Why Social Cash Robot Is Not To Be Trusted!

By | June 8, 2016


What Is Social Cash Robot?

If I had to describe Social Cash Robot in one word, it wSocial Cash Robot ould be deceiving. This is a program that claims you can make money, by investing some of your own.

Despite claims of making an automatic income through the use of Social Media, it’s really an HYIP or revenue sharing program that sells shares with absolutely no real meaning or product behind them.

They claim that by investing $49 you’ll be guaranteed a lifetime of passive income. But, let me explain to you why they’re wrong.


More About Revenue Sharing

This is a method of making money that has gained a crazy amount of hype and attention over the past couple years and the reason is because you don’t need to do much of anything to make money. You simply invest the $49 and wait for the money to come in. The most skeptical part of Social Cash Robot however, is the fact they don’t give you a percentage of the amount of money you can expect in return.

Most HYIP’s will tell you the exact amount of money you can expect in return. Traffic Monsoon for example would also offer its shares for $49 and give you back $60 over a certain period of time. Let me now mention for the record that Traffic Monsoon is now running out of business only paying pennies out in shares per day and the reason why is simple.


How HYIPs Work:

HYIPs don’t work over the long-run and for reasons that are very simple. What happens with revenue shares are that everyone tries to make money off of each other. For example, once you’ve invested your money into a set amount of shares, you’ll then be waiting to receive your share off the newest investments made into the program.

Think of it like a cycle. The oldest members are getting paid by the newest members and so on. What happens though is the more shares that are bought in the program the lower the earnings become. And, the less people that join the program means there will be less money coming in. So if there aren’t anymore new members coming in, there’s no more money to share.


Other Problems With Social Cash Robot

There are so many problems with Social Cash Robot, I don’t know where to begin. But lets start with the fact that they expect you to purchase shares without even telling you how much profit to expect. This is a problem for a number of reasons, but the main one being, that we can’t trust them! How can we trust a program who is simply telling us to invest so and so, not knowing how much money we could make in return.

The other problem with this is that there have been tons and tons of revenue shares online (particularly in the past few months) where they would take the peoples money and literally run. They would change the domain to a completely different site and everyone who made their investments lost it all. Don’t be surprised at all if this were to happen with Social Cash Robot. The question is, whose interests do the owners really have in mind?

Some other minor problems with Social Cash Robot are the “alternative” ways they claim you can make money with their product. For example, if we were to take a look at their Cashclix Grid example, we’re shown advertisements offered for only $.0001 to $.01. Who wants to make a fraction of a penny? Again, this is something we almost always see being offered in revenue shares like Traffic Monsoon and FortAdPays because it’s really, the only product or service offered by them.

The most important thing I need to mention to you though is the fact that Social Cash Robot is not here to stay. I know that’s a bold thing to say, but let me just say I’ve reviewed, nearly 100 different revenue shares in the past 3 years and the one thing they all have in common, is they end up shutting down sooner or later (with or without your money).

Lets say for this example, you invested $1,000 today in hopes you’ll receive $2,000 back within a few months. Well, it’s very very likely you might not being seeing that money again. The opposite could occur too and you may see profits coming in, if all goes well. That would mean that the HYIP would need to be growing in numbers on a daily basis, there would need to be a solid number of deposits coming in, and most importantly, it would need to be owned by people who you could trust.


Is Social Cash Robot a Scam?

Anyway, that’s enough for me.. Let’s just conclude by saying that Social Cash Robot really isn’t a way of making “automatic income through social media,” when in-fact it has absolutely nothing to do with social media.

The term automatic income is also a bit deceiving because while it may be true to an extent, nothing will change the fact, that there is tremendous risk with depositing any kind of money into this program. That’s just my two cents and I hope most of you will be smart enough to heed my warning.

For future reference, if you’re looking to join any kind of online marketing program to make an income, always make sure that their offering something of true value in return (instead of just saying, “this is a way to make income automatically”).

In this case, the only real product behind Social Cash Robot is its CashClix Grid, which as we already know offers next to no value. This is where your advertisement or offer of something would else would be if you were to buy those $49 shares. Is it worth that money? Absolutely not. Neither is it worth the risk of losing that money in hopes to make something in exchange.


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