Whole World International Review: MLM For Charity?

By | September 12, 2015

Name: Whole WorldWhole World International MLM Review

Website: www.wholeworld.biz

Price: $100 Deposit + $5 Activation Fee

Rank: 45/100

What Is It?

Whole World is an international MLM networking company that requires you to “donate” money before you join. When you register, you’ll be assigned to a sponsor or individual in your upline.

While a portion of the proceeds is claimed to go to charity, the other half is dispersed to your upline. The way you make money with Whole World while definitely is possible, might not be as easy as it sounds. Misleading information is thus, what I believe to be the biggest overall flaw with the Whole World International opportunity.

Despite its incredibly fast growth and constant donations being made, it’s going to take more than a simple deposit to get this business going. In order to make money with Whole World International, you need to also be able to recruit people into your downline.

The more people you refer and the more people who donate, the more money you can make. But if you have trouble referring people, you’re going to find wholeworld.biz to be a tough opportunity.

How Much Is It?

While getting your account started with Whole World isn’t exactly hard, you’re required to pay $5 just to service your account. After you’ve got your account setup, you are required to make a money transfer to a charity using the Wallet One service.

From there, the company tells you to deposit a total of $100 in order to begin receiving payments from other members. Your account is then activated as a “business” account and is eligible to start making money.

In total, you’ll need to spend $105 to get started.

How Does It Work?

The first thing I found when I landed upon Whole World International is how misleading their proposed business idea is. They claim that the service is to benefit the world by allowing you to donate to charity and make money in return.

However, they claim it’s as easy as simply paying $100 and activating your account. It’s important to note, that WholeWorld members are actually taking half of that deposit and that just by activating your account doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically earn.

All activating your account really does is make you eligible to receive payments by referring other members. Thus, if you don’t refer other people into your downline, you won’t get paid anything. It’s as simple as that really.

Business Machine Queue

Whole World International MLM ReviewOne of the latest features introduced in WholeWorld.biz is its new business machine. This provides you with an alternative to having to actively recruit new members. But I believe this introduction was simply designed to put more money into
WholeWorld’s pockets.

The Business Machine is nonetheless, a service that comes in “Standard,” “Premium,” and “Ultimate.”

The standard service is a $50 package that gives you 1 place in the queue for 30 days. So that when a new referral comes into Whole World directly and needs a sponsor in their upline, they can take a position under you.

The premium service is a $100 package that gives you 5 spots in the queue for $200 and the ultimate service is a $350 package giving you 10 spots in total for $350.

Whole World Compensation Plan – How Much Can You Earn ?

The amount of money you can earn with WholeWorld will really come down to how many individuals you’ve recruited into your downline. The more individuals in your bottomline, the better chance you have of making a larger income.

I’ll do my best to explain Whole World’s compensation plan. The way it works is through a queue. Lets say a new person has joined under you and made the required $100 deposit to activate their business account. $50 of that goes to charity and the other
$50 is dispersed to your upline.

This consists of 7 different levels. By starting at the bottom, you receive $10 out of that $50. Another $5 is then received for individuals on level 2 to 6 and $15 for the individual at the very top.

Whole World International MLM Review

The way you can move up from level 7 to 6 is by referring your first 5 members. Once you’re at level 6 you’ll now be receiving $5 for each $50 deposit. In order to move from level 6 to 5, you and the 5 people in your downline need to recruit a total of 25 individuals.

To get from level 5 to 4, you must recruit a total of 125 members. Then you must recruit 625 members, 3125 members, and finally, 15,625 members to get to level 1. By the time you get to level 1 and have recruited a total of 78,125 members with the people under you, you’ll have made $1,269,550.

While the compensation plan does look to be very attractive, getting that many individuals can seem incredibly difficult. On the other hand, your performance will also really come down to how active the members in your downline are.

If you can recruit people who are also good at recruiting, you can eventually make it to the top. Thus, it’s important to properly train your team and continually network and advertise the opportunity to others.

Whole World’s MLM Opportunity

Nonetheless, Whole World is really no different than any other MLM company out there. The only real difference here is your promoting an international charity and fundraising program.

It’s hard to say actually whether this MLM opportunity is really genuine in trying to make difference and whether most of this money is really going to charity or not. Let’s say rather than the money actually going to charity, its going to the Whole World company.

For the record, if that were the case, I would give the Whole World MLM company a 0 out of 100. The thing with companies claiming to give to charity will do so just to receive huge tax cuts. So if there is anything going wrong in the background we don’t know about, it’s only a matter of time until enforcement catches up to them.

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On the other hand, Whole World can easily be seen and perceived as a ponzi scheme. Taking money from members all over the world who have no idea what this is really about and re-dispersing that same money to charity and Whole World members. The ethics involved in this program are definitely in question.

While it is possible to make some good earnings with this program, it will require a lot of hard work and dedication to recruit other members.

Pro’s of Whole World:

  • Solid Compensation Plan
  • Good Advertising Materials
  • Chance to Give to Charity.

Con’s of Whole World:

  • Expensive to Get Started ($105 in total to get started).
  • Can Be Viewed as a Ponzi Scheme.
  • Takes Advantage of People with Misleading/Inaccurate Information.
  • Business Machine Queue is a Waste.
  • No Real Product Behind It.

WholeWorld Overview – Scam or Legit?

To me, WholeWorld can definitely be seen as a scam, depending on how you look at it. I feel by joining this company I could really be pushing my own moral limits.

Yes, while the company claims you are giving to charity, you’re also taking money from individuals who are misled by the fact you just join to make money.

This is more of a business opportunity than anything else. But the structure, the layout, and the atmosphere of Whole World really makes you feel like the only thing you need to do is make a deposit.

For me that isn’t much of an ethical business structure and I believe they created this so people can see how so many other people are making deposits.

For the most part, the majority of individuals are going to have a hard time with this product, simply because working with any MLM is a very difficult endeavor. Whole World really isn’t like your ordinary MLM where you get the product sent to you and you begin networking with others. Instead they really to seem hide this fact.

On the other hand, the compensation structure is solid yet you will need to have a good team under you and must network a lot to make this opportunity work for you. Personally, I’ve enjoyed being an affiliate marketer. Not only is it more ethical and sustainable, but the pay has been great too.

So if you’re really looking for a solid and legitimate way of making money online, I would check that out before having to get involved with something that may or may not work out for you in the end.

Thanks for reading this Whole World International Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

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6 thoughts on “Whole World International Review: MLM For Charity?

  1. Milana Blue

    I think you are getting confused. WholeWorld project is a fundraising program.
    In a way it offers some incentives for the donors.
    They never claimed it to be MLM business.

    If you have confused MLM with Chairty fundraising, I am sorry you will always look at it as scam.
    But ultimately children are getting benefitted.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s mis-informative Milana, and you know it. Clearly MLM and charity fund-raising are not the same thing, but that is what’s going on behind the scenes. The “charity fundraising” is being used as a front to cover up this deceptive MLM!

  2. George F.

    My input towards WholeWorld.biz below;

    I joined & invested my US$105 fee that is required. All fine & dandy.

    However they may have a genuine charitable cause as an product/service.
    Again, all fine & dandy.

    My problem towards WholeWorld.biz is described below;

    I entered my phone number ( # ) & made an error by 1 digit.

    The problem is my phone # is an landlined phone & I do not have
    or use any Mobile phones.

    So I can not receive their SMS code & their SMS code goes to a
    wrong entered phone #. Stupid of them!

    WholeWorld.biz believes none of their members any longer use
    landlined phones.

    I submitted a support quarry ticket & received ONLY 1 reply
    from them. to address this problem.

    Thus far I had sent them several support tickets & til today
    I received no reply from them at all.

    Now I realize that WholeWorld.biz MOSTLY ignores most of their
    members issued support tickets OR simply ignores them

    WholeWorld.biz support is TOTALLY UNREACHABLE!

    I have a simple support quarry & it’s being ignored by them.

    WholeWorld.Biz a In-Directly is a SCAM!

    This is my input over here. Thanks!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Well that’s not good. Sorry to hear about that and their customer support. Appreciate your input George!

  3. Milana Bl

    It’s a 100% legitimate business.All Russians know it.

    Previously GoldLine International was the middleman for this program.

    They found something wrong with it I guess, Now it’s fully operated by WholeWorld (Charity( 

    Very transparent transactions. Even people working for Governments, NGOs are part of it.

    Many Russians who started 4 years back with this program are millionaires.

    Me and my partner joined recently.  We already made the profit we invested ($105) within 2 weeks. And it generates profit on daily basis.

    But you can’t make profit if you enroll for the program and sit at home,watching TV or sleeping.

    Like any other business hard work is needed. You have to recruit some 20 members under you and you will see results on daily basis. 

    It took three weeks to add  people and start generating profits.

    Kindness surelys pays. Law of Karma.

    I strongly recommend this program if you are a stay at home mom.

    Spasibo & Poka!

    Milana & Pavel.

    Email : milanablue@mail.ru

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I disagree Milana, but that’s just my opinion. Sites like these come and go very quickly and seems like nothing more than another HYIP with a lot of risk involved. I have never heard of such a thing as an “MLM for charity” and believe this is nothing more than a ploy that I highly recommend staying away from.


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