YouGetProfit Review – Is It a Smart Earning Strategy?

By | December 23, 2016

YouGetProfit ReviewProduct: YouGetProfit


Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Membership: Free With Upgrade Options

Rating: 60/100 – Not Recommended


What Is It?

YouGetProfit is a PTC Website. What this stands for is Paid To Click and the way you make money is by clicking and viewing on advertisements promoted by other members.While it’s a good idea in theory to group various advertisers and prospective members onto one site, earnings with YouGetProfit aren’t very high.

In-fact, trying to earn a legit income with this site can be nearly impossible. We can affirm this fact by simply taking a look into how to earn with Similar to the majority of paid to click sites out there, you’re given the option to earn in a number of ways. While the primary method of earning will be on you clicking ads all day, you can also fill out surveys, complete offers, trials, and tasks.


Methods Of Earning Include:

Viewing Advertisements (PTC Wall) – This is where you’ll view the majority of paid to click ads on this site. These ads include:

  • Macro Ads = $.001 in earnings per click
  • Mini Paid To Click Ads = $.001 in earnings per click
  • Special Paid To Click Ads = $$.0015 in earnings per click
  • Paid To Click Ads = $.01 in earnings per click

Offers4All – Includes clicking on PTC Ads, doing quick tasks for earnings, and rewards by doing tasks from SuperRewards and

ClixWall – Another popular PTC method that pays out a very small amount for each ad you click. Basically, it’s an additional ‘PTC Wall’ with more ads for you to click on in exchange for $.0001 in earnings per click. There are also other offers and task you can do, which felt very spammy when I tried filling one out and don’t recommend it at all.

Point Contest – The point contest is a simply way for YouGetProfit to incentivize its members to be more active and become active clickers on the site. These points mainly come from being as active as possible on the site and completing as many offers and trials as possible as well.

Persona Offers – These are more offers and trials that you can fill out, many of which pay in the range of $.20 to $.50 and sometimes more. These offers mainly require you to download apps on your mobile IOS or Android phone. This is probably one of the better ways to earn money on the site, since it actually pays a bit more money and isn’t very hard to do.

OfferToro Offers – More trials, surveys, offers, and more for you to do in exchange for a small earning percentage. These seem to require more work as well as personal details for your earnings to be approved.

Adscend Media Offers – Another earning method I don’t recommend due to having to fill out more of your personal details. Offers sometime include you having to get life insurance quotes and more serious matters that I don’t recommend wasting any time on.

PaymentWall – Earnings mainly include filling out surveys, which are categorized into “Survey Of The Day,” “Highest Paying,” “Easiest,” “Popular,” and “Newest.”

CPALead Offers – Currently leads to a broken page!

CPAGrip Offers – Another page where I couldn’t find any PTC offers to complete.

Paid To Like – Another non-recommended method here offered by YouGetProfit, which pays you to like other peoples Facebook and YouTube Pages. Not only is this wrong to do in the first place, but only pays you $.001 for each like.

PTSU Offers – Paid to sign-up offers is probably one of the better ways to earn a bit of cash on the website, requiring that you sign-up for other peoples site and take some action for a set duration of time. Unfortunately, you still need to do some work here and many of the times, you’ll need to wait up to a week just to be approved for the earnings. Most earnings tend to range between $.10 and $.50 for each sign-up.

So back to the question.. Is YouGetProfit a smart earning strategy? Well let’s take a look. We have plenty of surveys, offers, trials, and ads to click on and complete. But at the end of the day, each one of these tasks take up time. More importantly, they don’t pay enough.

While YouGetProfit does have some higher earnings for each ad you click on than other PTC’s I’ve seen, it still doesn’t justify having to spend hours clicking on ads for such a small amount of cash. While there are pros to this, such as the fact that it is relatively easy way to earn and request a cash out, the cons greatly outweigh the pros.


Renting Referrals

One other issue I want to talk about that not only relates to YouGetProfit, but nearly 90% of every other PTC out there is the rented referral system, which I find to be completely broken. Renting referrals means you pay money up-front so you can “rent” referrals. These referrals who will click on user ads are also the ones who decide to stay on the site or leave and no longer be active.

Basically, it’s a gamble, but the main issue here is that the majority of these referrals go inactive after a day, two, or maybe three. They rarely ever stay and I think it’s important to note, that only one entity comes out on top here… Either the site “YouGetProfit,” or you as the individual renting the referrals.

Almost every single time, it’s the individual who loses. Finding some kind of secret renting referral strategy, is therefore pointless. The only BIG PTC out there that does not incorporate this scheme-like technique is ClixSense, which I find to be one of the more legitimate paid to click sites out there.


Direct Referrals

Direct referrals on the other hand, is a much more appropriate strategy to use when using any PTC. These are the referrals you “directly” bring onto the site and are completely yours. No one controls them and more importantly, you’re not paying to rent them out.

This would be your best bet at earning anything close to worthwhile with The hard part is finding these direct referrals in the first place who’d be interested in staying active on the site and don’t mind the low earnings associated with PTC’s.



Last but not least, we have the advertisers of YouGetProfit. These are the guys that are fueling this PTC and keeping the site alive. Without it, no revenue would be coming into the site and there would be no advertisements for you to click on. Advertising is thus, the essential piece to YouGetProfit.

Those with money to spend might find some use with this avenue, but this will all depend on the kind of offers and promotions you’re running and how you’re running them. You won’t always find any luck with it since the majority of the site is completely filled with one advertisement or offer after the next.


Here’s a Breakdown of YouGetProfits Advertising

Paid To Click Ads: $2.50 for 1,000 credits.

Static Banner : 728 x 90 banner space and $25 to have your ad on the site for 1 day.

Login Ads:  468 x 60 banner space and $2 to have your ad on the site for 1 day.

Paid To Sign Up Offers (PTSU): 10 PTSU Credits for $2.

Pay Per Click Banners: Instead of being charged for a banner space, you are charged for each time someone clicks on that banner. In this case, you’ll receive 100 credits (or clicks) for $5.


Pros Of YouGetProfit:

  • Easy way to begin earning small amounts of cash.
  • Advertising is decently priced.
  • Good variety in ways to earn.
  • Been running since 2013 with over 60,000 members.


Cons Of YouGetProfit:

  • No real long-term potential.
  • Earnings are way too low.


YouGetProfit Overview

Even though YouGetProfit has a had a decent 3 year track record, nothing will change the fact that this is a PTC at heart. As much as I want to give them a good effort for trying and allowing individuals like yourself to begin earning with the site, I simply can’t see any long-term potential.

You’re not exactly trained right on how to bring in direct referrals to the site and the rented referral system is simply broken. More importantly is the fact that its PTC ads only pay out a fraction of a penny. While earnings are actually much greater than most other PTC’s out there, it still isn’t enough.

I think just as important though is the fact that the site does not accept PayPal withdrawals, which tends to be the most significant payment processor to date. The only way to receive payouts are through Payza, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin.

So the options to receive money there are definitely limited. Unless you truly know how to work a PTC and bring in quality referrals who you can also stay in touch with, and help out, then I don’t recommend using any PTC as a method for earning online.

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