Top 5 Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs

One popular online trend in recent years is giving individuals an opportunity to help raise funds for startup projects they believe in. Otherwise known as crowdfunding, these campaigns now allow affiliates from various niches to earn by referring others to campaigns and causes that truly matter.

This not only gives an incentive for your visitors to pledge their support, but helps you earn some nice commissions in the process. More importantly is that the simple introduction of various projects can add a nice touch to your content and make things more interesting.

In this list, I’ve gone through and found some of the best and most desirable crowdfunding affiliate programs for 2017. If you’re in a niche where startup projects are prevalent, then introducing and referring some of your visitors to these startup campaigns can be a great way of adding another method of earning with your blog and content.

As a crowdfunding referrer, I highly recommend applying to each of the following programs individually since each contain their own unique campaigns that could be of interest to you and your audience.

Please keep in mind that this list is not as exhaustive as other niche affiliate programs given the limited nature of the industry. But you should find that the following affiliate programs are all you need to place you on a path to crowdfunding success!



Thunderclap Affiliate Program

Thunderclap’s easy to use platform and highly engaging homepage makes it one of this year’s top contenders when it comes to crowdfunding affiliate programs. Individuals will love nothing more than browsing through a plethora of on-going projects that shows exactly how much support they’ve received and the duration left on each kickstarter campaign.

With nothing but inspirational stories, individuals will have a hard time when it comes to exiting the site. The Thunderclap referral program is completely free to join, offers unlimited earning potential, and offers up to 10% commissions on any pledged support made to any original crowdfunding campaign. Interested in joining? Start your ‘thunder-clapping’ as an affiliate here!



FundRazr Crowdfunding Affiliate Program

Interested in promoting one of the most professional crowdfunding platforms in 2017? Then you’ll definitely want to try FundRazr, which is especially known for their popular crowdfunding affiliate program. FundRazr’s kickstarter campaigns tend to revolve around these following categories:

– Individuals raising money for personal reasons – e.g. health, travel, family, sports, education, legal matters, and more.

– Communities & groups looking to raise funds – e.g. religious groups, college alumni, school reunions, volunteering, and more.

– Non-Profit organizations looking for contributions – e.g. charities, churches, non-profit businesses, and schools.

– Helping entreperneurial start-up projects – e.g. artists, entertainers, musicians, comedians, small businesses, and much more.

– Animal rescue – this is considered to be another hot topic on FundRazr that works towards the rescuing of abandoned pets. If you’re in the pet care niche, this could be a good opportunity to help spread some greatness and love in the world.

If your blog or web content focuses on any related issues or causes to the categories above, then FundRazr couldn’t be a more perfect fit for you and your visitors. While no specific commission percentage is disclosed, users can fill in a quick affiliate application here to get started.



Krowdster Affiliate program

If you’re looking for one of the most lucrative and high-paying crowdfunding affiliate programs to join, then you’ll definitely want to try Krowdster. Not only do they offer one of the highest commission percentages, but even offers a chance to earn recurring monthly commissions on any one of their bundled services.

Krowdster stands out from the crowd by offering tools that help crowdfunders build a much stronger online presence with services like twitter marketing, custom media lists, press release services, and more.

The platform designed to promote equity crowdfunding, kickstarter, and indiegogo campaigns offers up to 30% commissions on one-time and recurring monthly sales, giving you an opportunity to earn passive income over the long-run. Here’s where the Krowdster affiliate application can be found.



EquityNet Affiliate Program

With over $115 million raised over the last 12-months alone, EquityNet’s affiliate program could seem like an ideal choice. What’s more amazing about this crowdfunding platform is its endless number of expensive entrepreneurial start-up campaigns; some of which are on their way to reaching their goals of a million dollars in funding and more.

If you’re looking to become apart of one of the best crowdfunding platforms for entrepreneurial ventures and businesses, then EquityNet is as perfect as it gets. Not only do they offer a generous 20% commission of any generated revenue for a year, but offers an opportunity to earn unlimited income potential. Their structure works on a subscription-based payout that can pay anywhere from $240 to $4,400 in revenue per sale(s). The lucrative affiliate program by EquityNet can be applied to here.

Updated (Nov. 27, 2017) – EquityNet’s affiliate program is currently unavailable.


Kickbooster Affiliate Program

Looking to promote some of the most viral campaigns on the internet? With tens of thousands of active campaigns running at a given time, you’ll have no problem finding some of the best campaigns to introduce to your audience. As a member, you’ll have the option of registering as a campaign owner or affiliate, otherwise known as a ‘booster.’

What’s really unique about the crowdfunding program is that commission rates can vary on any given crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding owners will actually set the commission percentage on their project to affiliates. Therefore, campaign owners looking for the best chance for their projects to go viral will offer higher percentages to affiliates, who now have a greater incentive to help spread the word. has a wonderful affiliate program set in place allowing affiliates to pick and choose what projects they want to promote based on commission rates and the story behind each project. Registering as an affiliate with also couldn’t be easier!

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