Clicksbux PTC Review – Is It Worth It?

By | January 2, 2017

Clicksbux PTC ReviewProduct: Clicksbux


Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free With Option To Upgrade

Rank: 60/100 – Not Recommended.


Introduction To Clicksbux

Even though Clicksbux, is a completely free-to-join PTC, is it worth your time and effort? In this review we’ll be looking at all that it offers and more specifically at its opportunity for earning online. Over the course of the year, we’ve seen many PTC’s come and go. While some are here for the long-run, others struggle in maintaining a viable user base.

No matter the result, the fact here is that there is rarely any difference across paid to click sites. They all use the same methods of earning and advertising. And while some PTC’s have ads you can click on for higher payouts, the fact is that PTC’s tend to result in low earnings.

Membership Options

Upgrading your membership account can result in somewhat higher earnings, but many times, you’ll find that you actually lose more on the upgrade costs alone. This is due to PTC ads that still payout way too low and a push into a rented referral system that is completely broken. The option to upgrade with Clicksbux however is much better than most PTC sites. You’ll see that they offer a very small number of choices to upgrade from and that the fee to upgrade here is very small. Other PTC sites however, will try charging you $800 for a simple and unjustified yearly membership!

In the case of Clicksbux, there are only 3 options to choose from which are very affordable.

#1. Lifetime Standard Membership – $0.00 to upgrade, completely free membership.

#2. 30 Day Silver Membership – $10.00 30-day membership. A yearly membership would cost $120.

#3. 30 Day Golden Membership – $16.00 30-day membership. A yearly membership would cost $192.

That’s it in regards to upgrading your account. The maximum you could spend on a yearly membership would be $192, which is a lot better than other more expensive PTC sites.


Earning With Clicksbux

With Clicksbux, you have a number of ways to earn. But again, these are the same exact methods you see being used time and time again with other PTC sites. You have your “Viewed Advertisements” wall, which has very small payouts in the range of $.0005 to $.001. You have you “Paid To Signup Offers” section, which is offers better earnings, but requires you to complete tasks (sometimes for a week) at the request of the user.

Then you have all the additional walls the consist of nothing more than completing surveys, downloading apps, and other various offers and trials. Even though I have nothing against these, it’s important to note that they still don’t payout much, take up a lot of time, and can feel very spammy at times, especially when asking for personal information.

These walls would include the PTCWall, Clicks Wall, SuperRewards, OfferToro, AdworkMedia, and Peanut Labs. In prior years, all PTC’s would use was a simple advertisement wall with ads for members to click on. It wasn’t until recently, most of today’s PTC’s began to incorporate these other methods of earnings, which I still have not found to be of any real value. You also have the very popular Clicks Grid, which gives you an allotted number of clicks per day, which you can use to click on an image and “win” money. Payouts usually range from $.01 to $5.00 and winnings are very rare.

It’s easy to see why retention rates with PTC’s like Clicksbux are so low. Once people find how low the earnings tend to be, they find no more reason to stay. More importantly is that the actual time it takes to accumulate these earnings can almost feel “never-ending” at times.

Advertising With Clicksbux

At the other end of the spectrum we have the PTC advertisers. These are also regular members on Clicksbux, who instead of clicking on ads for mere pennies, decide to pay to advertise their offers and promotions on the site. This is why you see Clicksbux filled with ads on the site. From simple text links at the bottom to banner ads and the occasional $.0005 PTC ad, the options of advertising are most certainly there. The benefit to this is that advertising on Clicksbux is cheap and can really allow you to test out a wide variety of offers you may be interested in pursuing.

Here are the options & cost of advertising on Clicksbux:

#1. Paid To Click Ads – Starting at $.45 for 250 credits.

#2. Login Ads – Starting at $1.00 per day.

#3. Fixed PTC Ads – 8 second PTC ads for $2.00.

#4. Paid To Signup Offers – Starting at 50 credits for $1.00.

#5. Banner Ads – Starting at 250,000 credits for $4.00.

#6. Featured Text Ads – Starting at 10,000 credits for $1.00.

#7. Featured Link Ads – Starting at $5 for 1 month.

#8. Other Special Packages With Mixed Advertising.

As you can see, you have a huge plethora and number of ways to advertise on Clicksbux. There really is no limit to how you can promote various offers. The actual pricing as you can see is very cheap and is a good way to get a ton of eyes with potential interest in your offer. I like what’s being offered here on Clicksbux, more-so than with other PTC’s because not only is the pricing cheaper, but you have more options to choose from as well. Choosing a special package will also give you a 50 to 60% discount which is nice.


Clicksbux PTC Overview

Clicksbux is a PTC site that is better than most. They offer cheaper pricing on their advertising and you only have a select few of options to upgrade from. This makes the site feel much more legitimate than other PTC’s who don’t mind charging up to $800+ just for a yearly membership.

If you have a deep interest in PTC’s or are simply looking for time to waste, using Clicksbux isn’t the world’s worst idea. You can definitely come out with a few bucks every now and then and sometimes even more. Those in serious search of a viable income however, should look elsewhere.

P.S. Please avoid their new “investor benefits” option, where they ask you to invest $10,000 in a share and receive $13,500 after 45-days. This is a BIG no-no!


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    P.S. Please avoid their new “investor benefits” option, where they ask you to invest $10,000 in a share and receive $13,500 after 45-days. This is a BIG no-no!
    i made this Crazy Value so i stop people from Buying Shares , so now buying shares is not allowed in my site

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