5 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products


If you’re making sales as an affiliate, you’re earning more and we bet you wouldn’t mind the extra cash. Affiliate marketing can be a fulfilling way to make money online and we want to show you how to master this art to keep your sales numbers solid. All you need to do is simply divert a significant amount of traffic to an offer page and once traffic starts to convert, you get paid as an affiliate.

If you have a good product that needs promotion you can skip the long man hours put into creating a highly efficient sales pages that converts leads to buyers. It isn’t as easy as blowing up an affiliate link all over social media to get traffic and sales so it’s important you employ certain methods in order to create goodwill with the audience.

If we take social media, Facebook to be more exact, then you might know how they are trying to keep sales-related posts out of their news-feed, which is great for user experience. Same goes for Twitter. That’s why it’s important to have a proper affiliate sales strategy.


Here are 5 basic ways to make more sales as an affiliate:


1. Quality Content is Imperative

As mentioned earlier, social media doesn’t like product or service oriented posts because they are designed from the perspective of human beings and we consider such posts skeptical. So why not use the same strategy social media uses? Why not share organic content audiences enjoy reading? This is a great way to make more long-term sales and revenue.

When you create quality content that’s centered around people, you’ll get great readership. All the while, you can add an affiliate link, one which is redirected and looks completely natural and non-forced, so that they land on the sales page.

The content itself can be in multiple formats. See them in detail:

One great methodology to promote a product is by first buying it yourself. This makes it easier to sell the product to others, if you are writing the content from a personal point of view. If it’s a Youtube video, your viewers will love to see the product in your own hand.

There is a WordPress plugin known as Lightbox which is very effective at capturing emails and subscribers. Check this link out which has great things to say about how Lightbox improves conversion rates.

Finally, it is very important that you use images. One of the biggest reasons Instagram and Pinterest are doing great at affiliate marketing is because of their picture-oriented platform. If you have interesting pictures of the product, well and good. If the product is the website itself then simply take a screenshot of the site. Either way, include those in your social media posts, blogs, Youtube videos and newsletters.


2. Social Media Will Help Grow Your Email List

Social media can be used to build your email list which you can use to send out affiliate emails (blog links, youtube video links, podcast links or newsletters). Go with affiliate posts that have organic content, not just simple promotional links because you can be banned altogether.

The list created through social media is more reliable as you are looking at increased chances of conversions. Stack up that email list because the bigger it is the more traffic is attracted towards the sales page, and that means more money for you. Gathering emails is easy if you have gained the trust of your audience and that can only be done if you’ve been giving them quality content to read and quality products or services to buy.

There are several email-list generation tools that you can choose from in this list, and several e-mail marketing techniques as well which you can find here.


3. Promote Only High Quality Offers

If you’re promoting high quality offers, products or services then that’s a win-win for everyone. The customers who are buying get a great deal, the affiliate (you) gets more sales and in return more money. Additionally, the content developer gets the opportunity to work harder and get more money and the biggest advantage is for the one who’s getting those affiliate sales from you. Thanks to you, their product is better sold and for you, that means more money.


4. Efficient Affiliate Redirect Link

These days users have become smarter and why not? There are all kinds of viruses and bot generated links that can do their private data harm. In the midst of all this internet-noise, users can easily detect a raw affiliate URL, but what can you do about this? There are several re-direct tools that you can use to create cleaner and more attractive links that audiences find appealing.

You can use a file called index.php to redirect files that are present on your server. Here is a simple code that can be inserted to make sure the redirect is effective:


header( ‘Location: http://xyz.com/‘ ) ;



5. Autoresponder Emails Are Essential

There are several autoresponder email and marketing tools. Check out this link to see how you can use it to stay in touch with subscribers, while scheduling quality content to be sent to them so that you are selling products through affiliate links 24\7.

That sums it up. You can make thousands of dollars by making more sales as an affiliate. Use the methods and links mentioned above to get a good grasp on it.

Affiliate marketing has become a thriving industry and an affordable business model. If you’re reading this as an ambitious entrepreneur, check out this guide for more information on starting your own affiliate marketing business. We wish you the best in all your money-making endeavors!

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