5 Best Ways To Monetize a Food & Recipes Blog

By | January 13, 2017

Starting a Food & Recipes Blog

Best Ways to Monetize a Food BlogStarting a food and recipes blog is a great way to share your cooking expertise with the world. No longer do we need cookbooks to find new and innovative recipes. Now with so many food bloggers sharing their own creations, finding and following our favorite recipe-sharing bloggers is as easy as ever.

In today’s post, we’ll be looking at some of the best steps you can take to properly monetize your food and recipes blog to overcome one of the most difficult hurdles faced by food bloggers. Unlike a website that focuses on technology or the latest 4K tv’s, food bloggers don’t always have the privilege of recommending popular and highly sought-out products. This post will show you why that doesn’t mean you need to give up your passion for starting a food and recipes blog.

Monetizing Your Food & Recipes Blog

#1. Google Adsense & Other Related Ad Networks

If you’re planning on getting high-traffic to your food and recipes blog, one of the best steps to begin monetizing your blog is with an ad network like Google Adsense. There’s a good chance that if you’re blogging about food and recipes, that you’re on Pinterest, sharing images of your latest creations. If that’s the case, than using Google Adsense or other popular ad networks, such as Media Vine or Media.net. Just make sure you limit the amount of ads on your site and also make room for these following money-making steps as well.

Check out this list for some of our favorite ad networks you can use!


#2. Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Another great step you can take to monetize your food and recipes blog is by becoming an Amazon affiliate. There is without certainty, recipes which will require all kinds of ingredients (that might be rare), as well as cooking equipment/utensils that you can and should recommend to your readers. If they’re interested in that certain recipe, than they’ll know exactly where to go to buy that next.

You can sign-up for Amazon’s Affiliate program here!


#3. Create Your Own Cookbook

Cookbook ExampleHow about creating your own cookbook and placing that in the sidebar of your food & recipes blog? This is perfect for those looking to make 100% profit on their own creation. Not to mention that the only thing you’re losing here is a bit of real estate on your website and the chance at making more money.

If people are already enjoying the food and recipes shared on your blog, than you can be sure that they’ll be interested in a cookbook (with exclusive recipes, I’d hope) that you’ve made. FoodNetwork.com is a great example of a popular food network, which features cookbooks produced by some of their bestselling authors.

Need help creating your own Cookbook? Try the following resources!


#4. Use Of Reputable Recipe Affiliate Programs

If you do a quick search for “Food & Recipe Affiliate Programs,” you’ll find a ton of options to begin monetizing your content. The most important thing is you really use and get involved with those affiliate programs so you know what exactly it is your promoting to your readers.

Top 3 Food & Recipe Affiliate Programs

Food52.com – Great food blog that sells all kinds of cookware and gifts for the kitchen. They even have a wedding registry as well. Food52 offers a 6% commission, 7-day cookie, and an average sale of $80 per order. Good affiliate program for individuals that emphasize cookware and kitchen utensils on their blog.

ShopTasteOfHome.com – Great selection of cookbooks, cookware, and kitchen appliances. They offer a 10-12% commissions with a VIP commission structure based on your selling performance.

GormetFoodStore.com – Gourmet food marketplace with specialty foods and gourmet gifts. Gourmet Food Store offers a 6-day cookie for returning visitors and a 10% commission on all purchases.


#5. Create a Cooking Guide

In addition to creating a cookbook, you could always create a guide sharing your favorite cooking tips. Teach your readers on how to take their cooking to the next level or even teach them how to create their own recipes.

Use ideas from books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble that have already been published for additional inspiration. Here is an example of a list of Amazon books teaching individuals how to cook.


Food & Recipes Blog Overview

By combining a number of these techniques, you can most certainly create a successful food & recipes blog, without any issues in regards to monetizing. Start with what you see is the most fitting for your blog and move onto the next. Always test and see what’s working best and what your readers are most interested in, but a combination of these should prove fruitful.

You could use your sidebar or footer to promote your own cookbook or cooking guide, while using the content itself to recommend different cookware and ingredients from Amazon and other established food & recipe affiliate programs. If your food blog is already receiving thousands of traffic per day, than having some kind of ad network like Google Adsense is definitely a good idea!

Have any questions or need help regarding your food & recipe blog? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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