Dubli Network Review: MLM Gambling Scam Of The Decade

Product Name: Dubli Inc.
Owner: Michael Hansen
Website: dubli.com
Price: According to Membership Levels:
-$4.95 Monthly Fee
-$99 Onetime Fee
Overall Rank: Not Legit.

Dubli Network Overview: An MLM Downfall!

The Short Premise Of The Dubli Inc. Review:

Dubli is a global marketing company that go under the trademark name of DubLi.com. Dubli is a sales company that sells merchandise by the use of internet based auctions which now presently owns the following subsidiaries: BSP Rewards, Lenox Logistic, Dublicom Limited, CG Holdings, and Network Limited. Today DubLi is now one of the world’s largest operating e-commerce stores operating with over 5,000 stores worldwide. Some of the biggest complaints are that people especially in the U.S., who have signed up for DubLi can’t find any store operated by the company within their local area. The biggest attraction to DubLi is its cashback program, offering money back on a wide variety of services:





-Financial Services

The second biggest complaint being received however, by most DubLi affiliates are that they are not being compensated cashback, most-especially as soon as they have reached a certain quota, or limit. That is, it seems DubLi’s operation in regards to company profits have relied greatly on the cutting of members cashback and rewards. The incentive being that as a global company it would be very difficult to implement any legal type of action, given the MLM nature, and digital-type of the DubLi Company.

Reason For DubLi Membership Payments:

-$4.95 Monthly Fee/ $99 One-time Fee: Allows DubLi shoppers to elect for an additional 4 to 6% cash back by becoming a member.

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More On The Latest DubLi News:

The DubLi Network at first glance very much reminded me of Amway Global. Reason only being they both seemingly provide a global wide opportunity to create earnings in a similar manner; that is through the selling and purchasing of products and services that are being bought online everyday.

That is that used to be the case, for Dubli at least, until the company decided to go public and literally began using some of the most immoral and unethical tactics in the book!

While Amway Global has proven to show some mixed reviews in terms of the overall experience, the main answer was that despite the company’s offering of very solid health and beauty products, the ability to earn compensation can indeed be extremely difficult. That is not to say Amway Global is by any means a scam.

As long as they have a legitimate business opportunity in place, are following the law, and promising both consumers and independent business owners what they claim they are, than it indeed can prove to be helpful. This has especially been proven in countries not including America, such as China, where the opportunities prevalence has grown evermore popular and is becoming loved by other various cultures.

Nonetheless, I realized in most cases that Amway’s own MLM earning opportunity proved that it can take months, if not years, to begin building a legitimate online income.

Given that Amway Global is an actual legitimate MLM opportunity, that does not rely on income produced by gambling, is it possible we could say the same about Dubli?

I’m afraid not!

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Dubli’s Shopping & Gambling Earning Opportunities: Outright Wrong.

This was the main reason I decided to take a look into DubLi, as I’ve also found this network becoming more and more prevalent in the past months alone. Similar to Amway, Dubli Network similarly claims to offer a unique secondary income opportunity by means of using common everyday products that you could also find on Amazon and E-bay.

Unlike Amway Global however, one can immediately tell that Dubli is a much newer occupant within the global selling industry of various commodities and not only suffers from the reliable resources and mentorship Amway has, but upon discovery, shows Dubli Network has now relied on schemish promises (e.g. Free Grand Canyon Vacations).

dubli network shopping scam review 2014-10-14 12-51-37


While Amway Global was founded over 50-years ago, Dubli claims to have been founded as a global earning opportunity since only 2003. Its popularity seems to have risen in just the past few years; a result of increasing number of complaints and warnings by scammed Dubli business associates.

Dubli Network Review: Why So Many Complaints!

What’s the deal with Dubli, and why do I think this company will be falling out sooner than later?

First of all Dubli looks to be making many false promises in terms of their online earning opportunity. The first feeling you get is that as a Dubli “Business Associate,” you are easily able to make money utilizing Dubli’s online shopping mall and online auctions.

The Dubli Scam.

However, it seems Dubli’s main motive is to use these Business Associates for their own good. It becomes even easier to tell with the many complaints offered, that Dubli has been using its very own business associates as a means to produce company income instead of utilizing proper resources and funnels to help allow their business associates actually make money.

While Dubli’s shopping network may after all seem legitimate upon first view, that does not necessarily mean that the company’s earning opportunity can or should be trusted. After all, in order to implement a worldwide MLM network opportunity, requires more than just a few people at the top, but plenty of staff and proper customer service to be able to help with any business associates need at any given time. That is not shown to be the case here with Dubli!

Is Dubli really using their own Business Associates to make money?

It seems so. By using their business associates personal contact information to try and have them buy their own Dubli “Money Selling Kits.” Many people are consistently finding this to be a scam and are actually calling this type of endorsement as illegal on Dubli’s part.

Additionally, Dubli Business Associates are offered Dubli Credits.

What are Dubli Credits?

Essentially, they are a similar form of money per say, but more like tokens that can be used and played within Dubli Auctions (in other words, a form of gambling) to help Business Associates win certain items and earning opportunities, which seems to be one of the biggest ultimate causes in proving Dubli as a non-legitimate means to gain a secondary income.

Thus, there have been a rising number of complaints here as well, saying that Dubli has effectively been changing the auction rules after purchasing Dubli Credits. What’s worse is that the Dubli Auctions itself are suddenly disappearing or not able to be used at all.

Regardless of the number of positive reviews you will see on Dubli, just be aware.

They are merely being used to leverage the company’s own reputation. Just by seeing the large gap in legitimate comments vs. comments claiming the company is a total scam, any person can tell that this company should not be trusted in the slightest!

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Not only has this company been recorded as the top 5th failed MLM company in the world, but the mere use of taking advantage of gambling techniques with Dubli tokens alone shows highly immoral techniques as a way to so-called help their own employees earn income.

The company has furthermore shown repeatedly to get people to consistently invest thousands of dollars to help increase earning opportunities, which has shown to fail everytime.

I found that the worst technique being used by Dubli’s corporate owners are the fact they are randomly charging various Business Associate credit cards without any prior authorization. In addition, business associates by Dubli are finding this opportunity to be one of the most highly mistrusted corporations they could have ever decided to work for.

When Did Dubli Decide To Start Ripping Off Its Own Business Associates?

dubli network scam 2014-10-14 12-54-46It seems since 2008 the company has decidingly become more corrupt within its highly-illegal decisions.

The fact the DubLi Network has gone global seems to make it even harder to prove these accusations to be true. The year 2008 is also when Dubli had decided to have its company go public, thus giving those at the top of the corporate ladder all the more reason to be more greedy within its own tactics.

Since that time, the companies own MLM opportunity, turned into the worse possible pyramid scheme. For those who are unaware, there are certainly proper ways of implementing MLM and network marketing techniques to producing income. The difference here being that business associates are being almost forced to comply with certain gambling tactics as their only chance and way of making any money whatsoever.

Dubli Network Overview: Total Scam!

Nonetheless, Dubli’s network has become nothing but a total and complete scam, you’ll want to stay as far away from as possible. Especially if they continue to decide in using their wrongful revenues as means to advertise the company on a larger scale. Hence, the more exposure Dubli Network gets, the more people will get scammed without being able to do anything about it!

The importance of doing the proper research when it concerns online marketing research is and should always be second to none.

DubLi Review Verdict:

Online Scams

DubLi Inc. Rank:


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