Youtube Keyword Tool No Results? I Know What You Mean

By | September 20, 2014

YouTube Keyword Tool’s Disappearance! What Now? 

Have you been creating optimized YouTube video’s lately utilizing YouTube’s own keyword research tool only to find out that the tool has completely disappeared!

Well here is one of my new favorite youtube keyword tool alternatives that when used alongside a tool like Jaaxy can prove immensely useful in giving you all the necessary keyword research data.

In addition, Jaaxy provides its own keyword video tutorials to give you all the keyword help you need for free, which I found to be very nice.

Additionally, you can find the results of your keyword rank after having been implemented, which I’ve also found useful!

The Free Youtube Keyword Tool!

YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative: 750 Keyword Suggestions 2014

YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative: 750 Keyword Suggestions

Youtube Keyword Tool No Results Error: A Good Alternative

Despite the sudden disappearance for people like myself who relies on such a tool to gain more visitors and daily traffic to my website, the good news is that there is an alternative solution.


YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative: 750 Keyword Suggestions 2014-09-20 22-40-59 2014-09-20 22-41-02

A great free google YouTube keyword tool for video SEO purposes:

Reasons Why I Like This Youtube Keyword Tool:

  1. Provides keywords for multiple languages.
  2. Combines a 2-in-1 powerful Google and YouTube keyword tool.
  3. Utilizes research suggestive to what people are searching a normal everyday basis (also referred to as, the Alphabet Soup Technique)
  4. Allows 750 various Google and Youtube keywords for every given search term.
  5. Makes a fair distinction between the popular keywords being searched on Google vs. Youtube. Thus, making media optimization more effective.
  6. Utilizes YouTube’s autocomplete keyword feature to see what’s being searched most often.
  7. Has a unique ability of generating popular niche-related long-tail keywords. Also, very easy to use while on the go.


Reasons Why I Dislike This Youtube Keyword Tool:


YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative: 750 Keyword Suggestions 2014-09-20 22-45-30 2014-09-20 22-46-41

  1. Difficult, almost impossible to assess your keyword rank competition.
  2. Having no clue where your keyword optimized video will rank on what page.
  3. The inability to check your keyword ranking; something I’ve found Jaaxy to do very well.
  4. Lack of features and not enough information overall to gain as high-powered keyword information.
  5. Huge lack in obtaining basic keyword information, such as # of monthly searches alone, which tends to be missing.
  6. Very similar to, if not any different.

How To Add Even More Power To Your Keyword Research:

By utilizing or ubersuggest along with Jaaxy you’ll find a way of gaining the best possible leverage when utilizing your keywords within your meta title and descriptions.

In addition, Jaaxy’s flawless estimation of exact competition for each keyword makes keyword research somewhat of a breeze!

free youtube keyword tool - no results


Jaaxy’s Keyword Tool & Media Optimization:

When utilizing Jaaxy make sure to choose a keyword with lowest # of competition and highest searches. Jaaxy will provide a summation of all the important keyword metrics grouping together the keywords to use and the keywords to avoid through its distinguished Keyword Power Indexing system.

Once you have your keywords evaluated, it’s from there, nothing but a simple process of deciding which keyword best fits your media or content, and what makes the most sense in terms of relevancy.

Keyword research is not only inevitable for the ranking of content writing and posts, but also for your media: both images and video!

What is Jaaxy SEO power?

Essentially it is a metric that will tell you your chance of ranking as the first post, on the first page of Google. Therefore, you’ll never want to ignore a Jaaxy keyword with 100 SEO power  as that guarantees you found a winning 1st place keyword.

Nonetheless, it is why I really love Jaaxy. I’ve found this tool to be more superior than any other when trying to rank well. Jaaxy and ubersuggest do not only give you ideas, but together gives you all the awesome answers needed to rank any content you want to on Google.

Before I used Jaaxy, I would solely rely upon Google’s keyword planner. Unfortunately, I found none of my content or even media ranking whatsoever. Even over the course of a few months, which was when I began realizing it was the strength of my keyword research that made all the difference in what would rank, and what would never even begin to see daylight.

Hence, the power of with or, is essentially a double-edged sword, which should not go unnoticed for online marketer’s like myself!

12 thoughts on “Youtube Keyword Tool No Results? I Know What You Mean

  1. Hamayon

    Peter I did not knew about the alternative keyword research tool for YouTube that you have mentioned here, it seems like a great tool, thanks for sharing this with us :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s awesome Kenzie! MUST say I love, love Jaaxy as well and have no idea where this website would ever be without it, I agree it is a must-have tool for any keyword researcher enthusiasts out there :)

  2. Jennifer

    I really enjoy coming to your site, you always find the most useful tools. I have never heard of Youtube keyword tool before. I learned something new today! I will half to check it out. I really like and recommend Jaaxy for all your keyword research, but I find your site very informative. Thanks again, I will check out Youtubes keyword tool.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha I sure do Jennifer, don’t I?
      Only playing! But on a serious note, finding tools, especially when it comes down to keyword research, I personally find it hard to leave
      a product “un-reviewed” or rather unnoticed.
      Keyword Research literally is the “Key” to proper online marketing, and without these tools, which we should be all so grateful for, I wouldn’t
      find myself here today, with the awesome ability to converse with people like yourself and show you my various experiments with all the latest
      and greatest technological tools!

      Nonetheless, I am very happy to hear your enjoyable discovery of my website. Though I know this is not your first time here, I’m once again grateful
      for your initial arrival, in which I hope to see you more often!

      Many thanks for your contributions to this website and the best of luck to you with your website keyword research.
      If you have any questions, I believe you know where to find me ;)


  3. Evelynb

    Hey Peter,

    I found Jaaxy to be the best keyword tool out there. It does help you find the right keyword to use to help you build a solid business. Great Aricle. Thanks!

    1. Peter G. Post author


      The pleasure is all mine!!

      Thank you for your compliment. As for the article, I spent a fair amount of time writing and editing as usual, so I am happy and pleased you could contribute with your comment given your very busy schedule!


  4. John

    So I was thinking about doing some Youtube marketing as well, but Im not too sure if this tool exists. So did it disappear or is it still available? Better yet, what do you recommend?

    1. Peter G. Post author


      To answer your question, yes the youtube keyword tool that was once in existent, by Google is no longer available. However, I’ve found 2 great alternatives to help you in your media title and tagging optimization.

      The first one would be utilizing:,, or even Soovle could work just as well in giving you some great keyword ideas.

      With that said, I recommend Jaaxy as a #1 alternative, as stated in the post.

      What I love about Jaaxy, is its overall simplicity in finding the necessary keywords needed to rank for either both youtube media, and blog posts as well. With Jaaxy, you simply type the website in your toolbar, get your highly recommended keywords, and you’re good to go!

      (No software download necessary like Market Samurai and other more professional keyword tools)

  5. Patti Mays

    Hi Peter. I have to tell you that I LOVED this post. So incredibly helpful! I didn’t know a thing about this You Tube keyword tool. I haven’t watched the video yet but I’m on my way as we speak. THANK YOU! I love your posts. (PS I’m “Sugarbird” from WA). :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey there Sugarbird!

      It’s great to see you on the site. I’m glad my latest keyword research post has helped you.

      It’s always nice to find the newest resources and tools on the web simply to share with others!

      There’s no reason to hold back any quality information from my visitors, more importantly my WA colleagues :)

      Best of luck,


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