15 Most Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tips For 2017

15 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips (2017)

15 Most Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you’ve been looking for the best and most helpful affiliate marketing tips for 2017, then you have come to the right place! As someone who has been living and residing in the digital world for 3-years, I’ve been able to garner a bit of experience in the process.

Affiliate marketing is most-certainly one of the biggest learning experiences you could ever have. It requires constant moderation and an up-taking of new projects as an entrepreneur in order to hit that next milestone.

But when you do it right, becoming and being an affiliate marketer can become one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences. That’s because in this world, what you reap is what you sew and as contrary to one of the most popular beliefs, there absolutely are no short-cuts to reaching online success.

You can try, try, and try again to find that secret recipe, but at the end of the day, the best, and most rewarding feeling and occurrences is when you have built your own legitimate business from the ground up.

What makes a legitimate affiliate marketing business:

  • Having an online presence, a website, or a social media following.
  • A platform in which you can help others with and not just sell to.
  • Being able to provide unique, original, and valuable content.
  • Taking on important responsibilities like replying to comments on your site, making sure content is up to date, and that you are always providing a good user experience.

Yes, there will be mistakes in the process.

Yes, you may grow impatient from time to time (but stick with it, and you will enjoy the journey).

And yes, every time you write that next blog post, you will feel like you’ve had some of your most productive days.

But the thing to keep in mind through out your journey, is that if you actually love what you do and you show it through your website and your content, that you will most certainly grow and succeed in your journey.

Sure, your time-frame could be longer than others, but you want to know the best aspect about affiliate marketing? It’s that your online web presence stays there and in the process, grows over-time. This applies to your social media presence, website, and organic rankings.

I would have never imagined making some of the progress and strides I’ve made today, not in terms of revenue, but in continually learning some of the most unique and powerful online marketing strategies and knowing exactly how to implement them. Making a website is easy. Anybody can do it.

But learning how to add valuable content, promote that content, while branding your website and reaching out to others is a different process, and something you learn to do the more you become accustomed with the affiliate marketing field. So whether you’re new, old, novice, or experienced, try taking a tidbit (or two) from this post today and applying that to your new marketing strategy.

1. Play By The Rules – There’s no reason to be spammy when it comes affiliate marketing. It’s important to realize that you are in it for the long-game and that you are building a business that can provide for you for years.

Being spammy with affiliate marketing or breaking rules on a particular platform isn’t only one of the most ineffective ways of becoming an affiliate, but hurts your brand or website as well. To ensure whatever you’re doing to promote your website is effective, ask yourself if that next comment you write up is providing any value.

2. Create & Grow Your Online Presence – Trust me when I say, it’s better to not be that guy who is going onto Facebook groups, Pinterest, or what have you, and simply posting affiliate links. This is a poor and short-lived strategy that doesn’t result in any substantial gains.

Instead, it’s important you grow an online presence and platform where you can share thoughts, insights, and opinions with others, such as your blog. This will grow over-time in regards to your direct, social, organic, and referral traffic.

3. Be Experimental – As an affiliate marketer, you need to realize that there is a lot of self-learning and experimenting involved, even when joining a community, program, or course. But the self-learning and experiments are my favorite parts, as you get to make new discoveries on how to grow your business to a completely new level.

Can anything be as exciting as that? The point of tip #3 is to never just stick with one strategy, or one technique of getting traffic. Get your name, website, and brand out there!

4. Remember It’s a Building Process – Affiliate marketing takes time and commitment, especially for those looking to be highly successful. The more value you can create with your website and the more offer you can help, the better your business will perform. Remember though, that the ability to always improve and offer new strategies will always be there. It’s simply up to you to make it happen.

5. Join a Course – I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t join a course on affiliate marketing. The reason I say this isn’t because of any current setbacks, but how it truly became the one thing to help me create and propel my newest businesses off the ground. Without having taken a course on affiliate marketing and immersing myself in training and in the studying of other websites, I would not be where I am now.

6. Be Different Than Everyone Else – One thing I can’t emphasize enough is being different from everyone else, in your niche especially! If you can come up with an idea no one else seems to be doing, or something you feel you can do better at, you have a high chance of success (e.g. thinking of a niche or putting a twist on a niche not many else have thought of, no matter how simple that idea might seem).

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource – If you feel your at a point in your journey, where a team of writers, designers, or assistants can help you manage your tasks, then work with that. With platforms like Upwork and iWriter, outsourcing is now easier than ever and you can even be choosy when it comes to actual hiring.

8. Try New Tools & Make Upgrades To Content – What better way to grow your blog then working with some of the most powerful online marketing tools on the internet. This is something I avoided doing for a long-time because I didn’t know at first how useful these tools can be in leveraging traffic.

A simple floating social media widget for example, can substantially increase shares and grow social confirmation and traffic. An autoresponder can help you keep in touch with people on your mailing lists.

Stock photography can add an entirely new visual appeal and upgrade to your content, while tools like Pic Monkey and Canva can help achieve massive growth with Pinterest. Are these tools worth the addition $10, $20, or $30 a month? Most definitely.

9. Try New Mistakes – Yes, I really meant that! Can I just tell you how poor some of the first pieces of content ever on my site was? Just take a look at this post, where I even color-coded some of my headings (lol!). Now take a look three years later.

Sure, it might not be a massive improvement in the overall scheme of things, but you need to allow those failures to occur. Did I question the value of my content when first publishing? I’m sure, but I never let the quality of it stop me. Instead, I learned to grow and in that process, learned to create 4 other amazing (and better looking) websites. You can do the same! :)

10. It’s Okay To Be Personal – I see plenty of websites out there, where you never see the authors face or a single comment on a post in sight, since they’ve been disabled. While that’s completely fine, the personal route where you present yourself as the author and contributor always seems to have the strongest pitch and there is absolutely no problem with telling everyone, “hey, thanks for stopping by my site!”

I’m sure with all your awesome content, that visitor is more than happy to be there. Let me give you an example of popular sites of marketers who have branded and built a business from themselves like no other: Patt Flynn from Smart Passive Income ($103k per month), from Making Sense Of Cents ($150k per month), Pew Die Pie’s channel on YouTube (in the millions per year).

Clearly these results aren’t as typical and it’s clear that these are some of the best marketers you’ll come across, but it speaks volumes to the field of online marketing, which is that there is an audience out there simply waiting to be grasped by your presence as well. So are there times when branding yourself + your website is more beneficial? Absolutely.

11. Work On All 4 Traffic Avenues – One very common thing I see is that there are many bloggers and affiliate marketers who put all their focus and energy into a single traffic avenue. The never-ending number of bloggers on Pinterest for example, almost have made it their designated traffic getaway, and while I totally understand why and the fact that most of their audience could be on that platform, it’s so important to keep your eye on other avenues as well.

The same holds true for bloggers who work so hard at achieving high levels of organic traffic. If you take the energy to focus on social, referral, direct, and organic traffic, you’ll have built a foundation you can use to see what works, what doesn’t, and just grow from there.

12. Create Content People Need – When people search for something online, most of the times they are seeking some kind of help. Whether that help is simple or complex all falls down to the search query in question. One person for example, might search for “How to troubleshoot my Mac computer bought in 2008.” If you wrote a post on that exact topic, the one that clearly explains how to troubleshoot old Mac computers will have the highest chance to rank.

By focusing and zoning in on being helpful within your posts, you’ll be seen as a much more valuable contributor to your niche. The blogger who doesn’t leave details out, who provides helpful images, and a step-by-step tutorial will be the one who is creating valuable content, thus leading to a bigger and better opportunity over-time.

13. Keep Your Blog Updated – If you can’t keep your blog updated, then you will face bigger down-times in your business and as an affiliate marketer. The individual who can keep their blog updated with fresh content will be at a significant advantage when it comes to growth, traffic, and money, both now and in the long-run. Search engines love nothing more than a website that is continually being updated with fresh, new, and appealing content.

14. Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Goals – Are you having trouble with traffic or are you prospering? Regardless of the situation, know this. You can always work on bringing it up, no matter the time frame. Focus on building your business over traffic numbers and providing share-worthy content.

Don’t let a slumber in traffic keep you away from creating a legitimate business we all know you have to offer.. Also, remember that many niches are more competitive than others, meaning one site will always take longer to rank than another.

15. Become Engaged In Your Niche & Your Community – I can’t emphasize this bullet point enough. If you’re traffic isn’t growing the simplest solution you can make is becoming involved in a new community in your niche, where you are meeting, conversing, and helping others. Here’s what it does: It creates exposure to your site, which in-turn makes bloggers and your audience more fond of you and more memorable.

In-turn this can lead to faster indexing and rankings and more mentions of your website, name, and brand. So take advantage of the communities and platforms around you, not as a way to spam, to build links, or just for the sake of it, but to bring fresh eyes to a website you know can offer either some form of entertainment, help, guide, or resource for them. Only then will a stagnant website have a chance and platform to grow on.

Hope these 15 affiliate marketing tips helped in one way or another. After all, isn’t that what we do? Anyway, please don’t leave without dropping a quick comment down below with any insights, thoughts, or questions you might have. Thanks and good luck always!

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Hi I'm Peter. I'm 29 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

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