Bitcoclix PTC Review – Scam Or Legit?

Product: BitcoclixBitcoclix PTC


Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free To Join; Expensive Upgrades.

Difficulty: Easy

Earning Potential: Low

Our Rating: 50/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is Bitcoclix?

Bitcoclix is a PTC or paid to click website. Basically, your job as a Bitcoclix member is to click on advertisements in exchange for earnings. There are a number of ways you can increase these earnings, but these increases tend to be very small.

What makes Bitcoclix different from most other paid to click sites is the fact it uses bitcoin for earnings. Instead of actual currency, the only way to make money with Bitcoclix is by withdrawing these bitcoins.

The use of bitcoin seems to be the new trend among PTC websites and it’s no surprise as to why. The use of bitcoins allows these sites to hide the real earnings per view. The use of bitcoin might further make it seem like you’re earning more than you really are.

Nevertheless, we’ll go over the earning potential with Bitcoclix and hopefully help you decide whether you want to use this site in your online marketing ventures!


Bitcoclix Memberships

One of the benefits of Bitcoclix is anyone can sign-up for free. You can even begin earning bitcoins as a free member. So those who are simply looking to earn a few bitcoins here and there, really shouldn’t mind using this website.

Those looking to earn real money however, will probably be disappointed when using these kind of PTC sites. Nevertheless, many individuals look towards the upgraded memberships in hopes of earning more money. But sometimes, the cost of these memberships can totally outweigh the benefits.

Down below we’ll be taking a look at the memberships offered.

Standard – Lifetime Free Membership – 100,000 direct referrals, 25 rented referrals, 7 days between withdrawals, 1% referral ad purchase commission. Membership Cost = 0.00BTC or $0.00

Premium – 30 Day Membership – 100,000 direct referrals, 1000 rented referrals, 6 days between withdrawals, 2% referral ad purchase commission. Membership Cost = 0.01BTC or $39.25

Golden – 90 Day Membership – 100,000 direct referrals, 2000 rented referrals, 5 days between withdrawals, 2% referral ad purchase commission. Membership Cost = 0.03BTC or $117.69

Golden Ring – 180 Day Membership – 100,000 direct referrals, 5000 rented referrals, 4 days between withdrawals, 3% referral ad purchase commission. Membership Cost = 0.05BTC or $196.23

Golden Crown – 365 Day Membership – 100,000 direct referrals, 8000 rented referrals, 3 days between withdrawals, 4% referral ad purchase commission. Membership Cost = 0.08BTC or $313.83

Bitco Ultimate – 365 Day Membership – 1,000,000 direct referrals, 100,000 rented referrals, 1 days between withdrawals, 6% referral ad purchase commission. Membership Cost = 0.50BTC or $1,961.43


How To Earn With Bitcoclix?

Unlike other PTC sites, there is only one primary way of earning with Bitcoclix and that is by viewing advertisements on the site. For every advertisement you view, you get paid in bitcoins.

The only issue with this is the fact that it usually takes a good amount of time to view each advertisement and you hardly get paid much in return.

A single Bitcoclix ad view for example, might only pay you between 0.0000001BTC and 0.000008BTC. Now according to 0.0000001BTC is equal to $0.0033 USD.

Now, can someone please tell me how in the world they can charge up to $1,961 in membership costs when the average member is not even earning one cent per click?

Sure, your earnings can indeed increase with more direct referrals, but hardly to the tune of $2,000. More importantly is the fact this wall is the one and only way of earning with the site.

Also, on the wall they have these fixed advertisements, which I recommend avoiding at all costs. For each fixed advertisement click you receive 10 points. These points can then be converted into 1 BTC once you have reached 100,000,000 points!

In other words, you’ll need to view 10,000,000 advertisements in order to get that 1 BTC! Did somebody say scam?

Lesson of the story: Go ahead and use Bitcoclix. Test it out for yourself and see if the earnings are worth it. But please be careful when buying into overly expensive membership upgrades that might not be of any benefit to you.


Pros Of Using Bitcoclix:

  • Free to join.
  • Possible opportunity to get more bitcoins.


Cons Of Using Bitcoclix:

  • Some users have reported not receiving any payment.
  • Possible signs that the site doesn’t intend to honor withdrawals.
  • Membership upgrades are extremely expensive and uncalled for.
  • Use of bitcoins hides real currency amounts.
  • Only has one advertisement wall for being able to earn on the site.


Bitcoclix Conclusion: Is It a PTC Scam?

In my opinion, Bitcoclix is as far from legitimate as it gets. This is due to a few reasons. The first of which is its extremely expensive upgrade options. Why pay almost $2,000 to try and earn money by clicking on these extremely low paying ads? It doesn’t make any sense.

The second reason is that the fixed ads themselves are worthless, earning you only 10 points per click. What are these points anyway? Well, as we stated these points can be converted, only once you have reached 100,000,000 points. As we probably all already know, this is an impossible task and one that would take years and years.

Not to mention we have heard reports of users who have not been getting paid out in recent weeks, which makes our conclusion of Bitcoclix pretty easy. That is, to stay far away from this site and try your hand at something more legitimate. Click below if you’re interested in seeing how I make money with affiliate marketing.


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