Work at Home Edu Review – Is This Legit?

By | January 18, 2015

Product: Work at Home Edu

Type: Affiliate Marketing


Price: $97 one-time fee

Owner: Michelle Robinson

Rank: 53/100

Work at Home Edu “$2000” Valued Training Program?

According to, this work-from-home opportunity by a woman named Michelle Robinson claims its product opportunity offers a fully-featured training product that is valued at $2,000!

The Price:

A one-time $97 fee.

Except for the traditional schemey tactic where you intend on leaving the website, only to see the price has suddenly dropped down another $20! So in reality, if you decide on purchasing the product, make sure to first click the close button on your browser to allow the price drop down to $77!

What Do You Get?

Work at Home Edu gives you complete membership access for 6-months to a training program teaching online marketing newbies, how you can make money online.

Nevertheless, Work at Home Edu claims to be a business venture into the affiliate marketing arena as today’s most popular method of doing online marketing and business.

WAH EDU Product & Support Includes:

-> Instant Access To All Video Lessons.

-> Access To Material 24/7 From Anywhere Worldwide.

-> 7-Days a Week Phone & E-mail Support.

-> Unlimited Access for 6-months.

The Basis Of WAH EDU:

As shown on the home-page, WAH EDU is a product intentionally geared towards starting internet marketers. The whole product, consisting of 100 training videos and lessons, begings in teaching you how you can first find (through the proper affiliate networks & channels) and expose your affiliate marketing links (whether it be CPA, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.) by traffic methods that include:

Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Article Marketing, SEO, PPC, Video Marketing, and Media Buying.

They seem to misrepresent the statement on how and where you can find “businesses willing to pay you to help them promote their products and services.” In reality, all this means, are finding big named corporate companies like Amazon and CPA networks like Peerfly, or CPALead.

What Else You’ll Learn?

How to stay driven and motivated as you begin your online business and certain problems you’ll need to overcome. You will also understand more on the specific Cost-Per-Action based business model, so you can begin earning money more easily and quickly. You’ll lastly be provided certain online tools to help you as a member gain more traffic to your link “quickly as possible by learning the important steps and methods.”

Besides learning the basics about internet marketing, the product seems to vaguely cover a wide-range of potentially profitable business models:

– CPA Marketing.

– Membership Websites.

– Digital Product Creation.

– Informational Product Creation.

– Product Launching.

– Campaign Projects.

Lastly, the videos conclude with the management and scaling of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search engine marketing campaigns. Something that is really much more advanced in nature and usually requires a decent start-up cost.

Problems With This Product:

This product shows a lot of irony at first-sight! It is a result of why I believe it is a product that was merely used to create with apparent value, but when used, might not prove to be so useful.

The main problem being, it constitutes approximately a hundred various ways of starting your affiliate marketing business model….

From starting out with trying to find your own affiliate links off a company like Amazon to the very creation of your own digital/informational products to its very launch and then, talking about Pay-Per-Click..

Whoa there, slow down a notch!

In addition, while WAH EDU takes the basic approach of finding affiliate links and in attempt to earn, uses simple social media tactics, along with social bookmarketing and article marketing, which for the most part tend to be outdated in the affiliate world, as a means to creating an income easily and quickly. This is used so you can speed up to the more advanced processes of affiliate marketing.

Another problem faced with this product is rather than focusing on just one fool-proof method, it instead provides something I call:

Affiliate Marketing – “Information Overload!”

The product makes it seem necessary to use all these inherent methods in order for you to begin reaping a lot of income online as an affiliate.

Where it is really on the contrary, as an affiliate, making money can really be as easy as creating a niche-related website, posting content, with your affiliate links. Their supposed uses of Social Media and Bookmarking as a way to gain “juice” to your affiliate links is a method that not only no longer works and is outdated, but is actually banned. It is also known as a method today, that is called link-post spamming!

Essentially this product is nothing more than a very vague way of providing 100 different methods to make an online income.

And yet, one huge problem stands in the way, and that is regardless of which method you choose, you will ultimately lose out on the highly distinctive details involved with each potential affiliate business model.  Yes, a lot of the involved methods do constitute for your own affiliate business, but with so many topics to cover, I don’t see how or why any average person looking to get into online marketing would want to cover all these subjects before even having created their very first website!

It’s as though the company decided to pack two-years of information into one simple little package. No wonder they provide you a 6-month membership. Nevertheless, this isn’t something I would recommend.

The company claims that it offers some substantial methods and ways for online marketing beginners, and yet, the company is also offering very potential expensive ways and methods to getting started.

PPC’s, Product Creation, & Launches?

These alone would cost any marketers hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get started making money online. In addition, this in most cases does not always turn out to be a lucrative online venture, and all require as much potential risk as it does in your potential profit.


This product truly seems to fail at targeting a specific audience. Besides getting the affiliate marketing crowd correct, I believe they completely fail to understand, that there are truly levels of experience involved here. The case is they either do know and used all the information they could get to charge for a 6-month membership product for profit,. In either case, while this product doesn’t seem so bad after all, this is not for any affiliate marketing rookie, like myself!! :)

My Overview:

Not Required For Online Marketing Newbies!

Unless you have great experience in the affiliate marketing world and are ready to step your game up a notch by either the creation and launch of your own affiliate marketing products, this could be a potential product to look into.

For those, who’ve just started, or have under even 1-3 years of experience, my recommendation is to stay far, far away! If you have yet to even create the first website for yourself, how will you manage informational or digital product creation…?

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