8 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Niche Targeted


Many times when choosing a niche, you might feel inclined to want to cover that entireProfitable Niche Business Ideas niche. But in general, a more defined and targeted niche can lead to greater success for your website. The reason being that you can more easily develop yourself as an authority and expert within a niche that is more defined.

But that isn’t the only reason you should want to keep your niche targeted. The following list consist of 10 more reasons of why you’d be better off with a targeted niche that you could always expand down the line if need be.


#1. More Targeted Audience

In my experience the more targeted your niche, the more targeted your audience, which can lead to better conversions and more sales down the line. Most people when searching on Google are looking for some kind of specific information and the greater in detail you can go into on that subject, the more informed and engaged your audience will be. Not only that, but they’ll see that all the other information on that website is highly related to what they are searching for, also resulting in more potential page views and a lower bounce rate for your website.

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#2. Less Competition

By keeping your niche more targeted and narrowly defined, you’ll ultimately face a lot less competition. Google will see this and realize what your websites topic is on and thus, send you more relevant visitors to your website. On the other hand, if you were to create a website trying to cover every topic known to man, you’ll more than likely find a hard time ranking in the SERPs. This is because Google would much rather prefer ranking a more defined niche website than a general website that might not be as engaging for your visitors


#3. Gives You a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The more targeted and defined your niche is, the more of an upper-hand advantage you have amongst the competition as well. By having a narrowly defined niche, you also have a unique selling proposition or USP. Your USP is what will differentiate you from other competing sites and show others that you truly are an expert in that narrowly defined niche and is what will set you apart from larger and other more competitive niche sites.


#4. Easier To Build Your Brand & Define Your Audience

It is much harder to define your target audience and build your brand if you don’t know who or what your aiming at. By focusing on a specific audience in your niche, you’ll be able to build a much stronger relationship with your readers through your content. But if you focus on a niche that’s too general and too large, it’ll be that much harder to try and connect with your readers. That’s why you want to make sure that your niche is defined enough that will allow you to connect with them on a more personal level.


Why You Should Keep Your Niche Targeted


#5. Lets You Establish a Greater Presence On Social Media

Usually when somebody joins a group or page on social media, that topic is very defined. It usually relates to some sort of interest or hobby and many of the times it can get even more targeted than that. People want to feel apart of something and by keeping them up to date on the latest within your thoroughly defined niche, it will allow you to establish a greater presence and attract a more engaged audience.


#6. Allows You To Connect & Build Relationships With Other Niche Bloggers

Another benefit of having a thoroughly defined niche is the fact that it will allow you to connect with other bloggers in that same niche. It will allow you to write guest posts for their blogs and connect in a way that you couldn’t if your niche was more general.


#7. Richer Content

Most importantly is the fact that a targeted niche will allow you to write richer content. You’ll be much more thoroughly detailed in your writing, which will in-turn allow you to inform your audience about everything within that niche. One problem that often comes to mind is running out of things to write about and I even thought that might be the case within my own niche. But the benefits of this is that it leads to you getting more in-depth and more detailed in your writing, thus allowing you to cover everything there is on that topic, which leads to my next point.


#8. More Traffic

There is no doubt about it that a more targeted niche can and will lead to more traffic. By being more detailed within your content you’ll be found for more long-tailed keywords; keywords that usually most people within your niche might have not even thought about or considered. More importantly is this traffic will be so much more targeted, more engaged, and more likely to convert.


Importance Of a Targeted Niche

The importance of having a defined niche can not be emphasized enough. There is nothing more important than having a truly engaged audience within your content and giving them the information they ask for. Not only does this lead to a stronger relationship between you and your readers, but gives them a reason to want to buy from you and not someone else.

It makes you look like a leader and expert and is what allows you to establish yourself as an authority in both the eyes of Google and your readers. Having a defined niche will give you the upper hand advantage in so many ways.

It is better to be more detailed within your content than simply writing vague information causing your readers to lose interest and look the other way for another website that can give them better content and information. When all is said and done, you really don’t have a niche that is too general. So if ever in doubt, go targeted and start to relate with your readers. It will make the world a difference in your efforts!

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