Zapable Review – Creating Mobile Apps In 60 Seconds Or Less!

By | April 3, 2015

Name: ZapableZapable mobile apps scam review 2015


Owners: Andrew Fox and Chris Fox

Price:   Starter – $39/Month or $297/Year

Master – $97/ Month or $997/Year

(Early Bird Special for $39/Month!)

Rank: 50/100 – Not Legit (updated 9/7/2016)

Very recently I stumpled upon a new website called Zapable. It stood out as being unique with a lot of awesome features. After learning it could be a method and way to begin making money online, I couldn’t resist but to immediately begin my research.

What Is Zapable?

Zapable was launched as a way to attract business owners and potential tech saavy individuals into creating new cloud-based app softwares (although, because of its drag-and-drop, tech saavy is not required!). While there are surely a wide number of benefits included with the use of Zapable, it does seem like a overly far-fetched way for any random individual to begin using it as a new earning solution.

Thus, there are both major benefits and major drawbacks when using Zapable, which I find its use to greatly depend on the purpose of the individual.

The following Zapable review should hopefully give you a better gist of whether Zapable is the right product for you, or not.

Zapables App Builder Features

Zapable is a product solely committed to the creation of building new apps, which is something I find can help simplify the build and creation of a new idea.

The first item I’d like to cover are its extensive number of features:

#1 – Build instant Amazon and iTunes StoresZapable mobile apps scam review 2015

#2 – Add Podcasts

#3 – Social Media: YouTube Videos, Facebook, and Twitter

#4 – Static Pages

#5 – Instagram Feeds

#6 – Local Business Apps

#7 – Affiliate Marketing Apps

#8 – Viral Apps

#9 – Push Button Notifications

#10 – Appointment Forms

Zapable Benefits

Usually when I notice a product that gives me a feeling of too many over-exaggerated claims, that’s usually the first thing I’ll bring up in a review. But, in this case, Zapable has proven to come out with a wide number of benefits, that can allow any ordinary human being to begin creating an app.

Zapable benefits are endless, but the biggest ones are:

#1 – Helping out local businesses

#2 – Creating an affiliate marketing app

#3 – Creating your own social media Fan Page app

The best feature of all though, is the ability to create an app alongside your current business.

Thus, I find Zapable to be much more beneficial to those with a business already in place. So if you have a blog, an affiliate marketing business, or even a local brick and mortar business, Zapable can really increase your consumer base.

In regards to using Zapable as a way to create a newly innovative app to be released to the market, like Snap Chat, Tinder, or something to suddenly help you create millions, is something I find better not to fantasize over.

In my opinion, Zapable is much better suited to someone who is looking to add and use an additional asset and service for a better user experience. This in the long-run will undoubtedly help with your business’ ROI, trust worthiness, consumer satisfaction, and facilitate communication.

It will work as a reminder for the consumer, with the knowledge they can come to your business at any time, for a specific need. It can be used to send out reminders, certain promotions, and to even send out a daily coupon.

Who wouldn’t want a simple free app for your business that could help to potentially benefit them in a number of ways?

With Zapable you can allow your imagination to run wild, increase your business’ profitability, and help to benefit small local business compete with the larger business market empires.

Zapable is the type of product that can be compared to an e-mail autoresponder in regards to its wide number of benefits.

Like sending out automated messages to your subscribers, an app can be created as a daily reminder. For someone with a blog, they could consistently update their daily posts. I have seen many number of similar apps to this and have found I personally use them in my spare time to catch up on their latest relevant news.

Zapable Disadvantages

The biggest con I found with Zapable is its claim as to how simple it is for any one to tap into this new niche and way of creating an online income.

Personally, I don’t find it to be a very viable method on its own, to begin creating a full-time income. I think in regards to getting the proper traffic, and then finding proper ways to monetize it can be a huge challenge.

Thus, there are so many better and more feasible ways you can start earning as an affiliate online. Zapable on its own, standing on its own two feet as your primary business, will take a lot of effort, testing, and patience. Because there are too many factors included, the result of your success, is much too hard to predict. Additionally, it is important to get a better grasp on how online marketing works, as it will become a greatly relevant aspect to your performance.

Here is a step-by-step training I recommend!

Think about how you would start getting traffic, let alone building the app using your new idea. Let alone, beginning to build the app on its own, and adding daily content to it.

Even once you begin to get traffic to your app, you will have to make sure it is something people will want to keep, and not immediately delete. Individuals today are growing evermore cautious with the apps they keep on their smartphones, because of the very fierce competition.

How many times have you personally downloaded a 1-star app?

Therefore, in order to ensure the success of your Zapable app, this won’t turn out to be some overnight creation and success. Your Zapable app will need to inspire and consist of more than just a good idea.

It will need to contain one of two things:

#1- Plenty of great content.

#2- A desired purpose.

Whether it be for entertainment, a way to save money, it should accomplish itself as a real genuine solution to a problem.. And one, that hasn’t already been taken!

When it comes to monetization, you may need to think long and hard on this one.

Zapable mobile apps scam review 2015

How will your Zapable App make you income?

Are you going to depend on $ .01 cent adsence clicks!

Or.. are you going to focus on building an Amazon niche store, which may after all not work out so well. By deciding on this, you will have a better idea as to how much traffic and how many unique visitors you’ll need daily.

Zapable mobile apps scam review 2015

Last but not least, you will need a very strong marketing plan that will get you traffic. Because without the proper traffic, you have no way of earning. People need to see your app, download it, keep it, and use it. It does not matter how many apps you create, as long as you have created one that is outstanding.

Price – How Much Is Zapable..?

Another issue at hand here has to do with the cost of using Zapable.

For every app you create, you can’t simply expect to offer it on the app store for free. You’ll need to pay a yearly fee, which I believe is around $97 for the Apple store, and a bit less, for iTunes. For Google Play and its app store, you’ll be required to pay a $25 fee payable.

Thus, another important consideration is understanding how long it will potentially take you for recuperating the costs, if that happens to be of importance to you.

In regards to pricing, Zapable does not come cheap:

#1 – Starter: $39 per month or $297 per year.

#2 – Master: $97 per month or $297 per year <– Early Bird Special For $39/Month!

Zapable review : Cost and pricing






Main difference between the two is with starter you will lose capability of integrating and building various social media applications, menus, appointment schedules, opt-in lead forms, and even Amazon catalogues.

Also with starter you can only build up to a maximum of 25 applications, and with master, a maximum of 50 applications.

Zapable Training Academy!

Another awesome feature and add-on with Zapable is its provided Affiliate Training Academy, which involves step-by-step instructional videos instructions and PDF, showing you how to start making money with Amazon, Facebook Local Business, and Affiliate Marketing.

I personally find this to be an excellent and very necessary add-on and feature, giving you better insight into how the app market works. Having a strong proper marketing plan in place is highly inevitable to make this work.

In addition, Zapable provides weekly live webinars for its consumers, which is such a great necessity for live customer support!

Zapable Overview – Legit.. Or Scam?

To conclude, Zapable offers a mix of both extensive, feature rich capabilities, that can be usZapable mobile apps scam review 2015ed as a great way to deliver an additional add-on to your business. By offering a better customer service experience, and ability to communicate daily, you can leverage sales and popularity.

Because of the tremendous work and effort involved in the creation of this product, Zapable gets a great rating from me.. Obviously not anywhere near as good as Wealthy Affiliate, but that’s a different story. With Wealthy Affiliate, you just can’t go wrong, and can be used by anybody to start creating a full-time income. While Zapable is much more tailored to certain targeted individuals, making it harder to use as some kind of immediate income source.

Can you imagine how much more powerful Zapable would be alongside an online marketing business like Wealthy Affiliate!

Verdict: LEGIT!

Rank: 83/100

When it comes to looking how to make money with Zapable as a standalone product and business, is something I don’t agree with. Unless, it is being used as a long-term business project or to test an idea out with. Nevertheless, Zapable has really proven its usefulness, and its release alone has helped to raise the bar of potential, for so many online marketers.

The benefits, the features, and the app market place provides for a new level and field of opportunity for any sole entreperneur. Last of all, the amount of money you’d be saving from having to hire a developer to fulfill your needs is pretty gigantic.

By using Zapable, you can customize your newly developed app and user experience in any which way you want.. Sweet!


6 thoughts on “Zapable Review – Creating Mobile Apps In 60 Seconds Or Less!

  1. Danny

    I bought Zapable and can tell you there are a lot of errors in the program the helpdesk is trying todo their best but they promising alot and you still have to wait for their advertised new features.

    They also if you complaining at there forums you don’t get answers but they delete the message in their forum aswell. I bought the product they advertised with all the new features but guess what? They NOT there. I know they help you fixing simple errors you got throught email, but sometimes you have to wait for 2 weeks.

    There are a lot of other platforms out there they looking much better than Zapable. With Zapable you can’t make nice and graphical good looking apps if you compete with other platforms. I regret I bought the software the only thing they saying for months now be patient the upgrade will come they promising a lot but payments still continuing and then the year is over and than you need to start paying again $297 it’s a beta software with lots of errors.

    Look at their forum it’s almost dead in there. I know you earn commission for your affiliate link but you need to tell how it is, if you don’t bought the software.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      We all learn from our experiences Danny and am glad you’ve found better programs to suit you. There are actually no affiliate links in this post regarding Zapable nor am I trying to promote Zapable in anyway. But is a post that I should definitely have another look at and re-evaluate. Thanks for bringing up your points on Zapable as they are something I will definitely be considering.

  2. Cassandra Salmond

    We would like to meet w/ a Zapable representative as we’re 4 programmers looking to invest in this product.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry Cassandra, I’m not actually a Zapable representative, lol. Just someone whose reviewed the product. If you want to get in touch with them or their support team, I’d recommend visiting the Zapable website.


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