What Is My Instant Pays & Should You Join?

By | August 2, 2016

Product: My Instant PaysWhat Is My Instant Pays

Website: www.myinstantpays.com

Type: Affiliate Marketing & Reselling

Price: $125 + $25 activation fee

Rank: 49/100 – Borderline Legit


Introduction To My Instant Pays

While some might be inclined to jump to the conclusion that My Instant Pays is a scam, I have to say that there are some qualities I really like about this program. I like how they provide you with actual products that can be used to both build up your own online marketing business and to be sold to your own customer base. I also like how you are given an exact replica and copy of the website itself that can be used to present to other interested candidates.

What I didn’t like about My Instant Pays is that there didn’t seem to be much in the way of training you on how to drive traffic to your digital downloadable products and traffic exchanges aren’t going to cut it. What did make this product stand out however, is its use of actual products and not just having you try to resell the website alone.


What’s Included In These MRR Digital Downloads?

There is certainly a good amount of information and products that come with My Instant Pays. One very useful item it comes with (if you don’t have one already) is their landing page creation software, which comes with features such as:

  • A drag & drop landing page software.
  • Ability to create sales funnels.
  • Various marketing layouts & videos.
  • Ability to create sales pages, e-mail op-tins, review pages, webinar pages, up-sell pages, and more.
  • Integrated with an autoresponder.

Now the problem here lies within the fact that if you don’t know how to create optimized landing pages, or you don’t have a plan on how to use them or drive traffic to them, it really becomes pointless. There is no need to have your own landing page software if you don’t have a website or traffic to drive them to. Nevertheless, this is where the next product comes in consisting of 3 downloadable video training courses, which can also be resold.


This Includes:

  • Basic and advanced social media marketing.
  • Teaching you how to engage your users.
  • How to get more leads on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.
  • How to create viral content.
  • How to create your own social media community.
  • How to get more friends and followers to your pages.

I really do appreciate the time this product puts in to provide you with some sort of method or technique for driving traffic and I do think social media can be a great place for a beginner to start. What you must realize however is that creating viral content isn’t as easy as it sounds, or else everyone including myself, would be doing it.

It’s also hard to consider how viral content has anything to do with what your promoting here. The type of content you would need to be promoting on social media would have to be relevant to online marketing. Otherwise, you won’t have an engaged audience. Getting traffic from social media is literally a business in itself, which takes a lot of time and work.


My Instant PaysPro’s Of My Instant Pays:

  • Solid products for resale.
  • Decent social media training for traffic.
  • High $125 profit margins.
  • Includes a members area.
  • Product is integrated with PayPal.
  • No need for hosting.


Con’s Of My Instant Pays:

  • Limits itself to only social media for gaining traffic.
  • Focuses too much on the actual products and less on how to properly promote them.
  • Expensive – $125 + one-time $25 activation fee.
  • No refunds!!


My Instant Pays Overview

As you can see, there are a good number of pros to be listed here, but I feel the whole execution of the product could have been better. I would really like to see there be more training and would also like to see them do away with the fake testimonials. That’s really a turn-off for me.

In addition, the product as a whole seems to be too simple and without an actual website or blog of your own, I don’t feel like the necessary resources are there to allow you to start your own online marketing business; almost like they whipped up whatever they could and are telling you to go out on social media and start selling. For me, that’s far from an efficient technique of being an affiliate marketer. You really have no adequate source of traffic and building up any kind of traffic with social media can take ages and the last thing you want to do is begin posting/spamming in Facebook groups waiting and begging for your next sale.

I don’t want to speak too badly about My Instant Pays however, because I am sure there are some people out there who already have their own reliable traffic sources in place, who have a blog, a website, and even their own e-mail subscriber list they are ready to send this offer out to. In that case, with a $125 profit margin on each sale, I’d see no reason to stay away from this product.

On the other hand, I know that if I was still an internet marketing newbie, I’d probably still have purchased this product, tried to do everything I could to make it work, and probably fail. The reason for that is simple: inadequate training, no reliable traffic source besides social media, and kind of hiding the truth by not making you realize that social media traffic is really a business in itself that takes a lot of time, patience, and training to get right.

Thanks for checking out My Instant Pays review. Hopefully, I’ve provided you with enough information to help you make a more adequate decision. Now it is up to you to decide whether this product seems like a good fit for you or not. Make sure to leave a comment down below :)

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