Will Adzpot Turn Out To Be a Newly Trusted PTC Site?

By | February 1, 2016

Name: AdzpotAdzpot Review

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Price: Free to Join

Rank: 70/100 – Legit!

What Is It?

Adzpot is a PTC or paid to click website that pays you to do simple tasks. Based out of Bulgaria, the company will pay you for clicking and viewing on simple ads. The biggest issue however, when it comes to sites like Adzpot is the fact it pays out so little.

One of the major advantages of Adzpot could be the variety of advertising it offers to its members at a fairly low cost. A portion of these funds then go out to the users who view these ads in return. Although, some might argue that the advertising isn’t perhaps all that effective since everyone is there for the same purpose – to earn money.

Nevertheless, Adzpot is indeed a paying PTC service that can be used to make a miniscule amount of income. The real money doesn’t actually come from viewing advertisements, but from obtaining referrals to Adzpot. That’s why you’ll see that one of the main links within their menu shows a referral contest – thus, enticing you to get more referrals and individuals to start using the service.

How Much Is It?

To date, there are approximately 54,000 members. That is quite a lot and I think the reason sites like these are able to take off so fast is because you can get started without any membership costs. Once you login to Adzpot, one of the first things you might notice is the ability to upgrade your account. There is no shortage of membership types here. From the free standard account to the diamond membership, you have a variety of options to choose from. Question is, are any of these memberships worth your money?

Adzpot Review

The main difference between the free standard membership and a premium or platinum membership really mostly deals with the commissions you make off of your direct referrals. The other advantage deals with benefits you stand to gain by renting from referrals from within the service. However, I’m going to go over why I don’t recommend renting referrals with this or any other PTC for that matter. Simply said, if you’re looking into upgrading your membership, only do so if you’re obtaining a good quality or amount of direct referrals. But don’t do it for any purpose other than that as the advantages will be slim to none.

Renting Referrals

A very popular service that is offered within any typical PTC is the fact you can rent referrals, which really just bogs down the service if you ask me. Renting referrals is in my opinion nothing more than a scheme that is used to make more money off its members. Maybe that is why the most legitimate PTC out there (clixsense) avoids all use of rented referrals. It just never works and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either.

The cost of renting referrals adds up very quickly and ultimately, it’s the service that tends to gain the most out of it. It’s ironic as they are essentially “trying” to help you earn more. But it can’t go both ways and as a result Adzpot will make all the profit in this case. Despite all those strategies you see online, rented referrals is always a lose-lose scenario and when it isn’t, the profit you earn over months will literally be under $1 a day because of all the money spent on maintaining your rented referral list.

Direct Referrals

A much better way of earning money online and is what I recommend most highly is obtaining your own direct referrals. In a way, this is almost like your own property. The service cannot take these referrals from you or make you pay anything to keep them since you were the one who brought them into the service. As a result, referral commissions can be as high as 100% in some cases.

If you can obtain these on a daily basis, you might be able to earn a nice little income for yourself. It is in my opinion, a whole lot more preferable to focus on this one aspect of the service over anything else. Especially when it comes to clicking on ads, which I also recommend avoiding at all costs. Clicking and viewing on these ads that pay out $.0005 to $.02 is a complete waste of time in my opinion. Why not just let your direct referrals do that for you! (was that an unethical thing to say?)

Advertising Services

As I mentioned, clicking on ads yourself to earn fractions of a penny isn’t going to get you very far. But what if you were to use these services to leverage your own offers and promotions. It might not be such a bad idea. On the other hand, you may not always a receive a positive return on investment and it really boils down to what you’re promoting and how you’re doing it. Why not take a quick glance at these services anyway?

  1. Paid To Click Ads: The primary feature within Adzpot.org and offered at a very affordable price. Starting at just 10 cents, this can be an easy way to begin testing out your offers and promotions. You buy the credits, which will give you a set Adzpot Reviewnumber of clicks for each viewed ad.
  2. Fixed PTC Advertisements: An alternative option to the Paid To Click Ads, which only differs in the fact that your advertisement is viewed over a certain time period versus begin given credits. This may be perhaps more preferable to Paid To Click Ads since your advertisement will always be there to view. However, if you’re on a set budget and trying out a new ad, paid to click ads would be the way to go.
  3. Paid To Sign Up Offers: A fairly new method of advertising being offered across all various types of PTC platforms. It allows you to entice visitors to sign-up for an offer by paying them a certain amount of money in exchange. While it does offer you guaranteed sign-ups, its effectiveness can be debatable given the fact that they are only signing up for your money. It’s also one of the more expensive ways of advertising on the Adzpot site.
  4. Featured Text Ads: This is one of the most ineffective yet cheapest ways of advertising online. These featured text ads offer 1,000 credits for only $.05. What you’re given is a very small room to place your link within the homepage. You might as well not even bother spending your money here, but I guess you never know!
  5. Featured Link Ads: Same as the featured text ads, except it is based on the duration of how long your ad shows versus getting a set number of credits.
  6. Banner Ads: More effective then text ads in my opinion and also another cheap way of advertising. If you have an attractive looking banner for an upcoming site or service, this could be a good idea given its overall affordability.

Adzpot Overview

Now that we’ve reached the end of the review, question is whether Adzpot is truly worth investing your time in. I know that PTC’s have almost become like a fad within the internet marketing world. You either love it or you hate it. A lot of people enjoy using Paid To Clicks because of how easy it can be to get started referring new members to these services given the free membership option. A lot of people also enjoy those small yet constant incoming commissions. Others enjoy trying to make the best use out of renting referrals, which I personally recommend avoiding at all costs.

Furthermore, I think it’s the vibe a lot of members get just by using this service. Everyone is there with a similar goal in mind and it is kind of nice to discuss ways to earn within its forum area. On the other hand, one of the most popular issues with PTC’s is how low the earnings are overall. It’s very difficult to get to the top and begin earning anything near a full-time income. In order to do so, you’d be required to obtain direct referrals on a constant hourly basis. There is really no other way around it. The best alternative would be to shift your focus away from paid to click marketing into something more viable, such as affiliate marketing.

One more thing to be cautioned about is the fact a lot of these PTC’s can actually go out of business and stop paying overtime. This may be why the same owners of GoldenClix are the ones who started up adzpot.org. Nevertheless, making withdrawals can be as easy as the push of a button. Overall, I would say Adzpot is a legitimate paying service (for now) and I wouldn’t stop you from joining. But in terms of earning a legitimate income, this is definitely not your best choice!

Thanks for checking out my Adzpot.org Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.



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