Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Selling Books

One of the easiest kinds of merchandise you can sell online are books. With digital and hard copy versions always available, getting your hands on the latest published work couldn’t be more convenient. With the affiliate programs available today, you have a huge selection of books, movies and video, and even gaming programs you can choose to get involved in. But, which ones do you go with?

In this post, I’ve taken the liberty of doing all the research for you, finding some of the highest paying affiliate programs for books and e-books in 2017. Things I’ve taken into account include the brand, reputation, commission rates, and cookie duration. These are all important aspects for providing the best user experience possible while ensuring you achieve the best conversions.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a blog or content review website, you are sure to find some of the best affiliate programs to begin incorporating into your content. Below are 2017’s top 10 affiliate programs for books and e-books.

Hopefully, you’ll find something that is applicable and works in sync with your content. Lastly, if you haven’t checked out WA, I highly recommend checking out their affiliate marketing training, which I find to be some of the best in the affiliate marketing industry!



Biblio Affiliate Program

Are you looking to promote the best and most rare out-of-print books on your blog? If that’s the case, than Biblio is the perfect affiliate program for you. As the 46th most popular e-commerce bookstore in the world, you can come to trust and rely on this bookstore to make sales for you.

With access to over 65 million used and rare books in store, users can be sure to find some of their most favorite hidden gems. They also offer used college textbooks at a deep discount for students. The commission rate is set at 5% for every book sold below $500 and $25 on every book sale made over $500. Here is more information on the Biblio affiliate program.



Chronicle Books Affiliate Program

With its reach of a couple hundred thousand visitors per month, one could consider Chronicle Books to be a wonderfully accepted contender on our list. It’s a simple and easy shop to browse through, which is what makes this e-commerce store so special.

Other features of this site is their emphasis on books for children, kids, and teens, and their popular stationary and journal category. But what you’ll come to love even more about this affiliate program is their higher than average 10% commission rate. It’s the perfect affiliate program for book bloggers, reviewers, marketers, stationary fans, and more.

Whether you’re presence is on social media or your own website or blog, Chronicle Books provides you with a wonderful opportunity to get involved in. While there is no mention of a cookie tracking duration, users can apply to the affiliate program through LinkShare for free.



Thrift Books Affiliate Program

Only interested in promoting and selling used books? Then why not get thrifty with As one of the largest online sellers of used books in the world, Thrift Books is an excellent option for offering used books at the lowest everyday prices. Visitors might even find some rare and hidden gems in their out-of-print collection.

Having sold over 80 million books to date and achieving over 40,000 5-star ratings, there’s no reason to pass up on this affiliate program. The affiliate program also offers a very generous commission rate, which goes up with the amount in monthly sales you make. The rate can range anywhere 5% to 8%, giving you the wonderful opportunity to scale your affiliate marketing business!

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Books-A-Million Affiliate Program

One of today’s popular and reputable e-commerce stores for selling books and e-books online is Books-A-Million. Having been around for nearly 100-years, you can rest assured this site has all the digital and hard copies of the books your consumers are looking for.

The ability to buy autographed hard-copy versions will also be appreciated by many book enthusiasts. Not only does the Books-A-Million “bookshelf” have books for kids, teens, and adults, but on nearly every genre you can think of. Nothing is more convenient than being able to download e-books directly from the site onto your Android or IOS reader.

In addition, their affiliate program offers a 5% commission rate and extra-long 30-day cookie duration. This means commissions can be made up to 30-days after visitors have clicked your link. Authors can also provide their own links to any self-published books sold on Books-A-Million. Here’s more on their affiliate program!



BetterWorldBooks Affiliate Program

One awesome choice when it comes to selling books as an affiliate is BetterWorldBooks. The reason this is such a great choice is because of their huge international presence, accompanied by free shipping across the world. Talk about an incentive to buy all your books right then and there.

If you have visitors landing on your book review website or blog from all over the world, then this is one excellent choice for you to consider. That isn’t the only aspect that makes BetterWorldBooks such a great choice. This is a company that has an appreciation for charity and our earthly environment.

With over 23 million books donated to date, nearly a quarter of a million books having been recycled with millions in dollars raised for library funding. I simply can’t think of a more appropriate affiliate program to get involved in.

Their affiliate program makes selling easy, profitable, and enjoyable with their 5% to 8% commission rates, paid to affiliates on a monthly basis. Those interested in BetterWorldBooks can view more here!



Book Depository Affiliate Program

Ranked as the 7th most popular online e-commerce store for books in the world is the Book Depository. Other than its fantastic name, Book Depository is a great option for visitors browsing through the best-selling books of all-time in any genre.

Looking for the best-selling crime & thriller books, best-selling books for romantics, or how about the most popular cookbooks for the kitchen ever published?  No problem. The Book Depository can help visitors find all these and more. Its huge catalog of best-sellers listed directly on the homepage will only benefit conversions.

While the affiliate program only offers a 5% commission rate, there is no doubt that this is one shop your visitors will love browsing through on a daily basis. With more than 17 million book titles available and free worldwide shipping for everyone, the Book Depository’s affiliate program effortlessly takes a top spot on our list for 2017!

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Smashwords Affiliate Program

One of my personal favorite websites for monetizing a book review site is Smashwords. This website is more than just an online bookstore, but works as a publishing platform that offers e-books by independent publishers. The reason why incorporating a site like Smashwords can be so beneficial is because it allows users to freely publish and purchase e-books on the site.

The 72,000 available e-books for free also give users an extra incentive to continue exploring and to use it on a daily basis. But more importantly might be the fact that the site offers a very generous 11% to 80% of the sales price in commission. The more sales you make on a monthly basis, the higher your commission rate becomes.

I think it’s safe to say, that those looking to earn the highest commission or revenue per book would do excellent with an affiliate program like Smashwords. Not to mention that this site has most certainly become a ‘hit’ among publishers and readers alike, ranked as the 15th most popular online bookstore in the world and attracting close to two million visitors per month!



eBooks Affiliate Program

Perhaps the only mission of your site is to promote digital e-books. In that case you may want to look into the well-established Having been around since 2000, this site has offered e-books on every genre and subject you can imagine. Audiences love this site due to the convenience of being able to purchase and download e-books right onto your desktop or tablet. Not to mention, they have an extremely generous commission schedule if that’s what you’re looking for.

Affiliates benefit not only from its higher than average commission rates, but from its 45-day tracking cookie as well. Commissions start at a ‘cool’ 8% for affiliates making under $499 per month. The highest commission percentage that can be earned is 15% for affiliates earning over $2,000 per month. This gives you an amazing opportunity to scale and leverage your business overtime. While the website itself might not be as popular as other book-selling brands, this is one awesome program for affiliates to get their hands on nonetheless. Start selling online e-books with!



AbeBooks Affiliate Program

Interested in becoming an affiliate for one of today’s largest book-selling stores online? Ranked as the 7th most popular website in books and literature, AbeBooks is a perfect option for affiliates. Visitors using the site’s advanced search feature will be able to search for and find millions of new, used, and rare books available.

Book collections can be browsed through by subject and genre, while textbooks on all kinds of subjects for students and educators can also be found. So whether your blog is focused on reading for kids, adults, students in school, or individuals looking for the rarest books known to man, AbeBooks can most-certainly be of assistance.

Affiliates of AbeBooks will enjoy their 5% commission rate on all final sales. But, keep in mind that while the commission rate is lower than some previously listed affiliate programs, that you will benefit from increased brand trust and loyalty from those already familiar with AbeBooks.

Increased conversions can further make up for lost commissions, but testing various programs can also be done to see what works best with your audience. Those interested in AbeBooks can sign-up here or through the Impact Radius Network, where you’ll also find some of their most frequently asked questions.

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Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program

As one of today’s largest and most trusted book-selling brands in the world, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Barnes & Noble taking the top spot. Does that mean you should only use Barnes & Noble? No, but dedicating many of your blog posts with links only to Barnes & Noble should only prove beneficial.

As one of the best book affiliate programs to consider, users will enjoy browsing through the plethora of audio-books, e-books, NOOK books, magazines, and textbooks readily available. There is no end to the number and variety of books Barnes & Noble has in stock.

While there is no mention of a commission rate or cookie duration, affiliates can apply for free as a CJ or Commission Junction Publisher. One of the best reasons to get involved with Barnes & Noble is due to a long-established reputation that your visitors are more than likely aware of, and used to purchase from once or twice before. That’s why relevancy and trust always equates to higher and more lucrative sales and conversions.

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