Amazon vs. Clickbank: Which Affiliate Program Is Better?

Two Of Today’s Best Affiliate Programs

In today’s post we’re going to take a look at two of today’s largest affiliate programs on the internet. Both Amazon and Clickbank are being widely used by affiliate marketers as a way of monetizing their site. If you’re trying to decide between the two, than this post will give you a better feel of the right affiliate program for you. While Clickbank completely consists of online digital products, Amazon consists of both digital and physical products.

Depending on your niche, one affiliate program might work better than another. But if there is one thing I know, it’s that Amazon can feel like a superior option because of the need for physical products. While there are most-certainly highly sought out products on Clickbank as well, it’s important you are able to distinguish between these two programs. That’s because the program you use will greatly depend on what it is that your visitors are looking for and the type of content offered on your site.

While Amazon is a perfect fit for those blogs used to promote physical products, Clickbank is the kind of program used to promote digital products.


Who Should Use Clickbank?

If you’re a blogger looking to promote digital products on your site, then Clickbank could be a good option for you. There are an endless number of digital products in a large number of niches. These niches include arts & entertainment, betting, business & investing, computers, e-marketing, cooking, education, employment, fiction, games, green products, health, home & garden, language, politics, and more. Almost any blogger in any niche should be able to find an affiliate product on Clickbank. Question is, how good is that product and is it something you’d use yourself? In order to find out, it’s imperative that you try it out yourself first.

The Clickbank marketplace is huge, established, and provides a solid opportunity to promote products for all kinds of bloggers. If you have an audience that might have an interest in downloading digital products or things like e-courses and tutorials, then using Clickbank could potentially give you an increase in your blog’s income. What’s especially great about Clickbank is that a hop link cookie has a 60 day duration. This means that if your visitor were to click on a Clickbank link on your site and make a purchase 2-months later, you would still receive that commission.

With each Clickbank product, you are also able to see different statistics associated with each product. Gravity for example, is a very important metric showing you how popular that product currently is and how well it is performing. You’re also able to see the average amount of money made per sale and whether there is a recurring structure associated with that product with the avg % re-bill statistic.

If promoting digital products on your site isn’t on your to do list, then choosing Amazon might be a wise idea. To sign up for Clickbank’s affiliate program, visit this link. To become a registered Clickbank affiliate, you will need your website address, personal information, banking information, and account information.


Who Should Use Amazon?

Bloggers with a very product-oriented site should most definitely choose Amazon over Clickbank. Even with a 24-hour cookie (as opposed to Clickbank’s 60 day cookie), Amazon converts and converts well. Every click that results in a purchase within 24 hours will earn you a commission on any product.

More importantly is the fact that Amazon is one of the most highly reputable and trustworthy online retailers in the world making even more sense as to why you should want to choose Amazon as a way for monetizing your site. Products on Amazon covers all sorts of niches, from sports & outdoors, home & garden, beauty, health, automotive, movies, music, games, electronics, computers, clothing, jewelry, and more. The list is endless and as long as your blog is very product-oriented, Amazon will be an excellent fit for your site.

To become an Amazon Affiliate, visit this link and click on “Join Now for Free.” To become an Amazon Affiliate, you will need your website address, personal information, and banking information.

The question therefore, doesn’t come down to which is the better affiliate program, but which one is better for your specific site. Find out what it is your visitors are looking for and give it to them using the affiliate program that fits their needs.

While Amazon will convert better on a product-oriented site, Clickbank could be the ideal choice for an audience looking for specific tutorials, lessons, and e-courses. Trying to make sales on this site for example, as an Amazon affiliate simply wouldn’t make sense since this site solely focuses on online marketing and not physical or retail products.

In terms of conversion, I would say both Amazon & Clickbank convert extremely well, which is the reason why they have two of the most popular affiliate programs today. The most important aspect here is to therefore, find what works best for your site and finding the products that you yourself would also use.


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  1. Thank you for this article. I see that the guitar niche has a very low selling gravity on Clickbank, so I think by following your article recommendations it would be better to try to monetize it with Amazon. Thanks :)

    • Great idea Ned. Another option is to test both Clickbank and Amazon and seeing which program converts better overtime. But if you’re more comfortable promoting physical products, then Amazon would make the most sense!

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