Animoto Review 2017 – How Useful Is It?

By | June 20, 2017

Product: AnimotoAnimoto Review For 2017!

Type: Video & Slideshow Creator

Price: Based on yearly or monthly membership plans.

Options include: Personal, Professional, and Business.

14-Day free trial is also included.

Best For: Online marketers/advertising, event planning, & presentations.

Recommended? Yes.


What Is Animoto?

Animoto is an easy to use, intuitive video slideshow software that’s implemented countless of upgrades and fixes through the years. Resulting in one of the most user-friendly video creating software’s for individuals, Animoto has helped give new meaning and life to content, both online and off.

In this review, we will take a close look at the features and aspects that make this software so special and why I recommend Animoto for those looking to create videos of inspiration.

But most importantly, I should note that Animoto creates slide-share based videos meaning your final production could consist of elements like images, video clips, voice, and text-overlay. Ultimately, Animoto can be seen as more of a presentation tool than anything else.

Whether you’re a business professional, video marketer, student, or teacher, Animoto allows you to create attention-grabbing videos for just about any occasion you can think of.

Events that I believe helped Animoto stand head over heels in recent years are things like graduation parties, birthdays, and anniversaries, where it allows individuals to easily showcase special moments.

Same can be said for more professional events, such as business meetings and presentations that require a sense of professionalism. But what you’ll surely come to love most about Animoto is how easy it is to operate and how it can be used for any niche or event.

If there is one distinct feature between Animoto and other software alternatives, it’s how easy it can be to make an amazing clip or slideshow in record time.

Not to mention the apps mobile-friendliness allowing you to instantly create videos on your desktop, tablet, iPhone, or Android and then sharing those onto social media.

This, of course, can have its own drawbacks as well as it places a restriction on how you might want to customize certain videos. Upgrades over the years have helped remedy this, allowing you to specify more preferences.

At the end of the day, most Animoto videos can result in a gorgeous and even beautifully sounding video (thanks to their wide selection of commercially licensed music).

Without further or due, let’s discuss the 2017 version of Animoto and how it could potentially help you make an unforgettable first, second, or third impression!


Who Is Animoto For?

Animoto is for everyone who wants to get their hands on a fabulous video producing software without having to learn all the ins and outs of much more complex software out there.

It is also great for those who want to mass produce high-quality videos quickly and efficiently due to the ease in which you can simply integrate aspects like images and music into your video.

As mentioned above, Animoto is more of a slide-sharing tool than an actual video creator as it uses images to create your video for you, which is very important to keep in mind. We’ll also be showing you another highly inspirational Animoto slideshow example right after this.

When it comes to using Animoto, it can be best used for a wide range of people & events such as: wedding receptions, graduations, birthdays, vacations, family reunions, anniversaries, students, teachers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, photographers, family, companies, and more.

Here is one example of a real estate business using Animoto to brand themselves, while showing off their products and services in the process.


Animoto Pricing & Features – How Much Is It?

In this section, we’re going to look at the different pricing options and the kind of features that come with each. I think it’s the most logical way to approach the rest of the review as it gives a better perspective into the online software as a whole.

As you’ll notice their pricing structure is a bit different and those who pay for an annual membership up-front gives you 50% in savings. If you decide to go on a monthly plan, the monthly cost can be up to twice as much.

This is actually a very important point of this review as complaints on EdShelf have indicated that some individuals had no idea they would sometimes get charged a whole year in advance. Some have labeled Animoto as a possible scam with poor billing practices and not much in the way of customer service, but I can’t tell you with certainty if that’s the case. I’ve personally never experienced any of these issues when using Animoto.


#1. Free Trial Membership

The first option for new Animoto users is their 14-day free trial that allows you to experience the platform and video creating software itself. Despite the free trial’s lack of perfection, it’ll allow you to immediately begin creating your own videos.

The free trial can be seen as more of an experimentation or trial run more than anything else as the Animoto waterproof mark is evident on all freely produced videos.

To remove the watermark, you would have to upgrade to a Professional or Business account.

Free Trial Features:

Great for experimenting with the software.

Allows you to sample with different video layouts and styles.

Lasts for 14-days, which you’ll then need to upgrade.


#2. Personal Account Membership & Price

The personal account can be viewed as a great option for anyone looking to use it outside of work or for something more casual and non-professional. The personal account isn’t one you would want to use if the videos are for a business presentation or similar since the Animoto logo cannot be removed.

That means your audience will know where that video came from and could indicate less professionalism. Those looking to use it for personal use, or maybe even for a one-time event like a birthday or party should have no problems with the Personal Account.

If you intend on using Animoto fairly heavily and for a range of events or presentations should find more use and benefits with a Professional account, which also uses better video quality.

Personal Account Features:

Price starts at $16 per month, when paid on a monthly basis.

Yearly price is $8 per month, when paid on an annual basis.

Video production is complete in 720p video resolution – videos are watermarked.

Over 70 design rich video styles are included.

Also comes with 500 music tracks.


#3. Professional Account Membership & Price

When it comes to the Professional plan, you’ll find you have a lot more control in how you create your videos and being able to really brand those videos.

Whether you’re a small company, entrepreneur, business professional, or student, going with the professional can be preferential for a number of reasons. For one, there is no Animoto watermark or logo on the videos and two, the video quality is much better with its 1080p resolution.

Either way, the Personal and Professional accounts are much more suitable for smaller entities, while the business plan is great for larger business and corporations.

Professional Account Features:

Most popular plan on Animoto.

Price starts at $42 per month, when paid on a monthly basis.

Yearly price is $22 per month, when paid on an annual basis.

Video production is done in 1080p video resolution. Allows for brand-ability with use of your own logo & custom brand colors.

Includes 70+ design rich video styles and 20+ premium video styles.

Includes features like voice-over recording, pre-built story boards, and advanced text control.

Includes 2,000 commercially licensed music tracks. Comes with a re-seller account to consumers as well.


#4. Business Account Membership & Price

Last but not least, we have the Business plan, which is very similar to the professional plan we recently discussed. It uses the same 1080p video quality, video styles, and brand-ability options.

Major differences between the Professional and Business plan include 3,000 commercially licensed music tracks, instead of 2,000 and the fact that it also comes with a reseller license to business, instead of just consumers as with the Professional plan.

There are a couple other minor differences, which we’ll note down below as well. But overall, if you’re a business looking for more avenues to brand yourself, you’ll either want to go with the Professional or Business plan.

Business Plan Features:

Price starts at $64 per month, when paid on a monthly basis.

Yearly price is $34 per month, when paid on a yearly basis.

Video production done in 1080p resolution.

Same video layouts and brand-ability options as the Professional plan (except it includes 3,000 music tracks).

Allows you to resell your videos to other businesses and clients.

Comes with a 30-minute phone consultation and the ability to add additional team members as users on Animoto.


How To Create a Video On Animoto – Video Tutorial

Once you’re aware of all the settings and options that comes with your Animoto membership, creating videos online couldn’t be any easier or fun.

Uploading video clips, images, and overlays is a breeze and can allow you to complete a final production within hours, if not less.

It’s important however to get a good layout of the foundation and become familiar with all the Animoto aspects beforehand.

Here is an excellent video on Animoto that I found to be particularly helpful, as it walks you through all the customization options available.


Pros Of Animoto

Easy to use software with very friendly user interface. Videos can be produced quickly & efficiently from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Allows you to also upload your own music, images, and video clips.

Comes with a 14-day free trial used to give the software a test-run for your money.

Good number of upgrade options with features that are great for individuals, businesses, and educators.

Great alternative to other trickier or more complex video-producing softwares.

Great way to turn your online content into a slideshow masterpiece.

Could be a great way to brand your business, give a presentation, or to showcase special events and memories.

Awesome growing selection of commercially licensed tracks and visually stunning styles to choose from.

Help & support can be requested through the Animoto Help Center.

Includes an affiliate program & re-seller account for online marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs!


Cons Of Animoto

More experienced video producers might prefer something more advanced.

Limitations on customization options and video producing capabilities.

Watermark and logo can’t be removed from free and personal memberships.

If you don’t pay for a year in advance, you’ll need to resort to paying double the membership.


Best Animoto Alternatives & Conclusion

There is no doubt that what Animoto has to offer is completely unique in its own right. It’s also a software that will only appeal to those looking to produce a slideshow styled video or preview than perhaps a ten or twenty minute video tutorial. For that, you would most likely need an actual video editing software.

For what Animoto has to offer and for its relatively affordable price, this isn’t a software you can go wrong with if you’re looking for something truly attention grabbing.

Animoto videos however, have its place and time and are best used for get togethers, events, meetings, and as a way for businesses to get their name out there.

What you might be wondering right now is what are the Animoto alternates out there? Some awesome Animoto alternatives that are very similar and might be worth a look include and WeVideo.

Otherwise, I believe Animoto offers a pretty high-quality service that shouldn’t be overlooked and can especially prove useful for one-time events like graduations, wedding, receptions, etc. So what are you waiting for.. Give it a try and let’s see how good your video-producing talents truly are! :)

Have any questions regarding Animoto or any aspects of it? I’d love to hear more on your experience with Animoto below and what you may have found in regards to other Animoto alternatives as well!

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