World Ventures Scam Review – Are These Dream Trips Legit?

By | April 28, 2016


Name: World VenturesIs World Ventures a Scam?


Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Price: Gold – $199.99 Membership Fee + $59.99 Per Month

Or Platinum – $299.99 Membership Fee + $99.99 Per Month

Rank: 65/100 – Not Recommended


What Is World Ventures?

I have reviewed quite a few different MLM and network marketing companies out there all offering different products and services to sell. But I’ve never seen anything quite as extravagant as what’s being offered here. World Ventures from the outside almost looks like some kind of dream job, offering all types of vacations and dream trips.

But if we were to take a look at this opportunity more realistically, we would see that this doesn’t really go beyond direct selling, which in-turn could make it feel like we were a travel agent of some sorts. But being able to work on your own and from anywhere in the world really is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Question is, whether an opportunity like World Ventures could really make that happen?

In order to find out, I think the best approach would be to look at the opportunity as a whole and more importantly find out, how we would be getting our targeted customers and how we’d be selling to them. But first, lets look at the different type of membership plans and how much they’re asking from us to get started as a World Ventures representative.


World Venture – Membership Plans

World Venture offers three membership plans that they call DreamTrip memberships that come with the incentive ofWorld Venture DreamTrips getting daily deals and discounts on your own personal trips.

#1. DreamTrips Membership – The most basic membership offered by World Venture that gives you access to a variety of trips you can take with some added travel extras.

#2. DreamTrips Gold – More savings as a gold member, more trip locations, and access to DreamTrips, DreamDays, DreamNights, and VolunTours. The price is a $199.99 initial membership fee + $54.99 per month.

#3. DreamTrips Platinum – Access to hotel upgrades and more exclusive access experienced only at the Platinum Level. The price is $299.99 membership fee + $99.99 per month. 

So the explanation of these different membership plans sound a bit vague. But it’s important to note, that what’s happening here is that these memberships are being offered to both the traveler and person looking to get involved within the MLM business side of things. That is almost always the case with MLMs. They sell you both the opportunity and product or service, despite what you’re interested in.

The membership fee also seems a little bit steep to me relative to the savings you would get as a traveler. A trip to London, England for example would only save you $75, while a trip to Big Sky, Montana saves you $150.

So unless you’re a person who is really big on traveling and does so often, the only reason to look into World Ventures would be for its offered MLM opportunity. Furthermore, the difference between the memberships does not affect overall compensation. It only changes the kind of trips and hotel upgrades that are available to you.


Do You Have a Passion For Travel?

A lot of people might go into this opportunity thinking it can’t be that hard. But to become a successful member of World Ventures is arduous and difficult. It’s nice they give you your own personal website you can use for advertising and convenience purposes.

But when all is said and done, you really need to hunt down the consumers on your own and in addition, not only sell them the trip, but also the opportunity to join this MLM. So you really need to think and consider here, how many individuals will be willing to pay that extra membership fee to get some savings on their travel?Compensation Plan

Unless they’re travel enthusiasts, I’d find it very hard to find the right consumers out there and I think that would be the hardest part of the whole opportunity. The World Ventures compensation plan is just as similar to any other MLM you’d see and it does offer you that recurring, residual, and passive income.

However, in order to make that happen, you need to build a team of people like yourself who either have a passion for travel or an interest in the World Ventures MLM opportunity.

I guess the pro here is the fact you can sell the opportunity as one or the other – as a travel or MLM business opportunity. The downside is no matter the case, the people you would refer will be looking at spending quite a bit of money. The biggest downside of all, as stated, is the fact that getting your own customers in any MLM is the most difficult and arduous task. It is undoubtedly the reason also as to why 95% of those in MLM fail.

If we all had an endless number of consumers and leads on tap then I know there would be a much greater sense of both competition and success in the world of MLM and network marketing. But the simplicity of the tools, methods, and approach with network marketing is not strong whatsoever and I believe the same can be said about the bleakness of the overall training.


World Ventures Overview – Scam Or Legit..

I didn’t write this review to put your hopes down in anyway. My main objective here is to inform you before making a decision you’d regret and before paying $100’s of dollars into an opportunity that you might just end up throwing away.

Thus, it is much better to be informed beforehand, before walking in blindly. I know in my case, I was always on the edge of trying the latest and greatest MLM. There’s just so much hype and excitement, I understand how hard it can be not to.

But the result always tends to be the same… And that is a lack of training, support, and resulting leads to contact. All MLMs seem to want you to do the same thing and that is to target only your close network of individuals, almost as though they only care about their own numbers and success.

But rarely ever, do they teach you the appropriate methods of generating traffic, getting leads, and making constant sales. Their whole outlook on success is to get very large numbers of individuals to do their work for them, despite whether or not they make it in the end.

Nevertheless, I will conclude by saying that World Ventures truly does have a great database of trips and vacations to go on and I appreciate how they only have two or three membership options to choose from. At the end of the day though, I don’t think the high costs of joining this MLM justifies the provided benefits of the opportunity.

I also don’t think you should need to pay to join any direct selling opportunity, whether it be on your own or somewhere outside. If you really have a deep interest for direct selling, I’m sure you can find any job out there willing to provide it to you for free. Only downside to that might be the lack of residual compensation. But you could always go out there and give that a try before having to spend hundreds of dollars on an unknown opportunity with unknown results.


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2 thoughts on “World Ventures Scam Review – Are These Dream Trips Legit?

  1. Poly

    My name is Poly and I’m a WorldVentures member since 2013. What you said for the MLM opportunity /any MLM opportunity/ is absolutely true.
    However, being a traveler with WorldVentures have those advantages:

    1. All the money you pay as a member /the initial fee and the monthly fees/ are given back to you dollar for dollar as traveling points. This points are count as a pre-paid amount of the cost of any DteamTrip you choose to book.

    2. The warranties:
    2.1. When you book a DreamTrip /for you and for as many other people as you choose to travel with you/ you have 7 days from the moment of booking to find the exact same deal wherever on the Internet on a lower price. If you manage to do that, all your money are given back to you, without any deductions, and all the persons from the initial booking are sand to this DreamTrip free of charge.

    2.2. When you book your own travel /airplane ticket, hotel room, rent-a-car, cruise/ you have 24 hours from the moment of booking to find the exact same deal wherever on Internet on a lower price. If you manage to do that, 150 % of the difference in the prices are given back to you in Rovia Bucks /1 Rovia Buck equals 1 US dollar/. With those bucks you can pay for DreamTrips, airplane tickets, hotel rooms, rent-a-cars, cruises.
    So, to be a WorldVentures member as a traveler have its perks and for 3+ years I never had regret that decision.


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