WP Profit Builder Review 2014

By | September 29, 2014
Product Name: WP Profit Builder
Product Website: www.wpprofitbuilder.com
Product Price: $47 for Single Site; 
$67 for use up to 10 Sites; 
$197 for Developer License.


WP Profit Builder Product Overview

Before diving into our WP Profit Builder Review, I would first like to brief you in on what we will be covering. I’ve come up with a list here to help guide you along the way, while reading through the review. This way you’ll be more aware of what is to be expected as you read the many features that we’ll be going over very shortly:

  • What’s offered within WP Profit Builder.
  • If WP Profit Builder is indeed legitimate and whether or not it is a valuable product, free of any sort of scams.
  • How WP Profit Builder can be used and whether or not this product can add value to your online marketing efforts.
  • WP Profit Builders unique integration with other companies and products, and whether or not this can be accompanied by your own legitimate eCommerce store and solution.
  • Finally, an overall conclusion of whether or not WP Profit Builder is worth both your time and money.
    • Ex: Is this product too expensive for what it offers?
    • What type of money back guarantees are included?
    • What are other people saying about WP Profit Builder?

So What is WP Profit Builder?

WP Profit Builder is a tool that allows you to build landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales pages right on the fly. At first thought I really did feel this would be another online scam. Only because of the name, which I felt in first reading was a bit generic, and almost as though I’ve read this title a thousand times before.

However, in writing this review, I found my research had proved me wrong!

(yes, it’s true alright, we actually found another legitimate product!! :0)

WP Profit Builder Business 2014

WP Profit Builder Business 2014

Here is an extensive list of the main creative uses provided by Wordpress ProfitBuilder:

– Optin Pages -Sales Pages – Member Portals – Webinar Pages – Launch Pages – Social Gates  

– Coming Soon Pages – Review Pages – Bonus Pages – Upsell Pages – About Me Pages 

– Local Marketing Pages – JV pages – eCommerce Sites – Your Own Training Series

Using ProfitBuilder On WordPress

After further research I found plenty of useful utilities involved with WordPress profitbuilder.

WP Profit Builder WordPress 2014-09-29

WP Profit Builder WordPress 2014

You will see upon further reading why I found WordPress Profit Builder to be a highly legitimate means to help in “powering up” your website as an affiliate.

For the tools and resources the company offers for a one time fee (contrary to the majority of offerings out there) this has truly proven itself as revolutionary and along the lines of… simply outstanding! 

Now, I’m not exactly sure if it’s the mere fact that the product’s recent existence within the market, as of September 15th, 2014, which caused for a possible result in increased value, or a simple mere coincidence. What I do know is that products like these are literally all over the web, and hence, in order for WP Profit Builder to have been able to stand out the way it does now, by offering the largest amount of value for a small one-time payments works out to be great news for us all!


Who is WP Profit Builder For?

WP Profit Builder Marketers

WP Profit Builder Marketers

I find what WP Profitbuilder delivers to its consumer’s is additionally helpful not simply to a specific set of online marketer’s out there, but literally the whole bunch!! Seriously, this product goes above and beyond in terms of value, and I find it hard for myself to even pass up on.

Despite other great similar products like Lead Pages, WP Profit Builder has found its place within the market by offering an affordable means to highly effective online marketing methods. Not only does it focus on list-building, but even in creation of a simple click, drag, drop e-Commerce store- The on-going usefulness ceases to amaze me!

Now who am I talking about, also referring to who essentially WP Profit Builder can be effectively used by and profited off by the most:

  1. MLM & Network Marketer’s
  2. Affiliate Marketer’s
  3. In addition everyday people looking to make money off the internet, without any website whatsoever!

By the way, if you’re still in need of a website, what are you waiting for?

I’ll be happy to show you the free way to getting onto WordPress – (not those other “blogger, weebly, wix, whatever web building tools.” If you do not have a WordPress Website, you simply haven’t even scratched the surface of the online marketing realm! Nonetheless, it is a must-have these days.)

Here is why WP Profit Builder Proves to Be a Legitimate Tool and Product

-> WP Profit Builder is a tool that has simply eased the process in building capture pages, sales pages, and lead pages!

-> The effectiveness in luring your visitor’s and traffic in by such highly visible features offered within WP Profit Builder allows for great List Building and E-mail marketing.

-> WP Profit Builder has additionally powered up its features by integrating within these pages the many popular and well-known following Autoresponder Softwares:

  1. Aweber
  2. Mailchimp
  3. RapidMailer
  4. iContact
  5. Constant Contact

-> WP Profit Builder has even taken the extra measures into incorporating the highly infamous 1ShoppingCart along with OntraPort (a software I’m not very familiar with).

Moreover, the extra capability of adding WP ProfitBuilder with woocommerce and 1ShoppingCard right into your WordPress website along with the many provided squeeze pages indeed proves this to be a very powerful tool, in regards to building up a good e-mail list, and capturing referrals who you may contact at any point in time!WP Profit Builder WOO Commerce 2014

Nonetheless, I have found WP Profit Builder to be an excellent alternative to other products, such as Lead Pages, Instapages, and many other similar products that simply don’t provide the number of features WP Profit Builder does.

I agree Lead Pages to be an excellent source as well myself, but given the case that WP Profit Builder has place much of its primary focuses on the integration of other more powerful softwares, such as 1ShoppingCart and the like is what I feel allows it to have the biggest distinguishing features of all!

But the biggest WP Profit Builder features and advantages have yet to be sung!

Let’s delve into them now shall we?!

WP PROFIT BUILDER FEATURES! (I’m excited and you?!)

1) You have over 60+ predesigned marketing layouts!WP Profit Builder Review

Notice the term layouts, rather than capture page, or landing page! The reason for this term is actually a simple one.

Wp ProfitBuilder can actually allow you to implement a pre-developed marketing layout right onto your homepage, or any other for that matter, on your own WordPress website!

It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Moreover, we’re not just talking about any kind of bland old marketing layouts, but ones that have been very customized and specialized to your visitors own liking.

2) Even better is your own offered capability to take full control in either creating OR editing any pre-designed layout, page, opt-in, and so forth!

The list seems to go on and on!

As an online marketer I’ve found this to be a must-have addition to anyone’s own marketing suite, as it additionally allows you to avoid the many costs involved with monthly payments and so-forth. This is the first tool I’ve seen so far, where you get the most from your money.

3) So what do we have here for feature #3? Mobile Optimization – Which I find becoming increasingly important, and a feature to be inevitable with future technological products, projects, and services!

Well I’m surprised and excited to see that WP Profit Builder has taken the extra measure in taking well into consideration the use of future mobile device advertising.


WP Profit Builder Mobile 2014


Hence, the pages are specifically designed to allow your visitor’s become well-acquainted with what you have to offer whether they are on a desktop, tablet, or any mobile device!!

WP Profit Builder Mobile 2014

– Last but not least, WP Profit Builder has ensured us that all their offerings are 100% SEO optimized –

also meaning, the meta titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords should all be there before you even upload it right onto your WordPress website or page!

WP Profit Builder SEO Benefits 2014


WP Profit Builder eCommerce: Additional Integrated Features (how lovely!)

WP Profit not only allows for today’s many beneficial eCommerce features to be implemented within their highly-attractive, and convertible, marketing pages, but additionally allows you to “Seamlessly” integrate your own eCommerce store with a simple click, point, and drag option!

Here are some truly outstanding WP Profit eCommerce features you need to take a peek at, I mean it:

-> PayPal! (For easy Payment Processing!)

-> 2Checkout! (Also for individual C.C. Payment Processing & additional eCommerce features!)

-> GoToWebinar! (where’d that pop out from? Looks like the fully-integrated GoToWebinar can additionally allow you to speak with your customers, and help with product and service promotion. Interesting!)

-> WooCommerce! (also is one of the simplest methods today in starting an eCommerce store right from scratch!)


WP Profit Builder Testimonial Reviews & Money-Back Guarantee – Let’s See What Were Looking At:

Let’s see what people are saying about this new all-in-one integrated marketing software!

WP Profit Builder Testimonial 2014-09-29

WP Profit Builder Legit Testimonial by Martin Crumlish (Software Developer)! (2014-09-29)

WP Profit Builder Testimonial 2014-09-29

WP Profit Builder Testimonial by Andy Black! (2014-09-29)

WP ProfitBuilders Money Back Guarantee:

WP ProfitBuilder Risk Free 2014


WP ProfitBuilders Monthly Fee = $0:

WP Profit Builder Money Back Guarantee 2014

WP Profit Builder Money Back Guarantee 2014

 Muy, muy fantastico!

Ooh la la.

WP Profit Builder Overview: What Do You Think?

Looks as though we’ve finally reached the end of our WP ProfitBuilder review!

My final verdict is simply this:

With the absolute elimination of a monthly price and the numerous integrations, WP Profit Builder has made a satisfactory impression on me.

Now is this a product I would use? Yes! The amount of features are numerous and powerful to say the least.

WP Profit Builder Secure Checkout

Whether or not this product is for you is all dependent upon the relevancy of your end goal.

Hence, the question you should be asking yourself is whether this product will help in regards to becoming “the means to an end?”

Will it help speed up your delivery of your goods or offerings?

As a network marketer, will developing more and higher attractive opt-in landing pages and capture pages that you can utilize help you attain those leads?

I’d truly like to think so!

If it is too achieve more customers, more consumer information for list building, more recruits for the latest MLM, or even simply for a more attractive WordPress Niche website, I give this a product a 5/5 without hesitation. Despite their claim of being able to profit right away from their simple click, drag, and drop functionality, I believe one first must be attaining the required website traffic in order to achieve this.

My only reluctance with this product is if you’re still in the beginning stages of online marketing and haven’t yet familiarized yourself yet with WordPress. Then I would probably want to hold off before purchasing a product with so many features. Nevertheless, make sure to keep it on your list for the feature, as I’m sure it can as completely handy to you!

In other words this product has nothing, but my highest recommendation! I say go for it and best of luck as always.


Final Verdict: Legit!!

WP Profit Builder Is Legit!

If you have any experience whatsoever with this product, I’m sure not only me, but the community would love to hear more about your experiences! Please don’t hesitate expressing your thoughts on WP Profit Builder, and whether it’s worth the cost or not. Additionally please feel more than free to prove my review wrong, as I can’t highly guarantee how amazing this product could be without having quite used it yet. Nonetheless, I have heard nothing but stellar reviews and testimonials on this product, and my research has proved it to be worthwhile.

For those looking to get into online marketing, please do allow me to highly-recommend you joining here as a starter Wealthy Affiliate Member. Signing-up is completely free of cost and for the first 7-days you get an awesome 59% discount off your entire monthly membership, which comes down to $19- that’s less than just $1 a day. Nonetheless, the price is overall irrelevant when you get to see the immense value provided within the community. Choose wisely, and do not hesitate in considering my reviews and recommendations I like to think I work hard on day and night almost everyday!

That’s right Wealthy Affiliate has made me into an ethical and loyal marketer, differentiating me from the thousands of penny-pinchers out there who will recommend you anything from A to Z just to grab a few commissions off you. As a Wealthy Affiliate I find 0 reason for doing so, as they have fully-supplemented me with both the necessary knowledge and ability to continue with a highly-legitimate online business, that is only here to stay, for as long as it possibly can! :)

In addition, I’ll be more than happy in giving you two free websites as a bonus, and simple gratitude for taking the time to read and visit my website. I give you all the gratitude that I can!

Thank you for reading my review here at affiliate-sale!

Peter G.

11 thoughts on “WP Profit Builder Review 2014

  1. Pilar

    this looks really good and i been thniking of buying this do u recommend the upsells? also, i have sent support an email like 3 days ago and they have not responded.. how is the support now that you are in? thanks, if u answer i will buy from your link.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Pilar,

      It is really good! I honestly have not bothered with the upsells, but primarily use WP Profit Builder for building out my own review and landing pages. I love the ease and simplicity of being able to create whatever I want, how I want, and its extensive customization features.

      I’ve never had the need to contact support as of yet, but I do know they have a really odd system for it. I believe you can still purchase a $1 14-day trial to get premium access, which I think lets you chat live with one of the owners. Maybe not a bad idea, if you do need it!

      Anyway, regardless of being able to contact support, WP Profit Builder is definitely worth the one-time fee. I have yet to see a product that’s included all these features without having an associated monthly cost.

      In regards to the upsell, that will really depend on your needs. I’m sure they’re of the highest quality as well, and I know one of them lets you download a whole pre-developed website containing menu’s, links, and everything. So I guess if you’re too lazy to build out a website or like what WP Builder has to offer, go for it :)

      Let me know if you have any other questions!



  2. Barry

    Looks to me like Profit Builder has all the right tools to integrate with the other premium tools in the e-commerce world. Bolt on to whatever platform or software you are using, create great looking new pages and off you go!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s exactly right! Thanks for reading this review so thoroughly. Not only does WP Profit Builder allow you to integrate its awesome features and facilities with other tools like aweber and 1shoppingcart, but even allows you to customize the way you want everything to look!! Indeed I found this a must-have product in anyone’s marketing arsenal. Very powerful indeed, and more amazing given just a one-time payment, its awesome!

      Thanks Barry :)

  3. Muriel

    Hi Peter,

    Wow! Such a great review post you wrote here. However, with every review I think any downsides should be discussed as well. Just so readers can see that you’re not working for this company. Other than that, when I have more money at my disposal, I’ll definitely check this one out. Have a great day!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha as much as I totally agree with what you are saying Muriel, I really couldn’t find any downfalls, which is why I give this product a legitimate A+.

      The simple fact there are 0 upsells, a great money-back guarantee policy, a whole arsenal of online marketing tools, along with the ability to integrate everything you create with so many various online marketing tools really had me on the edge of my seat. I truly wish there was some negative sort of aspect I could have found and given to my readers to help justify the legitimacy of this product. But with the one-time payment and all the awesome utilities, I guess the only thing I could say, which I had mentioned in the review is that this might not be the best product for simply unexperienced wordpress users as all the various features may get a bit confusing.

      Anyway thanks again for your great comment and very nice compliments :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Much appreciated!
      Glad you found this to be professional Donna.
      That’s exactly what I’m aiming for these days! ;)

    2. Erdem

      Thank you for posting this. I have a friend who is interested in this but has concerns. Please tell me, how many websites do you get when you pay just the $57? Also, there was one complaint I saw on ripoff report com stating that as soon as the amount was paid, the buyer would be directed to another up-sell video that played and after refusing the 3 up-sells that buyer found out that hosting and a domain needs to be purchased through their company. Can anyone help to alleviate these concerns?

  4. Cathy

    Hi Peter, after I read this article, I follow the link and I am totally amazed by the video demonstration. So many powerful features all integrated just like how we would use WordPress or a photo-editor. Clean interface with dynamic function. Definitely something I would invest in my online business fairly soon. Thank you for introducing this great product!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sure thing Cathy! I have yet to see a WordPress product, with such a great number of amazing helpful features WP ProfitBuilder has! It blows everything else out the water and I find it to eliminate the need for other additional WordPress plugins.

      It’s like having your own WordPress Theme, and then some. Your ability to customize and design everything right off the bat makes it so appealing to me and I absolutely love it!

      Good thing there is a 60 money back guarantee just in case things don’t work out, though I doubt that to be the case.

      I love this product, and truly recommend this: A+! Let me know how it works out for you Cathy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your input!



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