Top 100 Best Websites For Content Promotion 2017

By | April 27, 2017

Are you looking for the best websites to promote your content? Before you answer, make sure to scroll to the top and bookmark this page. I can’t tell you how helpful it is just to have a list of sites to reference back to. As some of the best sites I’ve found for content promotion ideas, I hope it’ll become a valuable resource for you as well that you can reference back to over and over again. Without further or due, here are our top 100 content promotion strategies and websites for 2017 and a number of ways to help give your content the exposure it deserves!

100 Content Promotion Ideas

1. Share content on LinkedIn.

Even though it is considered to be geared towards career professionals, it’s also a very nice community to hold a discussion on a topic. Sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn in relevant discussions is all you need to do here. People commenting on your LinkedIn posts will further help to add value to your online content.

2. Share tweets on Twitter.

Some say that one of the most effective Twitter strategies is to tweet 15 times a day. That tends to lead in the most engagement and there are a whole lot of other improvements you can make to your entire twitter strategy. Consider the use of hashtags, tweeting at optimal times of the day, testing the use of images, and perfecting your messages.

3. Create a page, group, or share status updates on Facebook.

Facebook ads is another great strategy to try. There has been lots of reported success with that lately. Most importantly is to create a community and group with share-worthy content that also garners lots of followers.

4. Create & share your own images on Pinterest (consider your own group board as well).

This is a strategy I’ve tried and had some success with. In order to garner the power of Pinterest, you must have a very well thought out plan beforehand. Getting accustomed to Pinterest and doing it right further takes some time, but can be worth it in the long-run.

5. Create images and share status updates on Instagram.

A great option if you’re a one man show.

6. Get more shares and exposure on social media by building tribes on Triberr.

What Is Triberr? Triberr is made up of tribes, or groups of people who are in a similar niche and write on the same topics. Anyone can join a tribe by finding one to follow. In these tribes, members share their posts and engage with the posts of others. This leads to a tribe or community full of content with an increase in activity, shares, and engagement.

7. Submit content to communities like BlogEngage.

What Is BlogEngage? Blog Engage is a community of bloggers who share articles together on an array of categories of everything you can think of. These articles you submit however, are read and voted on by its users. Enough votes allows the article to become a published story on BlogEngage.

8. Submit content to communities like TribePro.

9. Share content and blog posts on BizSugar.

Consistently posting on a blog aggregator website like BizSugar is most-likely your best bet for getting traffic from this portal. But it’s far from a bad idea and even free to do. The better content you have to promote, the more votes you’ll find your content is receiving from BizSugar.

10. Share content on Google+ and relevant communities.

What better way to promote your content than on Google Plus itself. Utilize it correctly and you could be seeing faster indexing and consistent traffic coming your way.

11. Share Pinterest-like content on “Gentlemint.”

If you’re looking for a Pinterest network, but for men, try Gentlemint. It has a much more masculine appeal than Pinterest ever will, which is good news if your site is geared more towards the male crowd.

12. Sponsor posts on all social media outlets.

The other option for sharing posts on social media is by paying for that content to be promoted. Test out various channels to see which method is most effective for you.

13. Use PPC or Pay Per Click to drive additional traffic.

Pay Per Click can be an affordable and effective method for driving additional traffic. Just make sure you’re not running through your budget and that you’re getting some kind of ROI. Popular PPC networks include Adwords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini.

14. Promote paid content on Outbrain.

Another PPC alternative and method.

15. Promote paid content on Taboola.

Another PPC alternative and method.

16. Promote paid content on AdBlade.

Another PPC alternative and method.

17.Promote paid content using native ads on Shareaholic.

Another PPC alternative and method.

18. Curate content with and recommend your story to others. is what I found to be one of the more professional networks for sharing content and a highly effective one as well. Share your story, or topic, on your wall and curate your wall with posts from other members. Once you’ve curated posts and have your profile setup, it’s time to find other individuals to promote your story to. If they like your recommendation, they’ll in-turn share that story on their own wall for their followers to see. Plenty of great potential with when used correctly.

19. Curate content on

Another content curating system that allows you to attract and build new relationships by sharing your content with the right audience. will allow you to create and establish a great online presence by allowing you to create your own online newspaper curated with your own content and that of others.

20. Share content and news stories to a social bookmarking site like Digg.

Also focused on content curation, Digg allows you to contribute the best and most talked about news stories created on the internet. So make sure the story or blog post (and blog title) you are submitting is great!

21. Submit blog posts and content to additional bookmarking sites like AllTop.

AllTop is considered to be an “online magazine” with more topics and content categories than you could ever think of. For each specific category, AllTop features the 5 most recent articles from a website within that niche. Definitely a nice way to get your website noticed.

22. Share new pieces of content where people can explore on StumbleUpon.

A content sharing network that allows you to share pages from your website onto StumbleUpon. Users will see your content and get a chance to vote on whether or not they like that page. Higher votes translates into greater visibility and more traffic. If you have the kind of content that you think a random viewer would be interested in, then this is the network for you.

23. Share random pieces of content on Tumblr.

The best network for sharing random pieces of content. Also, a great way to get creative with your posts on Tumblr and a very easy strategy for beginners to use.

24. Create a magazine and share stories on Flipboard.

If you’ve always wanted to create your own magazine full of your content and others, then you need to try Flipboard. The better your magazine turns out, the more notice it will receive by users and the more traffic, all the content in your magazine will receive. If you’re looking to put a twist on your content promotion strategy and have a bit of fun doing so, Flipboard is an awesome option for content promotion.

25. Join niche-related discussions on Quora.

If you love getting into debates, discussions, or even just love to help people, Quora is the perfect spot for you. I’ll admit, there’s this whole aspect of content creation here and drafting really long, high-quality responses. But, as long as you’re providing quality help to much needed answered questions, you’ll find a lot of success when using Quora consistently (and not for promotional purposes).

26. Help people in your niche by becoming active on Yahoo Answers.

One traditional way of promoting your content was by logging onto Yahoo Answers and helping individuals out, just as you might on Quora. It’s a good way to get more visibility and traffic to your website and an alternative to Quora.

27. Use BuzzSumo to find influencers in your niche.

Finding influencers to promote your content for you is possibly one of the most strongest methods when it comes to content promotion. BuzzSumo greatly facilitates the step when finding influencers by easily finding prospects in your niche. BuzzSumo allows you to easily create a list of influencers you can always reference back to when needed.

28. Use BuzzStream to create additional relationships.

Another influencer outreach platform, similar to BuzzSumo.

29. Use BuzzBundle to find online discussions to join in your niche.

30. Share tech-related content on Hacker News

Whether your website is on hacking or technology, Hacker News is a great place to promote your tech-related content. Sharing content on Hacker News is very easy to do and the sign-up process couldn’t be simpler. It has started out as an open-source test project with minimal rules to follow and seems to be moving along well.

31. Share additional tech-related content on

Very tech-oriented web directory that is similar to Hacker News. If you’re niche is in the tech industry, this would be a great way to quickly and efficiently get your content out there.

32. Share the best products, content, and tech websites on Product Hunt.

If you have a physical product or service you want to get out there, then Product Hunt is a fantastic way of doing so. This is especially true if what you’re looking to do is get some visibility or recognition of a new app.

33. Create a channel and build a subscriber base on YouTube.

If creating videos is something you can envision yourself doing, then this would be the perfect way to complement the posts on your blog. When creating videos aim for 10 minutes in length to reap the most benefits and get as many views and subscribers as possible.

34. Grow your online presence by growing an audience and streaming on LiveStream.

An alternative to creating a YouTube channel, would be to stream yourself live in front of an audience. This is a great way to spread news of your website, while building engagement in the process and growing an entirely new audience of followers you wouldn’t have otherwise.

35. Broadcast yourself on

Another streaming service similar to LiveStream.

36. Broadcast yourself on

Another streaming service similar to LiveStream.

37. Send out a press release with news of your website and content.

38. Send out an e-mail newsletter to subscribers.

If you have a list of subscribers, there’s no better way than to inform them then by sending out a simple e-mail letting them know.

39. Send out a newsletter to friends, family, and relatives. Let everyone know of your new website or blog post.

Same goes for any friends or family who are interested in reading up on your website.

40. Create a SlideShare version of your posts.

If you loved creating power points in high school or college, then SlideShare is an amazing option that allows you to create your own power point version of your blog posts.

41. Stir controversy around your post on Reddit, or a subreddit.

Join a discussion on Reddit in your niche to give your website and posts more exposure. Just make sure to not come across as overly promotional and always try and provide as much value to the Reddit discussion, as possible.

42. Reformat posts into list and submit them to

A curation platform, similar in ways to, that allows you to quickly and efficiently create your own lists. Here’s an example of a list created on and shared on their blog.

43. Publish a book with your website on Amazon or Kindle.

If you consider yourself to be an expert in your niche and a great author, there’s no better way of presenting all your content than with an e-book. It allows you to quickly present your content in an easy to understand and synchronized format, while also giving mention to your blog post or website for more exposure.

44. Create and share infographics on social media outlets – particularly Pinterest & Instagram.

Infographics is one way of driving more traffic and creating a ton of value for others in the process. Use a service like to get professional infographics and work created, which can then be shared on networks like Pinterest & Instagram.

45. List your website as an app on Google Chrome.

Did you know you could create an app from your website and list it in the Google Chrome store? You’ll need to go through some steps to get this done, but is well worth it in the end and can give you a reliable and consistent source of traffic. You’ll also need a $5 developer’s fee to get the app listed in the Chrome store.

46. List your website as an app in the Android store.

Same thing can be done with the Android or Google Play store.

47. Create a webinar and invite your readers and subscribers.

One way to engage with readers and inform subscribers of new things going on with your website is by creating a webinar and engaging with them all in a single place. It’s also a great way to help others one-on-one, while answering questions related to your niche, product, or service.

48. Find an opportunity to grow with other entrepreneurs on Growth Hackers.

Join, connect, and foster amazing relationships with other members in the Growth Hacker community. While you might not be directly promoting content, you will learn how to take the growth of your site to the next level.

49. Support a cause or start a petition using Care2 (aka,

If you’re website or business is related in anyway to a certain cause or petition, then use Care2 to show your website is in support of a cause. This in-turn will put your business in front of the eyes of bigger brands who are also in support of a similar cause or petition.

50. List your website or blog on Technorati.

One highly trusted resource by search engines for ranking websites is Technorati. While not all websites will get approved by this directory, it’s one of the best options for getting more exposure, traffic, and rankings for your website.

51. List your website or blog on Dmoz.

52. Get your website or local business listed on Yelp.

If you have a local business or website you are looking to get more exposure, then why not get your business listed on Yelp. While it will attract a lot more eyeballs, also ensure everything with your business is on par in order to manage as close to a 5 star rating as possible.

53. Promote your content on

This social bookmarking site is a great way for people to discover, share, and bookmark your content to read at a later date. As one of today’s biggest social bookmarking services, promoting your content and creating a network withing is a great idea.

54. Create PDF’s of your content and publish them on Scribd.

For $8.99 per month, Scribd members and users get access to an unlimited number of magazines and documents, so why not make a document of your own, which entails both your content and website?

55. Create PDF’s of your content and publish them on Digital Paper.

Another website similar to Scribd.

56. Create and promote PDF’s of content on DocDroid.

Another website similar to Scribd and Digital Paper.

57. Use Quuu Promote to get your content in front of a huge audience.

Quuu Promote is a very interesting website that will allow you to promote your content and get it in front of influencers within your niche. It is more of a paid content promoting strategy that gets your content shared across social media over a 30 day span. The nice thing about it is that its packages are reasonably rated and will get your content in front of thousands of individuals.

58. Add content recommendations to your own badge with Start a Fire.

Start a Fire uses a simple, but an effective strategy that allows you to share recommend content in the form of a branded badge. The badge will also allow you to share third party content from social media networks for increased engagement. The great thing about the badge is that it can be shared by users all across social media for more exposure.

59. Use the Sumo Share App to make social sharing easy.

If there is one thing your brand could use it would have to be nice large and noticeable social media buttons that stick around on your sidebar. The Sumo app makes sharing easier than ever and might not only be a better version of the social sharing apps that comes with your theme, but could boost your website’s engagement entirely.

60. Use curated content on to drive back more traffic to your website. is a tool, highly recommended by popular marketers and brands like Neil Patel, Forbes, Moz, and Social Media Examiner for getting your website seen across the internet through the use of call to actions on other pages and websites. Packages on are comprised of a certain number of clicks to your site per month and your own branded profiles.

61. Create an online promotional campaign or advertisement on YouTube.

Great way for getting more exposure to your brand, but requires plenty of advertising dollars and a great commercial.

62. Create a short 7 second video on Vine.

A service and social media platform that allows you to create very short, attention-grabbing videos.

63. Promote your website and content on Snapchat.

64. Use media buys or purchase banner ads to display your website in other areas of your industry.

Another effective way for getting your name and brand out there, as well as in driving more traffic to your website. This content promotion strategy will also require some start-up money.

65. Help A Reporter Out!

Otherwise known as HARO, this is a great way to find individuals to interview in your niche, or get interviewed by others.

66. Add your websites blog or link to your e-mail signature.

One easy way to give your website, blog, or content more exposure is by adding a simple signature to your e-mail. Now whenever you send out an e-mail, that recipient will receive a link to your main website.

67. Create an animated version of your content using Animoto.

One really neat way for you to produce multiple versions of your content is by creating a simple animated version. Animoto is a great tool for this and will allow you to present your content in ways you never thought was imaginable.

68. Publish your stories on the twitter-owned,

This content aggregator site, owned by Twitter, allows you to publish stories and ideas that link back to your blog.

69. Announce the publication of a new post by creating interlinks through out your website.

Inform people of new and awesome content you’ve written by interlinking to it in older posts.

70. Use Flauntt to gain more social media traction and shares.

Possibly a controversial way of promoting content, given its use of tweet exchanges.

71. Create and upload an image or meme on Imgur.

72. Create additional influencer relationships using Little Bird.

Little Bird, a network that was recently acquired by Sprinklr, allows you to increase engagement by engaging with other social media users and curating content for social media channels.

73. Use to find other bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers in your area.

Meetup is an excellent tool and service that allows you to find other people of interest in your area. This is especially important for bloggers looking for other individuals to connect with and conferences to attend. Meetup further allows you to meet people who are within your niche, which can be a powerful way for you to come up with ideas for growing your website or blog.

74. Publish high-quality content on ISSUU.

Grow a readership on ISSUU by creating an unlimited number of publications. Within those publications, you’ll be able to use those to create links to your own videos, website, or blog and can be a powerful way to gain more website exposure.

75. Share new and trending content to other bloggers on Blokube.

A great way for everyone to share their content and get up-voted by the Blokube community. The more up-votes you receive, the more exposure your content will get in-turn.

76. Get your new business venture or startup featured on Mashable.

77. Share your website and content to groups on Skype.

If you’re a big Skype user, one of the easiest ways to promote your content would be to share it with all your Skype groups. Who knows, word gets around fast!

78. Use niche-related social bookmarking sites.

Couple of these sites include, ManageWP for sharing the latest blog posts on WordPress related topics, or for sharing posts related to SEO.

79. Share your new blog, post, or content on this GoodReads Forum.

This particular forum on GoodReads is a great place for up and coming blog posts to share their latest website or blog with the GoodReads community.

80. Submit latest content and blog posts to DoSplash.

Another amazing community that is similar in many ways to Blokube, that allows you to submit blog posts on the fly. The more upvotes your post receives, the more exposure you’ll also get. It can however, take up to 48 hours to create an account, so be patient, give a great explanation of your blog, and start sharing once approved!

81. Grow your twitter audience and web traffic by increasing your reach with Empire Kred.

If you’re looking to have fun and enjoy yourself, while promoting your content, then you need to add Empire Cred to your content promoting arsenal. Empire Kred is all about getting rewarded for finding and sharing the best content on the web, yours included. Empire Kred is literally built on a game where people reward you for finding content that they’re looking for. Great way to pass time, while promoting your content without you even knowing.

82. Use a ping service to notify other search engines of your new website and content.

83. Use social sharing communities like JustRetweet for more exposure on Twitter.

84. Create an ad and pay to advertise on Reddit.

With over 250 million users, there’s more than enough Reddit advertising for everyone!

85. Create a podcast related to your content or blog post.

Need an awesome podcast theme to go with it? Try this post on podcasts here!

86. Use solo ads to promote your latest and most share-worthy content to an audience that is targeted.

Only thing to keep in mind with solo ads is that they aren’t always that effective, since you are clearly using someone else’s e-mail list. But, it is a good way for your brand to get mentioned to an entirely new audience.

87. Search for link roundups on Google to find new bloggers to share your latest content or story with.

88. Send out business cards with your name, number, and link to your website.

89. Leave comments on other related websites in your niche.

90. Join Facebook groups and LinkedIn communities within your niche.

92. Post latest content on social bookmarking sites like Bookmarkee.

93. Submit a new story from your blog onto BlogBookMark.

94. Submit web development and coding news to a social bookmarking site like DZone.

95. Submit your latest post, news, or article to WireFan

Main topics on WireFan include lifestyle, business, science, tech, and entertainment.

96. Write your own original articles, “seed” or share content, or customize your own news page using the Newsvine community.

97. Share latest content on a social niche bookmarking site like DesignBump.

This is a place where graphic designers and photographers can share their latest visual content with each other, allowing for more exposure to each of their brands. Excellent tool for people in the graphic design and photography niche.

98. Posts, pages, and content revolving around blogging, tech, and SEO can be shared on Blog Engage.

Blog Engage is a huge blogging community with content shared on all kinds of topics. Regardless of your niche, you are sure to find a place for you with Blog Engage. Categories and topics include business, art, design, blogging, entertainment, personal, health, and much more.

99. Use a service like Tweriod so you know precisely when and how to time your latest tweets.

If you’re big into twitter or have a large social media presence then Tweriod might be a great service that can assist with obtaining more shares and likes by helping you time your tweets just right.

100. TIP: Try out a new content promoting strategy on a daily basis and see what works best for you, your website, and content. If one strategy doesn’t work, try out another that shows more promising potential. There is an untapped and unlimited number of resources for promoting your content, so make sure to never settle for less!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave all comments, questions, and thoughts down below.


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