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One of the best ways of making money online is by becoming an affiliate in a niche you love. That niche today is cooking. If you’ve been looking for ways and techniques to monetize and make money with your site, these ten following programs will help you. Let’s say for example, you’ve been creating blog posts or videos based on a specific recipe, well all you need to do in order to monetize that post is recommend some of your favorite cooking tools.

There are many affiliate programs that can help you do this. Just make sure that the offer you are promoting is highly relevant to the foods, techniques, and methods being talked about. That way you’ll be rolling in sales, conversions, and “dough!” Without further or due, let’s check out these top ten affiliate programs for the cooking & recipe niche. Hope you enjoy this post!



Food52 Affiliate ProgramIn addition to cooking tips, tricks, and recipes, Food52 also offers their very own e-commerce store for its many visitors to shop at. Some of their high-quality cooking products include kitchen appliances, bakeware, cookbooks, kitchen linens, tools, knives, and cutting boards. But they also offers tools for the dining table as well like dinnerware and an entire section dedicated to the home, pantry, and outdoors. You’ll be able to find so many food-related products and gifts, you won’t know what to promote on your website. Food52 offers a 6% commission rate, 7 day tracking cookie, and $80 average sale per customer!

Shop Taste Of Home

Shop Taste Of Home Affiliates

Now there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this name once or twice before. Shop Taste Of Home is a very well-known magazine publisher that has plenty of awesome gifts, books and magazine subscriptions you can promote on your site. Some of their well-known editions include Taste Of Home, Simple & Delicious, Country Woman, and Reader’s Digest. They also offer an endless array of cookbooks and planners that visitors are sure to love. Shop Taste Of Home offers affiliates a 10% to 12% commission rate on all products.


HelloFresh AffiliatesInterested in promoting delicious recipes on your website? With HelloFresh, you’ll be offering a way for visitors to cook meals right out the box. That’s because this service delivers a full-box of high-quality ingredients right to your doorstop, making for one of the most enjoyable cooking learning experiences. Not to mention, that this service can be highly relevant to just about cooking niche website out there. HelloFresh Affiliates can earn up to $25 in commission on each sale, which also comes with a 14-day tracking cookie.


One of the best ways of making money in the cooking niche is by promoting a high-quality product you love. What product has gained more love and reputation than the Crock-pot over the past years? These guys are the original Crock-pot inventors that even offer their own generous affiliate program. These guys offer all kinds and types of slow-cookers that you can most-definitely promote on your own website. Crock-pot affiliates benefit from their average order value of $90 or more per customer and 10% commission on all qualifying sales.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef AffiliatesIf you’re looking to promote some amazing outdoor cooking products, then try These guys offer all sorts of goodies for the outdoor grilling enthusiast. The kind of products you can expect on Camp Chef include Woodwind grills, camping stoves, portable ovens, grills & smokers, fire pits, cast iron, and all kinds of accessories. Now what more fun way of making money with your website? Camp Chef affiliates earn a 10% commission payout with each link including a 30-day tracking cookie.

Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen AffiliatesOne of my personal favorite affiliate programs when it comes to cooking is Stonewall Kitchen. That’s because they offer some of the best tasting jams & jellies I’ve ever tried. But that’s not all they offer. As a Stonewall Kitchen affiliate, you’ll be promoting everything from their unique line of beverages, dressings, oils, pastas, sauces, and so much more. They even sell all the kitchen cookware you can imagine, so you’ll be able to promote & make money with those too. Affiliates of Stonewall earn a 8% baseline commission rate.


CookSmart AffiliatesIf you’re looking to add a bit of diversity to your cooking & recipe site, then try CookSmarts affiliate program. CookSmarts offers their own uniquely designed meal plan service that allows for a wonderfully awesome cooking experience. They have two options for members; a free taste test and a monthly subscription that offers new weekly cooking plans. Service features include a 1-click grocery list, weekend prep, how-to cooking videos, dieting options, and more. CookSmart affiliates earn anywhere from a 30% to 50% commission rate depending on your net sales and get paid on the first week of every month.


ThriveMarket AffiliatesAnother one of my favorite cooking & recipe affiliate programs you can join and one I’m actually a member of is ThriveMarket. The reason I really like their program and store is because the amount of attention they give to their affiliates. It’s a fairly high-paying program as well and offers an amazing selection of healthy and organic foods in store. Thrive Market pays on a membership basis, meaning you earn $25 for every person who becomes a member of Thrive Market. Great choice if you have a blog that focuses mainly on organic foods and supplements.

The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company AffiliatesIf you have a blog that focuses on fruits, chocolates, and desserts, then definitely give The Fruit Company a go. These guys offer some of the best gift baskets and boxes that are just too hard to give up. One of the best things they offer though is their exotic monthly fruit club where they ship exotic fruits to your doorstep every month. If this sounds like something your audience might be interested in, then you can earn some commissions with this as well. The affiliate program offers a 10% commission per sale and usually has around a wonderful 5% conversion rate.

cooking affiliate programThere’s a good chance if you do manage your own cooking & recipe niche blog, that you’ve mentioned a fantastic wine once or twice before for cooking. Well, make sure that if and when you do, you’re also creating links to the item so you don’t miss out on any commissions. offers all the various red and white wines you can imagine and really makes the money earning process easy. They also have awesome gift baskets you can promote as well. Currently, there is no mention of a specific commission rate on the products you sell.

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