Young Living MLM Opportunity – Scam Or Legit?

By | May 24, 2016

Name: Young LivingYoung Living MLM Opportunity


Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Price: Varies – Starter Packs Between $45 – $260

Rank: 35/100 – Not Recommended


About Young Livings MLM Opportunity

Young Living is a multi-level marketing opportunity that was founded way back in 1993 by Donald Gary Young. Their product line consists of oils and home products, which are distributed and sold by 1,000’s of their own recruited independent distributors. For each product they sell and for each person they recruit into their downline, these distributors have a chance of making commissions.

In other words, Young Living operates on a hierarchal structure that depends on the number of people you recruit and the sales quota being met. By 2016, Young Living made its mark as one of the largest oil selling companies in the world, selling nearly $1 billion worth in products in its prior year.

But does that mean Young Living is an opportunity you should get involved with? From a beautifully structured website to an attractive compensation plan, there is still one major issue that remains within the Young Living opportunity and that is the fact that the people at the top of the ladder are the ones actually profiting. This is a company that relies on large numbers to do their heavy lifting for them.


Young Living Membership Plans

What’s interesting is that you can’t see the price of joining or the price of the various starter kits, until you’ve become a Young Living member. You can actually become a member of Young Living in one of three different ways.


The first is by becoming a Young Living customer:

It’s actually good to see that despite being an MLM company they offer you the ability of simply buying the products without becoming a distributor. Dong so, means you don’t have to pay any membership costs, and you can simply buy the products at retail value with tax and shipping.


The second is by becoming an Independent Distributor as a customer:

Young Living Business OpportunityBy joining as an Independent Distributor, you are required to purchase any one of the starter kits
with a 24% discount.

I think they use this as a way to get customers into the door of the opportunity. The kits range in price from $45 to $260. The main requirement to keep your membership active is purchasing a minimum of $50 per year in Young Living product.


The third is by becoming an Independent Distributor as a business:

Now this consists of the main opportunity that can be found with Young Living and is the one we really want to focus on. It’s the membership being used that can allow you to purchase these products at wholesale pricing with the intent of making an income with Young Living. Here you are also required to purchase a starter kit.

The main difference here however, is that in order to be eligible for payment you need to maintain $100 a month in your own personal volume. Feel free to disagree, but to me that is a lot of money being spent on an opportunity, unless you are really pushing that kind of volume each and every month. It’s probably also the main reason as to why Young Living was able to manage nearly $1 billion worth in products in 2015.


My Thoughts On Young Living

I really dislike how the company pushes you into making this mandatory $100 monthly purchase in PV without even knowing whether you’ll sell the products or not. That kind of policy does not help or benefit individuals who’ve just started out with their MLM opportunity. It makes it a lot harder to trust Young Living and it takes away from knowing whether or not they truly have their best interest at heart.

To me it seems like their main motive is to get their products out there (whether it be through its customers or independent distributors) and make as much money as they can with less focus on how the majority of the independent distributors are performing.

And that’s because this is a very hard job to get into. It’s hard to sell these products on your own, without any sort of retail front and especially without any kind of online presence. Even in that case it’s hard to find the right group of people who are truly interested in not just Young Living products, but also in joining this opportunity and in your downline.

Not only do you have to focus on yourself and your own performance, but of your downlines as well. You want to keep the people you recruit to stay in the Young Living opportunity and not leave you out to dry.

And in order to do that, they need to be making money and sales as well, right? So not only are you building a business here for yourself, but you must help and assist each individual in your downline as well (assuming you’ve made it that far). That’s why an MLM such as Young Living does have that potential of making a large income, but in order to do that you must be networking day and night.

No one is saying that it’s impossible, but in reality, this is more than just a full-time job. If you wanted to make something out of Young Living, you’d have to look at this opportunity like building your own company from the ground up. Personally, MLM isn’t something I get involved with because the chances of failure are too high. You need to perfect every little thing from your business strategy to your recruitment process to building both an online and offline presence. It truly is a heck of a lot of work.



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