ASEA Scam Review – Latest MLM Water Company!

Product: Asea MLM Water Review - False Use Of "Redox Signaling!"
Opportunity Type: MLM/Independent Distributor
Overall Rank: Scam! (15/100)


Can you believe just for a minute that there is an MLM business and compensation structure created for the selling of water? We’re not talking about just any water. But a highly over-priced form of salt-infused water!asea scam water review

It’s a bit troubling to hear about anyone wanting to join an opportunity that is being sold based on the sole premise of marketing water in your own campaign structure..

Honestly, while the company legitimately claims the skies to be the limit within their own Independent Distributor Compensation Plan, it was hard for me to believe people could actually make money by promoting Asea; both as a product for consumers and business opportunity!


The Asea Company claims that they have approximately close to 32 various pattens related to this water. However, this has been scientifically researched and proven as highly erroneous.

If in-fact the Asea Company was truly able to develop a product primarily based upon the selling of water, at its own highly molecular level, exactly how would you individually go about distributing both the product and company opportunity to others?

Seems a bit out of the ordinary doesn’t it!


Asea water when first developed had immediately implemented their MLM opportunity, one that is becoming more global in nature. Given the fact Asea has lied about their very own patents, have gone through various lawsuits and false claims, when it comes to the truth of Asea’s intentions, they become as clear as a new car window.

asea scam review

Essentially, the motive behind Asea is to develop a highly-desirable commodity, or rather a need that individuals worldwide would have potential interest in – In the case of Asea, they chose WATER to be that resourceful commodity, in which they could then attempt in producing an income stream by using various marketing ploys and tactics to attain proper attention and traction to their very own opportunity.


Just like most MLM corporations out there, Asea proves to be no different. Except for one small distinguishable fact that its deceit and lies of its water benefits are proven to be completely erroneous. Hence, if you were to join this opportunity, one small detail to keep in mind is not only are you joining an opportunity that the public has become to see as nearly worthless, but by also offering products that have no benefits to the consumer side.

According to Asea here is what Asea water is composed with to quote..

“ASEA waters composed of (more than) billions of stable, perfectly balanced Redox Signaling Molecules that are suspended inside a pristine saline solution—these are the same molecules which exist in our human body cells.”

Note: According to various Asea Water lawsuits, these claims are highly deceiving, not to mention its water is composed of nothing more than an added tablespoon or two, of salt!

Asea’s response to this claim has been to quote…

We utilize a mixture of about sixteen various chemically recombined products made of salt and water with completely new chemical products, which have all various kinds of antioxidant health benefits for human health and athletic performance by our unique use of redox signaling.”


As you can tell there’s not much more to be said about this company. For those interested in the selling of “bogus” water at a way too highly premium price, then I guess Asea may just be a good fit.

On the contrary, specific studies have shown that less than just 5% of Asea representatives have been able to make a bit of money in regards to Asea Waters overall compensation structure and plan, since 2012.

These facts clearly are not all that indicative of a legitimate, trustworthy company to join!

With one of the lowest success rates and both consumer and independent distributor retention rates, it’s not surprising at all to see Asea, even as a highly global company and opportunity not being a very successful company. Even if the water was legitimate, my personal belief would be that the company could not possibly break-even as economically, the demand and supply for highly premium priced “salt” water just does not cut it!

My Overall Verdict & Rank On Asea:

verdict- MLM scam

Overall Rank = 15/100


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