World Profit Review: Can This Make You Money?

By | May 13, 2015

Name: World Profitworld profit review: scam or legit?


Owner: Jeffrey Lant

Price: $99.94 +

Rank: 10/100 – Scam

What Is It?

I can still remember the first time I joined World Profit when starting as an online marketer. The thing that stood out most of all, was how pushy they were to get me to buy one of their packages. It was almost as though, the only thing they cared about was making a sale.

Regardless of this aspect, I will go over what World Profit is, its long-standing reputation, and whether this is a legitimate online marketing product you can join or not.

Although World Profit is a company founded over 20-years ago, that still uses a lot of salesy tactics that most experienced online marketers will immediately lose interest in.

In regards to their online marketing system, I personally did not find it effective, and is not a strategy I would condone. While there may seem to be a plethora of tools and features that may look and seem interesting, its true effectiveness is what should be most important and used to decide the potential in using Worldprofit.

Membership Levels

Like many of todays online marketing systems, the company uses a membership structure that offers both free and premium levels. The only difference being you can choose to become one of a few different premium levels.

And the other being, you are immediately attempted to be sold to through a live webcast when visiting their website, which you might find to be very pressuring, and not very comfortable.

Their most popular package is its Silver Membership, which costs $99.95 per month (a bit steep in my opinion).

World Profit Services

World Profit as you may or may not have noticed, offers this entire plethora of services. In my opinion, it is like they have scoured the internet in search of new features and ways to add to their website.

As a result, the majority of them don’t seem to be worth the investment, and tends to take a lot of effort and repetitive and tedious tasks just to see any results.

List Of Services Include:

– Website hostingworld profit review: scam or legit?

– WordPress training

– Lead generation

– List building

– Safelists

– Traffic exchanges

– Autoresponders

– Website development

– Article marketing

– Classified ad services


Here are reasons why I believe these services have caused Worldprofit to get very low ratings and proved ineffective to myself and the majority of its consumers.

First – The company seems to put a whole lot of emphasis on methods that may have worked years and years ago, but not so much anymore. If you have ever used a traffic exchange, or even a safelist, you might know what I’m talking about.

The fact they are still using these same old strategies as they did a decade ago, makes a lot of sense to why people are struggling with Worldprofit and calling it a scam. For $99.95 a month, I would expect more from them, and even some up to date training might be nice!

Fact is, people grow very resilient to strategies over time. As a result, it is critical to your success, to be using the right techniques that are working presently, and even in the future.

Second – Even after purchasing a Silver Membership, you will become bombarded with pointless upsells. For example, they will push the use of safelists simply to sell it to you, as well as their own lead packages and website visitors.

Rather than properly teaching you the best long-term strategies to get more and more people to your website, they are leveraging our individual struggles as a way for them to make money.

In other words, they lack great care in the success of their members, despite their weekly trainings, and webcasts.

Third – The most important factor to any successful marketing system is traffic! This may be one reason why Worldprofit has become overly popular.

However, this has lost great leverage over the years and great deal of trust by its members. Despite claiming to have thousands of visits to your website or promotion for each sold package, one thing you will come to find, is that the system is rigged and how impossible it is to get any sales.

Whether this traffic is actually real or not, is completely questionable.

Worldprofit Overview – Scam Or Legit?

As much as I dislike to have to frown upon any online marketing program, it can be a very difficult task to rate them in a positive light. It’s as though scamming has become this new norm making it all the more impossible for individuals like ourselves to achieve anything.

The mere fact Worldprofit utilizes ideas and strategies that are completely outdated does not make it any better. Even if that was the only con to this program, I may be more inclined to show them some favor.

But the fact here stands.

The more you tend use Worldprofit, the quicker it becomes to notice that the only thing they care about is sales. The worst part of all, is the majority of their packages are not even real. Sure, they will tell you these lead packages will get you a hundred thousands of visitors to your website, only to see you haven’t had a single click in months.

These are practices I cannot stand, and to see them using their “training” as a mere sales tactic, is even more unfortunate.

Thankfully, we now have legitimate programs out there willing to teach us the real deal. Though few in number, Wealthy Affiliate takes the cake in my book, and hopefully yours too!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

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About Peter G.

Hi I'm Peter. I'm 27 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

15 thoughts on “World Profit Review: Can This Make You Money?

  1. Tina

    It a scam! When you HAVE to pay large amount of money every month to get money ; SCAM is the word.

  2. Nurgul Ol

    Hi i fell for it and bought the silver package which i regret now inmensly.
    I cancelled and asked for a refund.
    But i am not sure if i can get a refund.
    I joined 08-10-2016 cancelled 12-10-2016

    Do you have any ideas?

    Thank you

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry to hear about that Nurgul. I’m not sure what else you could do besides maybe calling your bank or getting in contact with World Profit to let them know.

  3. Santy R

    I am a newbie, so watching my expenditures and keeping costs low is very important to me. I was about to join at the Silver level in hopes of capitalizing on traffic and sales, however, after reading your review and learning of the in-effectiveness of traffic exchanges and safest, I think perhaps I will find another route to travel. For weeks now, I have purchased small ticket products, only to bombarded and hammered with up-sales. There must be a better way. I just haven’t found it yet. Thanks again. Santy

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good luck with the search Santy. It’s a tough one for sure, but gets easier once you know what you’re looking for :)

  4. Bryce Jackson

    Yes, thanks for this review. I have been entered in their traffic system but did not realize that it is antiquated. Will not join now.

  5. Calley Sprague

    Well, I was considering joining and got into their page with a live presentation where a gentlemen told me to watch a video and after getting redirected back to log in then back to the guy telling me to watch the video again, after trying to do as asked kept getting sent back to the live presentation over and over so I gave up.

    When their system does not work properly it makes their system look flawed, he suggested that I restart my computer.. Laughable. I agree that this guy should not have been the face or voice to convince anyone to join, kept repeating the same thing over and over.

    Thanks for the info,

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the input on World Profit Calley and how annoying is that “live” presentation, lol. Good thing you didn’t join.

  6. James Harkin

    I must say their search engine registration software is utterly pointless. Out of all the hundreds of sites they claim to register your website with there are about 10-15 still active and the majority of those are just different domains for the same search engine.

    This being said in the 1990s when I first came across Worldprofit their products and services were good. Search Engine Registration, Web Mall, Physical Card Deck advertising, a plethora of useful guides as well as Dr. Lant’s great books, which are still useful even today years after they were written.

    Forget what Worldprofit has become. Look for Dr. Jeffery Lant’s books on Amazon, there is still great value there. Especially his ‘Cash Copy’ book.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I’ve actually heard that one of the major issues with World Profit is that a lot of their methods and techniques have become so outdated. I’ve personally never heard of a search engine registration software, but appreciate you pointing it out. Sounds to me like they had some solid services back in the day. Haven’t heard of Dr. Lant either, but will have to check him out.

  7. Alan Turco

    I think the word “Scam” is thrown around too much these days when describing or reviewing business opportunities. This is one example I will respectfully say is the case.

    I had a membership to Worldprofit. Myself, along with many others were attracted to the amount of marketing tools they offered and what looked like fantastic traffic generation strategies, not to mention everything else they offer.

    I will agree their emphasis on traffic generation through the use of safelists and traffic exchanges is a bit antiquated, to say the least. They even suggest to upgrade to them as you can afford to.

    But I have to disagree on a few points, as I have been an actual member for several months, will allowed me to see what it was really all about.

    First thing is, I never got pushed into any upsells, nor did I experience anyone try to get upsold. They most defenitley suggested various extra tools and services to purchase but always with the caveat to purchase only if you can afford them. If you couldn’t, that was fine, you would just need to do more manual work. That is honesty right there. Many in the online world don’t say that to you. They just make you feel like you can’t do without a particular extra product or service.

    So, kudos to them.

    Secondly, you had made the comment of not getting clicks for months. I disagree. I averaged anywhere from 200-1000 clicks a day! All I had to do was what I was told.

    Thirdly, I believe with everything in me, that the owners, Jeffrey Lant, Sandy Hunter and George Kosch, are good honest people who really want to help others succeed. I actually find them to be right up there as the most honest “gurus” online (except for maybe Chris Farrell!).

    The problem I had with them, and my agreement with you Peter, is their emphasis on safelists and traffic exchanges is out of date. The traffic you get from those types of sites is virtually useless. To hinge almost your entire business system and concept on those sites is a huge problem.

    I do think the tools and other services they offer have a huge benefit IF used in the right way. Unfortunately, again, safelists and traffic exchanges are NOT the way.

    I think the other big thing which turned me off is their use of monitors. They pride themselves on using other members as monitors to assist others and to sell memberships. but, and there is no good way to say this: Most of them are creepy as all get out! Some of them should NEVER show their face in front of a camera. They are just plain weird!

    So, there is my take, but I did go off on a tangent, veering off my main point. That point being Worldprofit is NOT a scam. A scam to me means intentionally ripping people off. That is not what they are doing. What they ARE doing is teaching members antiquated traffic strategies. What they should do is update their business model.

    But what they are not is a scam. They just have a way of doing things that may not be the best way, but no one there I believe is scamming folks. They are actually good people. I have spoken with them and I like them. I am just not a member anymore because their business model is not one I believed in anymore.

    I just think we all need to be careful throwing around the word “Scam” as much as we do. At the end of the day, we are all internet marketers – business people trying to be successful and helping others from our hearts (hopefully). Some are direct competitors of others, however at the end of the day, we should all wish each other well and learn from each other.

    In the end, the true scam artists will be exposed anyway.

    Thanks for taking the time out to read.

  8. ebizguy

    Thanks for this review…was in a dilemma to buy worldprofit or not. “Traffic” has always been the headache of online marketing


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