30 Best Social Media Platforms For Business

The following is a compiled list of the best social media platforms for businesses and online marketers. I wouldn’t say that any social media platform is better than another. Depending on the niche or audience you’re trying to target, any one of these can come into good use. The majority of these social media platforms either contain some kind of forum and/or community to discuss different topics and ideas. The larger social media networks can be recommended for just about any business, whereas the more targeted social media platforms should only appeal to a specific niche. Take a look below to see which social media platform is right for your business, and if you have any questions, make sure to ask down below!

#1. Facebook

Best Social Media PlatformsSuggested Niche: General

Strategy: Create a Facebook page or group to build up your following. Advertising via Facebook ads and PPC.

What Is It? Facebook as you know, is the largest social networking platform out there. It was originally designed in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg to allow college students to connect each other over the world. But now the site allows just about anybody to connect and share with family and friends online.

It’s grown massive appeal to the online marketing niche as wll as businesses both small and large. The best way to begin building your business strategy using Facebook is to create a Facebook Page or Group and sharing content on a regular basis, in order to begin building up your following. An alternative strategy is to advertise your actual page or group via Facebook Ads to gain more exposure.

#2. Twitter

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Sharing your blog posts and other content by tweeting your following.

What Is It? Twitter is probably the next largest social network platform and as you may or may not have noticed, is widely used for businesses, famous figures, and even politicians all over the world. If you’re looking to gain more business exposure, then Twitter is a must-have in your social media business strategy. Best way to use Twitter is by tweeting or sharing your latest blog post or other content to gain massive exposure. Your strategy should also involve you following other individuals or businesses that are within your niche.

#3. Instagram

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Sharing images and videos from your website with your following.

What Is It? Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms that allows users to share their images and videos publicly or privately. It also allows you to share your media with other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. If your website or business is based largely off of high quality images and video, then this is the social media platform for you. But can still be a great option for just about any niche out there.

#4. Wealthy Affiliate

Suggested Niche: Online Marketers & BloggersBest Social Media Platforms

Strategy: Creating your own niche website to get ranked at the top of Google.

What Is It? Wealthy Affiliate is a business opportunity that shows its users how to create their own niche website and the steps necessary to get ranked at the top of Google. This highly social platform is a great opportunity for both online and local business marketers to get as much exposure as possible. There is also a highly social aspect to the platform that allows users to discuss various affiliate marketing ideas within the community. If you haven’t check out Wealthy Affiliate yet, take a look!

#5. LinkedIn

Suggested Niche: General/Business & Networking

Strategy: Joining communities and actively participating in discussions

What Is It? LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking platform best suited for both business and professional networkers. This social media network can definitely come in handy by joining in discussions and potentially providing a link back to your own website or blog; a very powerful strategy that I recommend for anyone trying to network, get exposure, and/or instantly get in touch with a large number of relevant individuals.

#6. Google+

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Creating your Google+ profile and joining other Google+ Communities.

What Is It? Despite the days of Google Authorship being long-gone, Google+ still has its uses and is suggested for individuals who blog on a daily basis as well as small businesses looking to increase exposure. Best way of doing this is to follow other people within relevant niches by joining other related Google+ Communities. The more active you are by posting and following others, the bigger the potential for getting more exposure to your messages.

#7. YouTube

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Creating and sharing your YouTube videos.

What Is It? YouTube is the largest social networking website for sharing media. If you’re into creating videos or if your business is heavily dependent on media, than YouTube is the perfect social platform for you. Make sure to properly add in keywords and meta description into your videos for the best SEO benefits and to increase exposure. The biggest benefit of YouTube isn’t only your capability of sharing video but for the potential of being found organically within the search engines.

#8. Pinterest

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Creating relevant Pinterest Boards and pinning images.

What Is It? A social networking site that allows you to share images (also called “pinning”) and discover new interests. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media network sites out there. Best way to use Pinterest for your business or online marketing is to share images from your website or blog with a link back to that post. Small businesses can also use Pinterest by sharing images of their business. A food or restaurant for example, could share images of their favorite dishes. The benefits of Pinterest range in number, but one of the great things about it is that your following tends to grow organically overtime as well as the leverage you gain as you pin more and more images.

#9. Yelp

Suggested Niche: Food, Restaurant, and Shopping

Strategy: Creating a profile of your small business.

What Is It? If you own a small business or restaurant, adding your listing on Yelp can be a good idea. It allows users to review your small business. Despite the many benefits however, Yelp can have a strong impact on how people in that area may view your business. While some individuals might be leaving good reviews of your business, other individuals might say something negative, which could ultimately have bad results. Good thing Yelp allows you to dispute certain ratings to get them removed if need be. According to Mashable, the quality of your customer service will have the strongest impact on overall reviews.

#10. Reddit

Suggested Niche: GeneralBest Social Media Platforms

Strategy: Actively participating and discussing in relevant Reddit forums.

What Is It? Reddit is a social networking site built on a very active community with discussions in topics in just about anything you can imagine. Reddit is suitable for just about any niche out there. The biggest benefit of using Reddit for your business is the fact it allows you to directly post links within the content you submit. With so many active Reddit users out there, looking into Reddit could be a fantastic idea to get you more exposure to your business via social media.

#11. Tumblr

Suggested Niche: General/Online Marketers & Bloggers

Strategy: Creating short blogs within your niche with a link back to your website or blog.

What Is It? Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users of any given niche to contribute to the community by sharing new content. What this allows you to do is share a link back to your website or blog through your contribution. The power in this is it allows you to share content with people who are already interested in your niche, as well as being able to directly share links from your own website within your content on Tumblr. In a way, you could consider Tumblr as a way of guest blogging.

#12. Digg

Suggested Niche: General/Online Marketers & Bloggers

Strategy: Post your latest blog post on Digg for more social media traffic.

What Is It? Digg is a new aggregator that curates content right on its homepage from various websites. If you have a blog, Digg can be a useful way to get more individuals to see your latest blog post and land right on your homepage as a result. Currently, Digg has nearly 3.8 unique monthly visitors, so try and imagine the endless possibilities when using this site to gain more website exposure.

#13. FourSquare

Suggested Niche: Small and local businesses

Strategy: Listing your business within the FourSquare Application.

What Is It? FourSquare is a local search app that provides its users with recommendations of where to visit. Using the social networking application can provide more visitors and users to find out about your local business if need be. It also allows its users to share their location with others via its “check in” process, while allowing them to leave a review of your business; highly recommended for local and small businesses.

#14. MySpace

Suggested Niche: Music & Pop Culture

Strategy: Sharing your content with other active MySpace users.

What Is It? Despite no longer being the largest social media network platform in the world, this social media network still has its uses. What was once a social networking platform similar in a way to Facebook, has now found its way to get users indulged in the latest music and pop culture news. Thus, if you have a niche or business that is in anyway at all relevant to music or pop culture, MySpace could be your go to social media platform.

#15. StumbleUpon

Suggested Niche: General/Online Marketers & BloggersBest Social Media Platforms

Strategy: Sharing your latest blog posts on StumbleUpon for more social media traffic.

What Is It? Very similar to Digg and allows you to share the latest content from your website. This will allows StumbleUpon users to find, share, and rate your latest blog post for more exposure as well as personalize their latest tastes and interests so that you can appeal to targeted niche users.

#16. SlideShare

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Creating PowerPoints and listing them on SlideShare with a link pointing back to your website.

What Is It? Slide hosting service that allows you to post videos, power points, documents, videos, and webinars. Similar in a way to YouTube, but best for individuals looking to create and share slideshows with other users.

#17. Vine 

Suggested Niche: General/Businesses & Online Marketers

Strategy: Creating short videos using your mobile app and sharing them on Vine.

What Is It? Vine is a social networking platform that allows users to record and share six-second long videos with others. With over 200 million active users, this can be a really great way to get your business out there. Whether you own a small business in the area or your an online marketer looking to get more traffic to your website, recording a few short six-second videos can help you get more exposure via social networking.


#18. Academia.edu

Suggested Niche: Academia, Learning, & Teachers

Strategy: Sharing papers and distributing research.

What Is It? Academia.edu is a powerful way for users to spread their knowledge with the other 30 million active users that are registered with the site. If you’re niche is in research or academia, this can be a great way to get more exposure to a new study that you found or latest research paper that you’ve written.

#19. Flickr

Suggested Niche: Online Marketers & Bloggers

Strategy: Uploading tagged images for other bloggers to add to their site.

What Is It? Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or someone who has a keen eye for good quality images, Flickr can give you exposure to your website by allowing you to upload new photos and images onto Flickr with a link going back to your site. Flickr currently has an estimate 3.5 million images uploaded every single day!

#20. About.Me

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Linking to all your other social network profilesBest Social Media Platforms

What Is It? About.Me basically allows you to compile all your social networking profiles within one platform. If you are big in social media (especially for business or online marketing), then having this one is a must. About.Me can allow you to add links back to all your other social media platforms including Facebook, Flickr, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

#21. Delicious

Suggested Niche: Online Marketers & Bloggers

Strategy: Sharing your latest blog post & news from your site.

What Is It? Delicious is a social bookmarking website with an aggravated newsfeed that allows users to find the latest web bookmarks. Individuals can then save or bookmark your site and even sign-up for your RSS feed. If you’re into social bookmarking, then definitely look into using Delicious.

#22. TravBuddy

Suggested Niche: Travel

Strategy: Creating travel based blogs, uploading travel photos, and creating reviews of various places.

What Is It? TravBuddy is a travel oriented social networking platform that allows users who are interested in traveling to find their own travel buddy. In addition though, it also allows its users to create content based on where they’ve visited and images they’ve taken. This can be a powerful to connect with other users who are into traveling while also allowing you to share content and information that links back to your own website or blog.

#23. Travellerspoint

Suggested Niche: Travel

Strategy: Sharing content through forums, blogs, media, and a wiki travel guide.

What Is It? Similar in a way to TravBuddy, Travellerspoint allows you to share your latest traveling experiences by posting content onto your very own Travellerspoint subdomain. If you have a niche in travel, this can be a great way to spread the word about your travel business or website.

#24. TermWiki

Suggested Niche: Translation and Learning

Strategy: Defining terms for other members

What Is It? TermWiki is one of the fastest growing learning social media network platforms. This website allows members to define and translate terms into other languages and allows you to gain more exposure to your profile by building up your fan-base. This could be a great way to advertise your website or business if you have a niche in learning or translation.

#25. TalkBizNow

Suggested Niche: Business Networkers

Best Social Media PlatformsStrategy: Networking and advertising your business with other like-minded individuals

What Is It? TalkBizNow is a business networking site that was founded in 2008. Since then, individuals within various network marketing opportunities have been able to share ideas and business opportunities with each other. TalkBizNow is especially great if you have an affiliation with a specific network marketing opportunity or affiliate marketing.


#26. Spring.Me (twoo)

Suggested Niche: General

Strategy: Asking and answering questions within your niche for more visibility.

What Is It? Spring.Me is a social networking platform allowing you to ask and answer questions within your niche as well as both publicly and privately follow other individuals.

#27. SoundCloud

Suggested Niche: Music

Strategy: Uploading user-based music with your own distinctive URL.

What Is It? SoundCloud allows its members to connect with other like-minded individuals as well as the ability to upload your own music. If you have a business or website based on sharing music, SoundCloud can be a great way to get your name or business out there.

#28. Ryze

Suggested Niche: Business Professionals & Network Marketers

Strategy: Networking with other business professionals and sharing your business opportunities.

What Is It? Ryze is a great social networking platform tailored specifically to new entrepreneurs, business professionals, and network marketers that allows you to share various business opportunities with other Ryze members.

#29. ReverbNation

Suggested Niche: Music & Artists

Strategy: Increasing your brand equity through its 4 metrics (reach, influence, access, and recency).

What Is It? ReverbNation is a social networking platform for upcoming new artists and musicians. The site currently has over 3.8 million users and allows them to manage their music careers through various tools and opportunities to help them get more reach and exposure through out the network.

#30. RaptrBest Social Media Platforms

Suggested Niche: Video Games

Strategy: Sharing user based video game reviews and connecting with other Raptr users.

What Is It? Raptr is one of the largest video game social networking platform that allows users to share video game reviews, create your own profile, as well as share your own game activity and achievements.


These 30 social networking platforms I found are some of the best opportunities I’ve found for you to connect with other like-minded individuals within your business or niche. If you’re looking to get more exposure to your business or increase your traffic, using a few of these would be a great idea. There is no shortage of traffic or exposure out there and depending on what your business niche is, these platforms can make all the difference between success and failure.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave them down below! :)


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