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By | March 1, 2016

Name: WordlinxWordlinx Review

Website: www.wordlinx.com

Type: PTC & Advertising

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 80/100 – Legit

What Is Wordlinx?

Unlike many PTC (or Paid To Click) sites, Wordlinx has been around for so many years. Wordlinx first launched on October 6th, 2003 making this one of the first PTC’s to ever open its doors online. This could be why unlike so many fancy looking PTC’s, Wordlinx keeps it simple.

This can be a good thing since Wordlinx is actually one of the more legitimate and trusted paid to click services out there that you don’t need to worry about. Due to its nature of being a more traditional paid to click site, it doesn’t use any scheme-like tactics a lot of other PTC’s are using such as buying or renting referrals at an inflated price.

Wordlinx pays out on time and its included membership prices are a lot more reasonable than seen elsewhere. One of the biggest downfalls of Wordlinx and any PTC out there, is the fact that the payouts tend to be so low. PTC stands for paid to click and relies on you heavily clicking and viewing other advertisements in order to earn money. There is also the option to advertise at a very low cost to other members. Regardless of how you use Wordlinx, it does have its uses, but isn’t something I’d rely on to make a full-time online income.


3 Upgraded Membership Options

The way I see it, Wordlinx offers three different membership options. One of the biggest defining features and benefits with Wordlinx and other related PTC’s are the fact they offer a free membership. This can be very beneficial if you’re looking to refer a lot of referrals or grow a large downline, since they don’t need to pay anything initially in order to join.

#1. Free Membership – No fee’s

#2. Verified Membership – $17 per year or $79 for life

#3. Pro Membership – $25 per month or $99 per year

One of the best aspects of Wordlinx are the huge differences that are included between each upgraded membership. One of the PTC’s I reviewed lately (called CleverBux), utilized a completely distorted membership pricing model. They charged up to $799 for a yearly membership and included almost nothing different than what the free membership had offered. Nevertheless, with Wordlinx we see a huge difference between that of the free, Pro, and Verified membership.


Upgraded Membership Benefits:

  • Verified buyer status
  • Ability to convert credits
  • Use of unlimited custom links
  • Detailed link statistics
  • Higher earnings per referral click (20% for ultimate vs. 2% for free)
  • Higher commissions per referral sale (20% for ultimate vs. 2% for free)
  • More downline commissions up to 5-levels deep
  • Higher points earned per task
  • More traffic exchange points
  • Larger commissions

As you can see there is a huge difference between the free vs. paid memberships, and one of those differences namely involve the amount of commissions you receive for each action your referral takes. This is one of the biggest incentives for upgrading your Wordlinx membership down the line.


Ways To Earn With Wordlinx

There are 5 different ways you can earn with Wordlinx:WordLinx Offers

#1) Paid To Click – Earning cash by viewing other websites.

#2) Traffic Exchange – Earning points by viewing other websites.

#3) Surveys & Offers – Earning cash by completing various tasks.

#4) “Tell a Friend” – Earning cash by referring others.

#5) Win $50 cash by entering Wordlinx Twitter competition.

As you can see, there are a few number of ways you can begin to earn by using Wordlinx and they all have their uses. But the one thing I don’t suggest wasting your time on is the Paid To Click portion as the payouts tend to be so small and payout in the range of $0.0001 to $0.01. However, unless your obtaining referrals, then viewing a certain number of advertisements a week is required in order to get properly credited.

Nevertheless, I want you to focus on #4 – which is tell a friend and also means obtaining direct referrals. This would be the most rewarding and preferable option when using Wordlinx, as you’re now able to earn by the activities of your referrals. The traffic exchange is great if you’re looking to earn extra credits to use for your own site or offer.

In order to request a cashout by Wordlinx, you are required to have a PayPal account as well as reaching a minimum payout of $10 before requesting any withdrawals using Wordlinx. Here is payment proof of some of the latest Wordlinx payouts paid out to members:

WordLinx Proof of Payment

WordLinx Proof of Payment


Wordlinx Advertising

When it comes to Wordlinx advertising, you’ll find that there are a few different and very affordable methods to get your offers and promotions out there. But before doing anything, it’s important you start small and test to see how your visitors convert. For a better way to get traffic to your sites, check out this amazing strategy I use!

#1. Standard PTC Ads:

  • Minimum 30 second views
  • $0.01 each + fees
  • Up to 100% extra visitors from reviews
  • Extra visitors from social sharingWordLinx Advertising

#2. Mini PTC Ads:

  • Minimum 15 second views
  • $.005 each + fees

#3. Micro PTC Ads:

  • Minimum 5 second views
  • $.001 each + fees

#4. Fixed PTC Ads:

  • Minimum 5 second views
  • Less than $5 per day
  • Unlimited daily visitors

#5. E-mail Ads: Sent out to 100,000 e-mail subscribers.

#6. Twitter Ads: Sent out to 35,000 followers


Wordlinx Overview

When all is said and done, Wordlinx is just one of your ordinary paid to click sites similar to both Clixsense and Neobux. It most-likely won’t be able to earn you a full-time income, but can be a good way for a beginner to get started with online marketing. You can familiarize yourself with the everyday methods that are used to make money online, such as the value in your ability to gain direct referrals and earn from the actions taken by others.

In addition, they also offer you an extremely cheap and potentially reliable way of getting your message, site, offer, and/or promotion out there. This can be great to start getting some visibility out and perhaps begin to build up your own e-mail list. Wordlinx is a much more legitimate PTC service out there that doesn’t use overly priced membership options and doesn’t try to sell or rent you referrals. For that reason alone, Wordlinx is a reliable and genuine PTC site that can make for a good way to get started as an online marketer, but not something to try and make a living with.

Thanks for reading!

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