Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Data Recovery

With the world moving towards a digital age, being able to recover lost data is becoming more important than ever before. This is something that is constantly being sought-out by businesses, small and large. Plenty of money can be made in this niche business, but it’s up to you to monetize your website correctly.

As a blogger, you can capitalize on earning as a marketer by signing up with some of the data recovery affiliate programs below. Here is a list that should help you discover some of the best affiliate products and services you can sign-up for in 2017.

While some conversion rates are higher than others, take note of other aspects that can improve conversions such as, the cookie duration, creatives and banners, site popularity, assistance from the affiliate management teams, and potential for growth.

For example, some of these programs offer incentives to stick with the program by increasing your commission rate as you grow through out your journey. One of my favorite ways of growing any niche website is purely through SEO, which was all taught to me by this program here, which I highly recommend checking out as well.

Enjoy the list and best of luck on your affiliate marketing journey!


Prosoft Engineering

Data Recovery Affiliate Program

Prosoft Engineering offers a range of services and products starting from data recovery and security to computer optimization. All their products have a trial period that allows the users to test the software before they buy. Since all their software can directly be downloaded off the net, this means their potential market is the entire world.

Add to this the regularly updated software and intuitive website design, and you will get a recipe for success! Prosoft estimates that their average sale is around $100, which means you will be able to earn a hefty amount through commissions alone.

Their standard commission rate is 25% or an average of $25 for every sale you make. In addition to this, they offer bonuses to top performers as well. To top it off, they also frequently offer bundles and promotion codes to help you with your sales. Sign up for Prosoft Engineering’s affiliate program now!



Data Backup Affiliate Program

EaseUS is a software company that focuses mostly on data management. They offer software for data recovery, optimization of disk space, data back up, and data transfer. They have great customer service and offer their customers a money back guarantee if they don’t like the product.

With over 100 million people currently using their services, it is easy to see why you should become an affiliate with EaseUS. They offer a commission rate of up to 70% (depending on your sales) which is higher than most other data recovery affiliate programs.

To boost your success rate, they offer help with promotional material including banners and logos. However, they have quite a few rules in their guidelines for affiliates. Do read their terms of conditions before signing up for the EaseUS affiliate program.


Tenorshare Data Recovery (Any Data Recovery)

Any Data Recovery Affiliates

Tenorshare is a data recovery company that focuses on iOS and Android Devices, with a few solutions for windows devices as well. Tenorshare’s affiliate program offers astonishingly high commission rates starting at 50%.

This is applicable to people making monthly sales worth of $500, after which the rate only increases to 80% depending on how much money you bring in. They also help you sell better by providing banners, coupons, and other attractive links.

On the down side, this company’s only offer product is data recovery, which effectively reduces the size of the market. Like Ease US, they have quite a few strict guidelines for the affiliate marketers to follow. To sign up for this affiliate service, you need to email them at or visit their site for more details.

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Kernel Data Recovery

Kernel Data Affiliate Program

Kernel focuses on a range of software products like data recovery and transfer, email recovery and transfer, and even file recovery. Other than these main services, they also provide a range of miscellaneous tools like Monitoring software or PDF tools.

This means that there is a huge target audience for you to sell to. They offer 24*7 online support with live chat but the quality of that is debatable. Since most of the software can be downloaded instantly, you won’t have to wait for the product to get physically delivered to get your commission.

Kernel’s affiliate program offers a flat 35% commission to all its partners. Unfortunately, they do not offer other perks to incentivize you or to help you advertise. But their range of product and high commission rate makes up for any shortcomings.

Binary Biz

Data Management Affiliate Program

This company offers a range of products for data recovery for almost every kind of device available, making it an ideal choice for data recovery affiliates. With solutions for Mac, Windows, SD cards, CDs / DVDs and even USB drives, there is no question that loads of people will love to invest in their products.

It has received many outstanding reviews from all over the world with CNET praising them as well. The affiliate program of Binary Biz offers one of the lowest commission rates on this list at 10%. But what’s wonderful about Binary Biz is the fact it allows customers to try out their data recovery software completely risk free.

This can present you with an opportunity give the visitors you present Binary Biz to an excellent incentive to join. Not to mention that their extremely large customer data base and 24/7 chat support should certainly help boost conversions. Banners and other creatives can also be used to draw in new customers.

Clever Files

Data Recovery Affiliates

Clever files is the company behind the renowned data recovery software – Disk Drill which is available for both Mac and Windows. It is a simple DIY software that allows you to recover all kinds of file types present in all kinds of devices. The software also features disk optimization tools to give the customer an all-in-one package. I

t has been rated as one of the top software on CNET, which means there is a bound to be a demand for this product. The website guarantees a 10% conversion rate due to the quality of their product. Their affiliate program gives a commission rate of 20% initially which might be raised to 50% once your monthly sales increase.

An affiliate manager is ready to answer your questions about the program or about the product whenever required. To add to this, they also give you promotional packs to target customers in a more appealing way and to improve your conversion rates.

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Minitool Affiliate Program

Minitool is another widely recognized data recovery software which has been praised by CNET as well. They have a large range of government contracts that just goes to show how trusted their software is. Minitool’s affiliate program gives its partners a minimum commission of 40%.

This is then increased to 70% if you cross $8000 in monthly sales. The commission rate is regularly updated to ensure that you always get the rate you deserve. Minitool estimates that you can earn up to $24,000 a month just by being a high performing affiliate marketer for their site.

They also provide promotional material to encourage clicks from the customers when you need them. Like EaseUS, Minitool also has some strict guidelines for their affiliate links. They guarantee that they care of their affiliate marketers well, so feel free to sign up as an affiliate for Minitool now!

Stellar Info

Computer Software Affiliate Program

Stellar Info offers one of the best affiliate programs for data management and recovery so far. First of all, it offers a wide range of products from data and email recovery to fixing corrupted data like emails or files. Obviously, this means that you have a lot of customers to sell this to.

Then, you have their affiliate program that offers up to 50% commission rates (starting at 30%) on products ranging from $40 to $500. With a relatively high conversion of around 2% thanks to its promotional packages, you can stand to earn around $239 from just one sale!

Another great feature about Stellar Info’s affiliate program is that it stores the customer’s cookies for 30 days – a lot more than most affiliate programs out there. They also provide affiliate support for you to help you earn more and provide better information to your readers. With the software getting delivered online, you can easily earn your commission without any delays.

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Iolo Affiliate Program

Iolo offers one of the most helpful affiliate programs. They do not have a vast range of data recovery products, but they compensate for that in numerous ways. This includes helping you research for keywords for your website and a monthly newsletter to help you market their software.

They also give you a 45-day cookie tracking period to give you a better chance at increasing sales. Their minimum conversion rate is 3% and can go up to 5% for their top marketers. Affiliate commissions are set close to a 50-50 split with affiliates taking home a 40% commission on each sale.

Another advantage is that they don’t require you to have an existing website as long as you can get their link out there successfully and organically. Sign up for their affiliate program now and start earning with Iolo today.



File Recovery Affiliate Program

Jihosoft is another big name in data recovery which gives you a hefty amount in commissions. They mainly have products for file and photo recovery – both available for Mac and PC. This means that their target audience isn’t very large, but a 75% commission rate definitely makes up for it. It also allows you to create custom links using networks like Regnow or Avangate to help improve your conversion rates. Their affiliate program can easily be signed up for using either one of the aforementioned networks.

Affiliate marketing is a smart way to get some extra income using your website while managing and saving data is becoming more and more important in the 21st century. Becoming an affiliate marketer in this field is almost a no brainer. So, what are you waiting for? Click one the link below and start earning a bit extra now!

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