Ziggy Ads Review – Is It a Smart Investment?

By | August 25, 2015

Name: Ziggy AdsZiggy Ads Review

Website: www.ziggyads.com

Type: HYIP

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

Ziggy Ads is an HYIP and revenue sharing service that makes another attempt at pooling funds from individuals to use to pay members off with. It uses what’s called advertisement packs that have been renamed in this case to ‘Ziggy Shares.’ The way it works is very simple, but it’s the results that can’t always be relied on.

How Much Is It?

Each Ziggy Share can be purchased at $20 per share using Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money. PayPal is not accepted. For every ad pack that you buy, you get 1000 banner and text ads and a profit sharing position that pays you an additional $1.60 upon expiration.

So each $20 share will therefore expire at $21.60 and can be used to either withdraw, or repurchase another position. There is also a maximum of 400 positions per individual that can be purchased.

This equates to a maximum investment of $8,000. In addition to the $1.60 in profit mentioned before, once your adpack re-cycles through the system, you can get a maximum earning of $32.00. So it is likely that you could end up walking away with more than $1.60 in profit per each adpack.

How It Works?

There are plenty and I mean plenty of ad revenue sharing services on the internet, but that doesn’t mean they’re legit. For the most part, many of these products tend to hide their true objectives. In this case, what you are really doing is you’re purchasing advertising services and not so much the adpacks. That’s more of a side benefit if you will of your purchase. Therefore, the earnings are never guaranteed and very volatile. In addition, no purchase you make can ever be refunded.

By doing so, it makes companies like Ziggy Ads look as though they are selling you an advertising service, rather than a position into a ponzi scheme. Many people may try and argue and convince me otherwise.. That’s until the company ends up shutting down and almost all of them do. There will be a lot of individuals who never see a dollar come again. Some people will leave in profit and others won’t. It all depends on when you get in, how much you invest, and how long Ziggy Ads is able to last.

In order for the program to sustain, there must be new members coming in at all times. This is because all of the money being paid out to older members are done so by the investment of the newest individuals. And that’s what this term “cycling” is really all about.

There is really no such thing as an ad pack you are purchasing. It’s not a stock or anything of that nature. All it is, is a position in line to get paid by other members. This is illegal and as a result, holds many consequences.

First of all, this type of business is possibly one of the riskiest to get involved with. Ziggy Ads could face getting shut down at any moment. They may even do it themselves if they see there’s not much more profit for them to be made. In that case, members won’t be too happy. Second of all, no one really uses it for the advertising services and as a result are very ineffective in this case.

Ziggy Shares Overview – Scam Or Legit..?

For the time being, they are likely to pay out and on time. But take into account, that companies like Ziggy Ads require a large starting capital and investment for anything substantial to be made and will also take a lot of time and patience to recoup those earnings and make a real profit.

At that time, it’s important to hope that the company does not end up shutting down and that they do honor your withdrawal requests. I have seen many and I mean many companies that will end up not paying out an individual or even responding to their support tickets.

My hope is that you can and will find a way to make money online.

Just not through HYIP and revenue sharing. It’s not regulated by anyone or anything and is literally seen as a ponzi scheme today. I know people want to believe that it is legit and it is real. While it’s true, the earnings in the beginning are very real, so will be the fact when they shut-down and stop paying out members. It just won’t be possible, unless there are members consistently coming in and making more and more deposits.

Personally, I’ve used many HYIP’s in the past. I had my ups and downs, but when it came down to it, I just knew that I couldn’t make a real and genuine income with it. I won’t lie, it was kind of fun as a hobby.. But in terms to making a more substantial income I could consistently relied on, I turned to affiliate marketing. Since that day, I have yet to take a look back!

Thank you for reading this Ziggy Ads Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.


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