CryptoGain Review – Scam Or Legit?

Product: CryptogainCryptogain Scam Review


Type: HYIP/Investing

Earning Potential: Medium, but risky.

Price: .001 BTC to 10.001+ BTC

Our Rating: 5/100 – scam.


What Is Cryptogain?

Cryptogain is a high risk-taking website that promises a high-yielding return on your own bitcoin deposit. We’ve seen sites like these pop up from time to time in 2017 all asking for the same thing – to take a risk with your own bitcoin wallet.

But, is this really a good way of increasing your bitcoin wealth? That’s exactly the kind of information we’re going to be finding out in this review. But first, let’s get a quick overview of what an HYIP is. HYIP, otherwise known as a high yield investment product, gives you a promise of a return in profit.

In other words, you deposit a certain sum of money and in due time, you’ll receive a profit on top of that deposit. The catch here is you don’t have to do anything besides make an investment and wait. This is otherwise known as a ponzi-scheme and has been seen time and time again on the internet.

They first started with regular cash. They would say deposit $10 and we’ll give you $15 in a week or so. But the reality was that half of these investments would get totally lost. While there were times you would see that profit, there was a good chance that money would never be seen again.


How Cryptogain Works

The reason why not everyone gets back their investment is because the way these profits are received. You see, the website or HYIP here isn’t actually selling any kind of product or service. Rather, it’s an entity that is completely reliant on the deposits of its members.

This is why you never see a profit or a full return on investment right away. That’s because all the money coming in are from re-investments or from the deposits of new members. So rather than actually being able to create a profit, it’s just money being circulated from one member to the next.

You put in a bitcoin, give it some time, and maybe you’ll receive a return, all depending on the status of that HYIP. The most important thing to remember is you are never guaranteed any profit or return of any kind. You give away your bitcoin(s) and it could be lost forever.

A quick look at another recent bitcoin HYIP shows that this particular site had completely stopped paying out any of its members. It’s hard to even note whether anyone even walked away with a profit.


Cryptogain’s Investment Schemes

Cryptogain claims that any member or individual can get signed up for free. But once you do that, you’ll be pushed into any one of their investment schemes which they claim will “pay out forever.” Don’t buy into that. They just want your bitcoin investment.

1st Investment Plan (“Dash”): 10% daily ROI or 0.42% hourly profit – This plan supposedly gives a 10% daily return on your bitcoins. There is a minimum investment of 0.001 BTC and maximum investment of 5 BTC.

2nd Investment Plan (“Ethereum”): 12% daily ROI or 0.50% hourly profit – This plan supposedly gives a 12% daily return on your bitcoins given a minimum investment of 5.001 BTC and maximum investment of 10 BTC.

3rd Investment Plan (“Bitcoin”): 15% daily ROI or 0.63% hourly profit – This plan supposedly gives a 15% daily return on your bitcoins given a minimum investment of 10.001 BTC and an unlimited maximum investment.

Cryptogain Investment Example: The website’s on-site calculator will allow you to the hourly, daily, and monthly profit given your investment. Investing 5 BTC for example, may yield an hourly profit of 0.02 BTC, daily profit of 0.5 BTC, and monthly profit of 15 BTC.


Should You Use Cryptogain?

As easy and lovely as it sounds to earn bitcoins by not having to do anything but sit and around and wait, there are no doubt risks when using Cryptogain. For one, this isn’t exactly a legal site – for example, all you would need to do to find out this type of site’s actual legitimacy is to head on over to one of the latest and most notorious HYIP’s, From there, you’ll see why the use of Cryptogain is not a smart idea.

Also, Cryptogain is in no way a long-term opportunity. Even if it did work in the short-while, sure you might come out with a bit of profit, but surely nothing to boast about. More importantly is the fact that the majority of these HYIP sites using bitcoins are scams and don’t necessarily intend on paying you back. For this reason and many others, staying away from this kind of site is always a smart idea.

Lastly, it’s simply not an ethical way of earning. If you do happen to earn any extra bitcoins, the only bitcoins you’ll be actually earning is from the members who join after you. It’s their investment that’s being circulated back to you and so forth.

The takeaway lesson here is this – anything that sounds too good to be true in the world of online marketing is almost always surely the case. Cryptogain is by no means an exception to that rule, but is in fact the epitome of this rule.


Risks Of Using Cryptogain

1. Site can easily shut-down or go out of business at anytime. They can also decide on the members that will be paid and the members that don’t.

2. You can never trust the people in charge of these kind of sites. We never know what their intentions or motives are and whether they really intend on giving its members any kind of profit.

3. There isn’t a single product or service this website sells immediately calling into question the legality of this website. Instead the only thing we see here are the use of “investment plans.”

4. Could be nothing more than an elaborate scheme to take money out of your bitcoin wallet. Given its complete lack of regulation, this isn’t a site that is subject to giving you back your money.


Will Cryptogain Earn You More Bitcoins Or Is It a Scam?

Cryptogain is the kind of site that should be avoided Unless you’re willing to take a small risk, this isn’t a site we recommend using. Not only do they not pan out in the long-term, but even the short-term risks and costs associated aren’t worth it.

Not to mention that we have no idea as to the actual legality of this website. What we do know is that no actual product or services are involved meaning the only thing you’re investing into is a scheme. This is a scheme that can be used against you and used to take away your investment instead of giving you a return.

The use of terms and high ROI percentages like “10% and 15% daily forever” really calls into question the motives of this website. Do they really intend on watching you leave with a profit? And even if you do, how long will that actually last for? You’ll be better of playing it safe by finding something better to join.

Thanks for checking out this Cryptogain Scam Review. For a way more legitimate business model, click below. Otherwise, feel free to leave all your questions and comments in the section down below!

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