Writing Jobs Online Is a Scam!

By | February 18, 2016

Name: Writing Jobs OnlineWriting Jobs Review

Website: www.writing-jobs.net

Price: $47 membership

Type: Freelance

Rank: 10/100 – Scam

What Is Writing Jobs Online?

Writing-jobs.net is a website that claims to pay you for writing online articles. It tries to act like upwork.com in a way, but there are many differences involved. While you can most-definitely make money writing on the internet, writing-jobs.net won’t be able to help you with that. They make it look as though freelance writing is the easiest thing in the world.

In addition, they almost try and guarantee you this set amount of income for the number of hours that you work. But that is not how freelance writing works. Becoming a proper freelancer means you’ll be working for someone who needs you to write from them on a case to case basis, meaning your writing needs to be up to par with his or her standards.

How Much Is It?

Now here’s the real kicker. Apparently in order for you to “make money writing online,” you need to pay a membership fee, which I find to be fairly odd. More importantly, it claims to include a 7-day free trial, which really isn’t a trial and requires you to enter in your credit card information and pay $1 for those first 7-days. That way they can still charge you $47 per month, even if you decide that you don’t like what they offer. Question is, why should the site make you pay a membership fee when you’re the one looking to earn.. What do they really have to offer?

Claims To Use Huge Corporations

One of the main things that stands out to me here is the fact that they apparently get in touch with huge corporations to get you a new writing job. That would be cool if it were true. But, if we actually head over to another site called onlinenetjobs.com, what we’ll see is the same exact layout of the site, even though.. this site has nothing to do with writing at all, but taking surveys. Isn’t that interesting! Looks like both these sites were created by the same owner to fool people out their money.

Everything looks to be the exact same, from the user testimonials, to the amount paid out, to the calculator at the bottom.. There is almost no difference whatsoever between these two sites. Even when you look at the “three steps use to make money,” all they did was replace the wording. It says “Make money writing is as easy as 1-2-4,” versus ” Make money answering surveys is as easy as 1-2-3.” Well I guess making money online must be really easy then huh.. Wrong.

How To Make Actual Money Online?

Making money through writing is definitely a great idea. I know individuals who make close to a full-time income as online freelancers or are able to really supplement their income. But now that we know writing-jobs.net is a scam, how can you possibly make money through writing?

The way I see it, you have 2 options:

Option #1. Freelancing – Even though writing-jobs.net isn’t legitimate doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate sites out there that can allow you to earn online. Take a look at upwork.com for example. There are thousands of freelancers on there earning money without even having to pay any membership fees. The downside to this is freelancing actually takes a lot of time and work. You also need to constantly make sure that your work is sufficient enough for the person you work for. For the most part, you’re getting paid to write on a per article basis, meaning it can take a whole lot of writing to earn a decent income.

Option #2. Blogging – This is by far my favorite method of making money as a writer and the reason is, not only are you writing for yourself, but you’re creating yourself an asset that can pay off huge dividends for a long-time to come. Unlike freelancing, you’re creating a huge potential for yourself by creating content that will be seen and read for years to come. The ability to make product recommendations is such a powerful way of making money online that I don’t believe it should be ignored by anyone. Click here to see my review on WA!

Well that’s all for my review on writing-jobs.net folks. Make sure to stay away from this one as it’s not going to do you any good. Everything within that site is a total lie and you’ll be a whole lot better off without it.

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