Best Affiliate Programs For Perfume & Cologne

There are an endless number of cologne and perfume affiliate programs out there. Many brands would love to get their name out there and what more perfect outlet, then on your blog?

If you have a blog on fashion or are looking to promote the best-smelling fragrances, then this post is for you. From budget-friendly perfumes to the most luxurious fragrances, here we help you decide on what to promote on your blog.

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So make sure to hang around for awhile and browse through the following list. That way you’ll get a good idea of the kind of affiliate programs and commission rates to expect in the fragrance selling industry. Without further or due, here are our top 10 picks!

Fragrance Shop

Fragrance Shop Affiliates

The first cologne and perfume affiliate program on our list is the Fragrance Shop. This lovely e-commerce store offers men’s cologne, women’s perfume, gift sets, oil, skin care, hair care, beauty, and bath & body products. Their fragrance brands include some of the best like Versace, Burberry, Polo, Nautica, Jimmy Choo, and many more.

It’s the perfect one-stop shop, not just for fragrances, but for beauty, bath, and body products too. Their affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate on all products, while offering a variety of banners and creatives that may also be used on your site. You can sign-up for the Fragrance Shop affiliate program here.


Feel Unique

Feel Unique Affiliate Program

Feel Unique is another good choice for offering fragrances on your blog. The shop however, promotes much more than perfume, but also has an array of hair, bath & body, skin, shaving, and healthy living products. Select fragrances are offered for both men and women.

They also offer home scents and fragrances, as well as over 20,000 products that can be promoted on your site. The Feel Unique affiliate program offers a 5% to 7 % commission rate and a 1-2 month tracking cookie for returning visitors. Now that’s a deal!

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Sephora Perfume Affiliate Program

Now I know many of the women out there are going to like this one. Believe it or not, but Sephora actually has an affiliate program open to bloggers like yourself. If you ever wanted to make money with your favorite beauty or fragrance brand, now is your chance. Sephora offers a wide-selection of not just perfumes, but makeup and skincare products as well. This could be a great fit for your blog.

They also offer some very high-end fragrances, which could be a great addition to your website. Some of their famous brands include Hermes, Versace, Prada, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, and much more. They have a very large selection when it comes to fragrance. With Sephora, you have over 13,000 top-quality products to promote and are able to earn commissions on all products. Feel free to fill out an affiliate application!



Macy's Affiliate Program for Perfume

One excellent affiliate program that is so well-known around the world and could be very beneficial to your blog is Macy’s. This is a perfect go-to option if you need a store that you can use to promote a wide variety of perfumes and colognes on your own website.

This is especially beneficial if you need to promote more than just fragrances, but clothing, beauty, jewelry, and whatever else this giant retailer has in store. Macy affiliates further benefit from their 14,000 product catalog, a 10-day tracking cookie, and an average purchase value of $120.



Nordstrom Perfume Affiliate Program

Another widely known store you can decide to promote is Nordstrom, which offers fragrance, perfumes, and colognes, for men and women. Of course, that’s not all they offer, which makes it a good choice for blogs who promote a variety of fashion and clothing items as well. Not to mention the store offers an immensely large fragrance selection with over 2,000 products to choose from.

One of the best things about their online store is the ability to choose from and select by mood, occasion, scent family, brand, and price, making it convenient to your visitors. The store currently offers up to a 5% commission rate to affiliates and can be signed up through the Rakuten affiliate program found here on their site.


Beauty Encounter

Beauty Encounter Perfume Affiliates

One online shop that is literally filled with one fragrance after the next is Beauty Encounter. They offer perfumes, perfume testers, perfume sample vials, fragrance gift sets, colognes, fragrances for kids, and even pet fragrances. After all, what more could you ask for? If you need fragrances for all kinds of people or animals, then try the Beauty Encounter affiliate program.

In addition to fragrances, they offer a wide selection of bath & beauty, skincare, makeup, and hair products. Trusted since 1999, this is a program you can count on for all your product promotions. They offer over 34,000 products to promote with many designer brands as well. No commission rate or cookie duration is specified, but you’re more than free to get registered!

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Burlington Coat Factory

Best Perfume Affiliate Programs

From fragrance gift sets to designer fragrances, there is no limit to the number of perfumes and colognes offered by Burlington Coat Factory. This could be a great program for you to get involved in that offers a variety of fashion products in a range of categories.

With the Burlington Coat Factory, you’ll find plenty of awesome on-going deals on both men and women’s perfume. Some of their popular brands include Kenneth Cole, Paris Hilton, Perry Ellis, Azzaro, and Versace. If these are the kind of brands you’re looking to promote then try going with them. Their commission rate is set at 5%. Here’s where you can register!


Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor Affiliate Program

If you’re interested in joining one of the oldest luxury department stores in the United States, then try going with Lord & Taylor. They have an excellent selection of fragrances to be chosen for both men and women. Some of their most popular include Coach, Givenchy, Vince Camuto, and many more luxury fragrances.

They also have a wonderfully looking and easy to shop fragrance section within their online eCommerce shop. Lord & Taylor comes highly recommended for their high 10% commission and can be applied to on VigLink!

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