or simply stopped paying its members and gone out of business.

These types of businesses like Click Ad Pays are some of the hardest online revenue models to predict ahead of time. Each different business has gone about going through with their own unique type model, with every one of them resulting in a very high-risk business investment. Some of the businesses most highly-relevant to Click Ad Pays include the following:

#1 – GlobalAdShare
#2 – MyAdvertisingPays
#3 – AdHitProfits

Let’s briefly go over these 3 highly-relevant examples and see how they have performed.


#1 – The first is GlobalAdShare, also known as G.A.S.. This company started sometime around September of 2013 and while its still barely seeming to hold on, the company is still making payments, however seems to be making member withdrawals on a much more delayed time than when it first started.

Nonetheless, this same company first started out with a company known as Cycler 2012, which turned out to be fairly unsuccessful, thus coming out with G.A.S.. Since the slowing down of G.A.S, the company has recently started a whole new company called GlobalFortune 11, which is modeled exactly the same as its prior 2.


#2- The second being MyAdvertisingPays has proven to be the most successful. Part of this I believe is because of the ownership and how they have so very professionally have handled its selling of various advertising services, allowing for its adpack sharing and revenue services to be successful over the past year. MyAdvertisingPays’ future, while can be debated, is still however always up for question.


#3- The last, AdHitProfits had a good run for its first year. Owned by a man named Charles, he proved his trust to the community, but the adpack revenue sharing model completely came to a halt only a year and a half into the running of the product. It was one of the most unforeseen circumstances in the adshare revenue business online, and as a result, the company had no choice but to withhold all rightful payments to its members. I personally lost a good deal of money from my investment into this product.



So back to Click Ad Pays!

I wanted to provide the 3 examples above as adpacks and profit-sharing are still completely up in the air. Personally, since I have found myself in a much more legitimate and concrete online earning program haven’t found the need to join any such product. I have learned from my wrongful mistakes, while simultaneously earned from products 99% similar to Click Ad Pays before their inevitable downfalls.

I know this isn’t the news you were probably looking for, but I also know losing money is the last thing on your list when attempting to actually earn a good deal of money online.

Question is, can Click Ad Pays provide you with that?

Maybe for a short deal of time, maybe not. Regardless, I would like to take the time in going into the 3 primary ways of earning an income with Click Ad Pays, along with my overview of whether or not I believe Click Ad Pays is a scam or potentially legitimate.. And if not, what now?

Well first here are the 3 primary earning methods with Click Ad Pays:

#1 – Integration of P.T.C

Also known as Paid-To-Click, this isn’t a huge deal whatsoever. Paid-To-Click is a system that has been running since the dawns of earning incomes online, and can be seen more here at my Clixsense review. In summary, you click on an ad, watch for 15 to 30 seconds and get paid a penny or two.

#2 – Click Ad Pays 10% Commissions

Just like GlobalAdShare and MyAdvertisingPays, you can get a nice 10% commission on every number of Click ad pays adpack shares that they buy. Thus, in order to earn a nice hefty commission, you’ll have to make sure you are able to consistently recruit members on an everyday basis. Otherwise, you might not find yourself earning as much as you initially believed you could.

#3 – Earning off of Click Ad Pays Shares

This is the primary method of earning an income with Click Ad Pays, and unlike most products out there, the adpack shares only cost you $5 each. On the contrary however, you attain only 125% of profit in ROI. That equals out to $6.25. Thus for every $5 you purchase in adpack shares, you get to both purchase views to a product or website your advertising, while receiving in return an extra $1.25.

Is Click Ad Pays a Scam & Worth The Investment Risk?

My answer is a simple yes – it is a scam, and no – not worth your money!

It’s not very difficult to see and understand why these companies open up for their own mere profit, only to see them fall down in the end. The big question at play here that you want to always find out before joining such programs is WHERE does the extra profit, in this case $1.25 come from??

  • Does it fall out of the sky?
  • How is it being invested?


  • Is it even being invested?

The answer is as 99% of how these products go is really simple. They wait and wait for more consumers to purchase adpack shares, and then use those profits for as long as they can until finally they can pay you off everytime your adpack matures. Therefore, Click Ad Pays does not prove to show a sustainable model in anyway whatsoever.




Hence, look at the homepage, and the fancy advertising, the colors, the pictures, etc.. these are all used to simply gain and leverage as much necessary traffic in the beginning as possible to keep the business going.

Eventually however, the business model will INEVITABLY Fail. One question you might have is how MyAdvertisingPays has been able to perform so well. The answer is quite great actually.

Unlike Click Ad Pays, you can tell the company has never had a desire to offer any unrealistically looking home page. Even as I spoke to M.A.P’s owner the first week they started, he clearly guaranteed to me, that NO earnings are guaranteed and that the company would do its best to payout its members. The mere fact I was able to get in touch with the owner himself and gain such an honorable answer proves a LOT in this business!

Nevertheless, MyAdvertisingPays while finding themselves amidst a potential fall, had quickly picked themselves back up by offering high-end advertising products to bigger companies and advertisers out there… Prices that ranged up to $1,000, which would not be included in the adpack sharing model. This is the reason for its sustainability until now and one that still is and can never be guaranteed as well.

My Click Ad Pays Overview:

Scam Or Legit?

Clickadpays Verdict = SCAM!

Overall Rank = 15/100

Conclusion – I am 99.9% certain that this company will fall, harder than the Roman Empire. Even if it doesn’t, I find no reason to wasting your time here with this product. I’m sure you’ll be seeing and reading more than enough recommendations and reviews as to going ahead with ClickAdPays for the mere advantage of profiting online marketers. My answer and recommendation would be to not listen to them. No matter the proof, nor how intriguing they may sound, stay away!

What now? Find a legitimate online business opportunity, as I have shown below.

Please leave me any comments or questions and I will be more than glad to answer in just a moments notice. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “What Is Click Ad Pays: Just Another Profit-Sharing Scam?

  1. Basil ita

    Please stay away!

    I wasted money and time since last year because one YOLANDA BATTLE lied to me.

    Now I tried contacting clickadpays to allow me withdraw my available re-purchase and my balance presently sitting on my account, yet the website form keep telling me” the message contains illegal character”

    Check the message below and tell me any illegal character:

    I don’t want to be a member of clickadpays any longer. so please refund me the available re-purchase and total balance and terminate my account.

  2. Wayne

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for continuing to provide us all with reviews on the marketing traps that are out there. Every time I read one of your reviews I thank my lucky stars for the day that I stumbled into Wealthy Affiliate.

    Just like so many people out there that believe in the process but haven’t been able to find an honest training platform, I joined many programs believing that this is the one.

    Google is doing its part in eliminating the garbage but has a ways to go before they succeed in being able to present nothing but the best. In the meantime it’s people like you that bring truth to the forefront of training people how to start a legitimate online business from the comfort of home.

    My dream for the future is that one day there will be no more scams online and anyone that’s looking for the opportunity to go into business for themselves will be able to search for their niche without having to worry whether or not it’s a scam.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha thanks Wayne, I think that’s an amazing dream and believe our efforts can and will go a long way to diminishing these consistent online scam attempts. I’m very grateful for the compliments and will continue doing my part while advocating Wealthy Affiliate to the public! It’s been a complete eye-opener and dream come true :)


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