4Life MLM Review – Becoming a Distributor In 2017

By | July 14, 2017

Product: 4Life Research4Life Research Review

Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Price: Based On Membership

Starts at $29.95 for welcome kit

Recommended: No.


What Is The 4Life Research MLM Opportunity?

4Life Research is a direct selling association, company, and opportunity that is available to individuals around the globe. It is only however, available in a select number of countries. 4Life Research has been known to create health and immune boosting products since 1998.

These products are developed by their team of in-house scientists and researchers, which is used to develop the 4Life Research product line. The real question comes down to the authenticity of these products and whether they are truly efficient at their job.

Some of 4Life’s products for example, use very generic names like 4Life Transfer Factor and 4Life Transform using what they call their own “proprietary formula.”

But, is their product line truly made to help or simply used to build up an MLM opportunity? In this review, we’ll be covering all the information you need to know about 4Life Research and whether or not this is something you can make money with.

While joining an MLM can be an experience in and of itself, it’s quite important to note that becoming heavily involved (over the long-run) is the only way to make the most out of an opportunity like this. Becoming an independent distributor thus equates to having to become truly dependent on yourself and your skills as an entrepreneur.

But the most difficult aspect to making your MLM efforts work is trying to find the right customers and being able to convert them into distributors under you. There’s nothing more difficult than persuading someone to join a business opportunity they were never interested in the first place.

Let alone, making them pay simply to join that opportunity. That’s why I always recommend affiliate marketing first and foremost above any potential MLM marketing scheme.


4Life’s MLM Compensation Plan

One of the reasons people tend to flock to MLM opportunities like the one provided by 4Life is simply due to the compensation plan. Most the time, you’ll see that these compensation plans are hyped up like never before adding all sorts of “bonuses,” and incentives to get you to join.

By the time you are done reading, your brains excitement has given you almost no choice but to consider your options. Therefore, it’s very important that we not only look at the compensation plan provided by the company, but also at the income disclosure, which is something more and more MLM’s are thankfully beginning to disclose.

Lastly, we should always remember that any MLM opportunity can also be considered a direct selling opportunity. Even if you were to go out and start life selling insurance instead, you can bet your bottom bum that they have the same or very similar type of incentives. They just don’t show them off on every single page of their site or brochure!

Nonetheless, the 4Life compensation plan can be fully viewed in their “Life Reward Plan” brochure. Here you will find that their biggest strategies for network marketing include techniques like prospecting, contacting friends, and gradually building your customer base with things like presentations.


Here’s How You Get Paid as a 4Life Distributor:

4Life MLM Compensation Plan

1. Retail Profit – The first way is buy purchasing products on auto-ship from 4Life and then reselling those products at a mark-up for profit.

2. Commission Rewards – The second thing you’ll be expected to do is build a team in the process. This team consists of people you have personally recruited into your 4Life downline, who are also active members and making sales daily. Monthly commission is then based on the total LP value of the products sold.

In addition to earning retail profit and commission from your downline, you’ll have incentives for earning more. This could include incentive trips to exotic locations and cash prizes.

You might also be eligible for other bonuses like a Power Pool where you partake in 2% revenue sharing of the company, unspecified bonus commissions, and Infinity Payout, which are additional commissions for distributors who’ve made it to the Diamond Rank.

Now before we get all excited, it’s very important we look at the income disclosure, so we get a much better realistic expectation. Of course, these numbers might not directly reflect your performance, but for many, it certainly will.

4Life Income Disclosure & Payment

The first interesting fact is in regards to their incentive trips, where less than 1% of 4Life distributors actually qualify. But in regards to actual income, we’ll see that the majority of distributors had no earnings to report.

More specifically, almost 74% of all distributors earn zero monthly commissions. One percent earn an average monthly commission of $20, 19.9% earn an average monthly commission of $59, and 1.2% earn an average of $613 each month.

The minority on the other hand, which is less than 1% and are considered the top leaders or at the Presidential Diamond level or above earn $2,780 or more per month.

These statistics further show that the majority of distributors have a hard time when it comes to building their business. On the other hand, about 88.8% of everyone who actually did have earnings to report made an average of $59 per month with $28,955 earned on the high end.


4Life MLM Products – What It Consists Of..

Now that we’ve got compensation out of the way, let’s take a look at the kind of products you might actually be selling. It’s very important here to consider whether or not these products can actually fly off your shelves because you’ll need to get ready to purchase these on a monthly basis. Products that don’t sell will result in loss of money.

Given the fact that most of us aren’t actually scientists, it can be very hard to gauge the legitimacy and authenticity of these products. Those who’ve had hands-on experience with 4Life products in the past might get a better idea of their effectiveness.

But generally speaking, the products themselves are the kind of products you might find at your nearest GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. So while they might not necessarily be bad, they are expensive and will certainly require some kind of direct selling expertise.

1. Transfer Factor Core Products – Consists of 108 different products in total. The aim of each product varies, but many are used to boost immune health, supplement heart & cardiovascular health, brain health & support, weight loss, energy supplements, and much more.

4Life Transfer Core Products


2. Targeted Transfer Factor – Consists of 9 products in total. These include Cardio, ReCall, GluCoach, KBU, Belle Vie, Vista, MalePro, Reflexion, and Glutamine Prime. Most are used to enhance the immune system, support mental functioning, support the prostate gland, vision health, and more.

4Life Product Line


3. 4LifeTransform – Consists of 11 products in total, which include Renuvo, Burn, Pro-TF Vanilla Cream, Pro-TF Chocolate, Man, Woman, Protein Bars, Chocolate Packets, Workout Bands, Accelerator System for Women, and for men. As you can tell most of these products focus on improving overall fitness health.

4LifeTransform Products


4. ShapeRite By 4Life – Consists of 13 products in total, which include Citri-Shape Trio, Citri-Shape, Carb BLX, Catalyst Plus, Nutrastart Chocolate, MetaboLite, ChitoLite, Rezoom, NutraStart Vanilla, Energy Go Stix Lemonade, Berry, Tropical, and Orange Citrus. Most products are used to enhance energy or manage weight.

4Life ShapeRite Products


5. Enummi Personal Care – Consists of 17 products in total, which include toothepaste, skin care system, body lotion, skin recovery, moisturizer, Life C Serum, shampoo, shower trio, facial cleanser, eye cream, recovery cream, body wash, hair care duo, conditioner, essentials for men, toner, and skin care travel kit.

Enummi 4Life Products


6. General Health & Wellness Products – Consists of 27 products in total, most of which are meant to improve daily health and wellness. These include products like detox supplements, tea, fiber, probiotics, aloe vera, and more.

4Life General Health Products


7. 4Life Product Packs – Packs consist of 16 products in total and are the most profitable products to sell as a 4Life distributor, as a result of their high price-tag. Packs usually consist of multiple products and are used to improve health. They include Transfer Factor Quad Pack, RioVida Pack, Double RioVida Plus Pack, Transfer Factor Variety Pack, Foundation Cleanse & Detox, 250 Pack #1, 250 Pack #2, Classic Quad Pack, Skin Care Essentials, and more.

4Life Product Packs


8. Other 4Life Products – Did you know they also have products for horses, dogs, and cats. These can be found in their “Other Products & Services” section.


Pros Of 4Life’s MLM Opportunity:

– Huge product line to promote, which can be great if you have prospects or customers who have a keen interest in general health and well-being.

Allows you to work from home and on your own time. Although, there are no guarantees when joining any direct selling or MLM business.

– Experience in the industry since 1998 might perhaps make the 4Life company more reputable. Solid rating on BBB is a good indication they stick to better business practices.


Cons Of 4Life’s MLM Opportunity:

– Use of an MLM compensation plan de-values the opportunity as a whole, as most of the companies real earners are located at the Presidential Diamond level, or above. This consists of less than 1% of distributors as a whole.

– The fact that nearly 75% of their total distributors have no earnings to report isn’t very encouraging and might make you re-consider joining as a 4Life MLM distributor.

– Not enough training, help, or tools to help make 4Life team members more successful. Most individuals resort to ineffective marketing methods like word-of-mouth and calling friends and family.


4Life Research – Should You Become a Distributor?

To be fair, there are some positive things to note about 4Life Research; things that can’t be said about most MLM opportunities. The first being that they have essentially one of the largest catalog of products you can promote. The same can be said true about the MLM company Younique who offers an endless number of beauty products to their distributors.

This helps enhance the opportunity as a whole, but does not change the fact that the majority of MLM earners fall extremely short of what they were expecting.

Many times, you’ll find no earnings to report and that the MLM becomes more of an expense than anything else. This especially holds true when you’re expected to renew monthly memberships and auto-ship products every month.

I’m not exactly saying 4Life Research is a scam, but in my book, it’s not an opportunity I would recommend. There’s no doubt that becoming an MLM like 4Life is a lot of work.. In-fact that might just be the under-statement of the year. It’s not as simple or as cut-out as it’s made out to be.

The majority of distributors are left to fend for themselves without help, assistance, or any means of obtaining recruits and a downline in sight. To survive in any MLM, you need a system to continually obtain leads. If you don’t have that, I recommend calling a pass on this one, or at-least until you have a proper game plan in motion!


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