What Is Empower Network Review – (Viral Blogging?!)

By | August 29, 2014

What is Empower Network Review

(Rip-Off Scam Product? or Not..?)

What Is Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review








Product Name: Empower Network Viral Blog Scam 

Product Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Product Owner(s): David Sharpe and David Wood

Product Price: $25 per month 

Doesn’t include additional Empower Network Upsells:

Upsell 1– $19.99 per month Upsell 3– $500 per month Upsell 5– $3,500
Upsell 2– $100 per month Upsell 4– $1,000;   + ($25/month)

Overall Rank: Scam


What is Empower Network Scam Review?

This is a review of one of the most possibly hyped up online marketing platforms to date.

Empower Network provides a great deal of in-depth training to get started as an online marketer. However, that does not go without saying, the quantity and quality of training visuals are by any means worth the cost and hype! Empower Network Scam

You can already see from the Empower Network Review overviewed above, that the number and amount of upsells is tremendous in number.

It is also worth mentioning, the basic $25 per month fee won’t necessarily help in giving you all the necessary details and information needed to start your own online business or website.


What is Empower Network Review Upsells?

They are part of a marketing tactic implemented and utilized by a majority of online marketing companies to help leverage additional sales. In this case, these upsells are being used by Empower Network from their very own affiliates. By taking advantage of their very own tools, Empower Network seems to block access to certain and necessary important areas of their platform, thus placing tremendous pressure on its visitors and affiliates to pay the extra fee to gain access.

By utilizing this marketing tactic, Empower Networks corporate ladder thus begins to receive much higher commissions than they would normally, leaving the bottom not only penniless, but straight out broke. Through these upsells, it also lures in Empower Network affiliates to help them do much of the recruiting work, by having them go out and try and find consumers willing to pay the $3,500 upsell for example, right then and there on the spot, through misinterpreted and immoral marketing techniques. 

In order to have a service, or training, worth that much money, it better pay off handsomely to the consumer who is purchasing this Empower Network training product!

Empower Networks $25 Per Month Membership…

And the 3 Biggest Empower Network Misconceptions You Aren’t Being Told:


Misconception #1


Apparently, we can already find Empower Networks first very deceitful tactic right from the beginning. As always with online marketing hype, it usually starts with a ‘lie,’ better yet a misconception!

While Empower Networks Review states that it simply costs $25 to join as an Empower Network Member, that isn’t exactly the case.

What they don’t tell you is that Empower Network will charge $25 monthly on a recurring basis.


Misconception #2


While many people seem to think that by paying this $25 fee, they are implied to have become an Empower Network Affiliate! In this case, that’s not true, and also not very fair..

Rather, in order to join as an affiliate, and have your own affiliate account, where you are able to invite others from social mediums and traffic, you must pay an additional $20 monthly fee!


Misconception #3


Now, lets assume you decided to join Empower Network as an affiliate. You should take note that Empower Network claims in their very own online documentation upon joining that payout rates are anywhere between 85% to 100%. Hence, there is no real exact figure there.

But here is where it gets real ‘iffy’!

The first 6 sales you make as an Empower Network affiliate, are required to be passed up to your own sponsor.

Your sponsor, being the person who you were either referred to, or are automatically signed up under in Empower Network affiliate, (Ridiculous..!).


Empower Network Commissions Scam

Empower Network Commissions Scam


Empower Network very subtly places MLM marketing tactics and techniques into their very own so-called “affiliate program.”

Empower network in my humble and honest opinion, shouldn’t be titled an affiliate program by any means. Empower Network Review puts all legit affiliate programs to shame by attempting to use these misconceived tactics..

Maybe you’re wondering, why they would bother giving your hard-earned commissions to the sponsors above you?

Well, with MLM in order to keep a business running, the #1 most essential piece to the puzzle is to keep the pyramid well-structured.

What I mean by this is, in order to stop people from dropping out in an instant, they’ll give you this incentive.. meaning, recruit a few people, and if you can’t make the sales, let them do the heavy work for you kind-of-thing!


What Empower Network Review Tools and Training are provided?

A sleazy so-called Empower Network viral blogging system

Empower Network Rip Off Scam Report

Empower Network Rip Off Scam Report

All it is, is some very cheap training to help people who’ve payed the initial $25 per month fee help get them on their feet, by the simple act of blogging, and nothing more!

Even worse, the blogging content management system being offered by Empower Network only provides you with the ability to place no more than three banner advertisements!

Your Empower Network Review Blog will already be conveniently setup with your Empower Network affiliate information, so that when, anyone who comes to your blog already see’s that as your own primary go-to information, thus completely disabling how you as the blogger would want to customize your own website in the first place!

Thus, your Empower Network Review website is pre-developed with duplicated content simply to help drive as many potential affiliates to Empower Networks platform, on a completely viral and unfair basis.

The number of pages of content, prepared for blogging on primarily the “benefits” of Empower Network are already set in place.

This couldn’t be any worse for the Empower Network blogger, as essentially, he or she will never find themselves getting ranked within Google, as a result of:


Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Empower Network

1- Highly Duplicatable Content.
Anybody within the Empower Network system can literally take another person’s own blogging content, and add it onto their own website (not cool!).
Hence, the reason for calling it Empower Network’s “Viral Blogging System.” Therefore, another subtle yet very grimy technique by giving people who have poorly bought into this system the large misconception that the term “viral blogging,” has absolutely nothing to do with Google and Ranking!

2- Lack of Personal Customization.

3- Content being Utilized and Copied from one site to the next.

When you check out the blogs made by Empower Network members, you’ll see the majority of them all, are not the happiest of campers! In my opinion, it’s like being in middle-school, and simply writing a blog per day on how your day went! Empower network makes the case that as long as you blog on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to attract potential affiliates to the empower network platform, thus making you sales!

I honestly don’t see how that’s possible when everyone is taking on that same task to begin with. The blogs are very bland at best. Use and training of social media traffic is slim.

Last but not least, once and when you do decide to quit Empower Network and it’s immense hype, they will unfortunately not let you go with the blogging content you’ve written, as it will stay with them on their own free blogging network.

Hence, if your blogging was able to produce some potential traffic overtime, you ultimately have no choice, but to keep on paying the monthly recurring fee, if you want to see your blog ever turn into an authoritative type site; a sad, but very true feat!

It’s simply another tactic used by Empower Network in order to keep their affiliates from moving on with their life.

What Is Empower Network Review Overview

I feel empathetic towards the many affiliates who have bought into this network. But truly, even more for those who really wanted to make their start in the online marketing affiliate world.

I can only assume that so many starting and beginning affiliates trying to make a nice decent income online gave up their entire hopes, dreams, and their own money to this crazy and spiteful scam. 

My biggest take from here, is how thankful, and grateful I am, for always overseeing this when I first started almost two years ago. Online Scams

Empower Network could have truly taken away all my dreams of becoming an affiliate marketing career and success the reality that it has become for me today!

Another thing worth mentioning is the simple fact that Empower Network alone are driving people away, and not towards, bigger and better online affiliate success, because of their greedy and immensely selfish empowerment.



Empower Network can try and justify their means anyway they’d like.

Thanks to this truthful, and very mindful legitimate affiliate training community, am I able to save you from the trouble you’d be running into with empower network.

We more than welcome you in joining our community for free. Whether you would like to help us in the fight in the overall movement to help expose these scams and save people the trouble from money loss, or are simply looking to open up a simple online business website to earn from, this truly is the #1 place to start!

You can freely blog and open your own website on absolutely any passion you yearn for, and earn handsomely for doing so.

With all the freely provided training, this has easily become a worldwide #1 recommended solution to the many online scams that confront us today. 

We look forward to having you!

Thanks for reading this review on Empower Network. I really hope this gave you the best insider information I could before your attempt in moving forward with this MLM/Affiliate network. I wouldn’t suggest reading anymore about it, as your going to find people doing all they can to sell you into it. 

Exposing online scams, and differentiating them from the good and legitimate online communities is apart of my job. Nonetheless, I like to think it will be of constant help to people in helping them save their effort, time, and money, regardless of their situation.

For those in need of fast financial help, once again, we are more than willing to offer all our hands to helping you succeed.


9 thoughts on “What Is Empower Network Review – (Viral Blogging?!)

  1. Isaah N.

    This has been one of the most incredible most honest blogs Ive literally come across. The amount of information you provide here is amazing and so honest. Your blog is good for anyone looking to make a legitimate online income and not give into the most awful scams like Empower Network.

    Excellent stuff; please keep it up!

  2. Iva

    Spot on with this write-up!

    I will never go to Empower Network, not for the life of me.

    Their nothing but a HUGE SCAM!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      My point exactly Iva,

      Sorry you had the unfortunate pleasure of having to try and work with these guys.

      I knew it would be nothing but bad news! Good thing you got out while you could..

      I know a lot of people these days are wasting more and more money because they think

      its really going to get them somewhere in life. Truth is Empower is literally a flat-out

      scam. Your point exactly!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hello Arp,

      I will preach it lol! This is just one of those online scams that really knows how to get me irritated on the inside.

      I’ve read some horrible things people have done as a mere result of Empower Networks promises and schemes, even causing people to go to lengths where they would spend all their money to try and get to the top of this MLM “pyramid.”

      Anyway, thanks for your input. It is much appreciated!


  3. Debbie

    What a great review. There is so much hype about Empower Network and you see it everywhere, you kind of assume that it is a great program. So pleased you pointed out all it’s flaws.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Debbie!

      Your overall assumption couldn’t be anymore true!

      I wouldn’t even know where to begin in trying to compare Empower Network with Wealthy Affiliate. It doesn’t add up, as to me they are in no way, shape, or form in the same league. Empower Network is more MLM than anything when it comes down to the truth.

      The mere thought of allowing there to be a comparison of which is better than the other could altogether place Wealthy Affiliate in unnecessary jeopordization in terms of the one and only product that it sells, which is giving its all to helping others succeed!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a community devoted to great causes and help.

      Empower Network is merely a scheme to steal people’s money.

      Hah looks like there is my comparison. Anyway glad to have placed Empower Network on its falling pedestal.

      May Wealthy Affiliate continue to thrive in its consistent communal help to others.


  4. Brad

    Thanks for the tip off, lots of scams out there these days.

    All the best,


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