What Is Pure Leverage: Honest Product Overview & Alternative

By | September 18, 2014
What Is Pure Leverage: Honest Product Overview & Alternative
Product Name: GVO Pure Leverage
Product Website: Pureleverage.com
Product Owner: Joel Therien (PureLeverage Founder and CEO)
Product Price: Basic Membership - $24.95 ; Premium Membership- $124.95
Overall Rank: Not Legit.

What Is Pure Leverage

What Is Pure Leverage?

A work from home based business and opportunity that charges a membership fee based off two levels; basic and premium. A basic Pure Leverage Membership can be bought at only $24.95, while Pure Leverage’s Premium Membership cost an extra $100. Nonetheless, if you haven’t noticed already many of the truthful reviews online attempt a comparison between Pure Leverage and the ever growing, highly popular scam, Empower Network. Hence, this is a first sign of bad news! Anything that shows me “Pure Leverage vs. Empower Network,” will usually attempt in comparing the two in terms of the fast money to be made, along with tools, training, support, etc.

Pure Leverage Scam Review 2014

Pure Leverage Scam Review 2014

While Wealthy Affiliate is also known to compare itself with Empower Network in a similar manner, it only does so on its own accord. Meaning Wealthy Affiliate has been trying hard for the past number of years now to get people out of Empower Networks get rich quick scheme into a more realistic business opportunity.

Hence, Wealthy Affiliate does this not by promising or guaranteeing any sort or amount of income, but by offering the legitimate tools and training for free to the public.

Nonetheless, when we compare Pure Leverage with Empower Network, we can see a different kind of comparison; one where each attempts in competing with one another as a result of the similarity in the nature of these two businesses. That is, they are exactly alike, relying on sole membership fee’s for corporate profit, and in return, offering nothing but the sole opportunity for their business rep’s to go out and finding other similar individuals to join them in their business.

In other words, the business is solely based on MLM – Network Marketing. While, not all network marketing is immoral, many growingly are. Its Is Pure Leverage a Scam?a result of selfish greed and the ease in taking wild advantage of growing online opportunities.

Moreover, I always like to advise starting online marketer’s to stay away from the 99% of failing internet marketer’s as a result of the many troubles involved with MLM and convincing others to recruit under them. It is like direct selling, if not exactly the same.

Hence, the immense difference regarding Wealthy Affiliate and Empower Network, along with the smaller based version, Pure Leverage. If you can’t tell already the name, and/or term “Wealthy Affiliate,” ends with the term affiliate, and the reason for that is to stand out of the MLM scheming crowd. Actually if you search on Wikipedia, you will see that the best and biggest, most-likely succeeding online opportunity is Affiliate Marketing.

So why do people go through all the trouble of avoiding the affiliate opportunity and market? Well because of the “hassle” involved. That is, setting up a website on your own, doing all the designing, taking care of the SEO, and making sure you get found in Google; things that are ALL essential to the ultimate affiliate success. With MLM, one can simply pay, and begin with whatever online training opportunity they joined along with. Ultimately, this training provides useless, as the struggle to continually find like-minded entrepreneurial individuals to join you is the only way to make money.

With that being said, here are some non-biased Pure Leverage information for individuals who wish to pursue this endeavor.


Pure Leverage Tools and Training:

  • Opt-in Funnel Landing Pages.
  • Pre-written Autoresponder System (Take notice of the many duplicated messages being repeatedly sent and used! Thus, providing no Pure Leverage Email Scamlong-term user value for a legitimately growing business for the individual)
  • Video Blogging Tools
  • Webinar Replays
  • Authority Blogging Platform
  • MLM Based Training


Pure Leverage Commission and Payouts:

The Pure Leverage System offers payout rates at 100% on direct sales and recruiting.

Pure Leverage also offers 50% commission on sales made by referrals.

Hence, Pure Leverage is shown as a true MLM business opportunity. In terms of whether Pure Leverage or Empower Network being better than one another can vary as a result of differing variables.


Pure Leverage vs. Empower Network:

Overall Consensus!

In terms of compensation, I believe Pure Leverage takes the win. However, the training may seem to a bit more light. Then again, if we take a look at Empower Network, we can see the numerous, and almost endless number of upsells just to keep on going with the product is simply outrageous and uncalled for!

Pure Leverage Scam!

Therefore, for well-experienced direct sales people, I would give my recommendation to Pure Leverage. Despite the fact their seemingly endless  misconceptions of the amount of money anyone can make with their system. If one works very hard and is willing to put in more work than the average person by building a list of contacts, finding a method of attaining reliable never-ending traffic, and to use methods that aren’t even involved within the training itself by going above and beyond, then it is possible to make money with Pure Leverage. That’s not to say it won’t take you months, probably years to earn.

Pure Leverage vs. Empower Network vs. Wealthy Affiliate – MLM Alternative!

Though I know that seems a bit bias, it’s my way of trying to save you from your time and money, and hassle, as it can be utilized more wisely in learning how to open your own online business without 100% reliance on earning from one MLM corporation that could shut-down at any moment or time.

Nevertheless, my only alternative to both these MLM opportunities, is to utilize the free training offered at Wealthy Affiliate, that can then be used to leverage as many affiliate online products or services. Wealthy Affiliate has a great system in place that is great in helping you leverage content with proper keyword research to gain you consistent increasing traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate has ultimately become one of my most trusted online products and allies because of its consistency in teaching proper values  using only loyal and honest means when using content as a way to deliver the right products and information to your everyday traffic.

With Wealthy Affiliate the potential remains limitless

and there is always financial hope for whoever it is reading this!


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