Easy Video Suite Review – Can It Help Your Online Business?

Name: Easy Video SuiteEasy Video Suite Review

Website: www.easyvideosuite.com

Price: $197 For Software and/or $97 For Commercial License

Type: Video Software + Internet Marketing

Ranking: 85/100 – Legit!

What Is It?

Easy Video Suite is an all in one video software that allows you to create and upload videos online. Easy Video Suite can be used to record your own videos directly from either your screen or your computers camera. Once you’ve created your video, the application then allows you to upload the video anywhere you need to.

The software will even give you a URL (with the video) as well as a unique embed code, which can be used to upload the video directly to your website. The best aspect of Easy Video Suite must be its general functionality that lets you create + upload videos with ease.


Integrated Opt-Ins

One feature that can’t be ignored with Easy Video Suite are all of its integrated features. For example, you can customize your videos any way you want and add things like your own specific call to actions and even an e-mail opt in form.

This can be a very powerful marketing strategy, whether you intend on uploading your videos to YouTube or on your own website and gives your viewers an incentive to join your e-mail list. Most video creators I’ve seen don’t exactly have these kinds of features since they’re not always intended for e-mail marketers.

If you’re specifically getting into internet marketing, are trying to grow an e-mail list, or simply need a tool to customize your videos in any way you want, you owe it to yourself to check out Easy Video Suite. Another amazing alternative is Animoto, which can also be used to create videos and upload them online as well. Unfortunately, Animoto does lack some of the integrated tools like e-mail opt-in forms and call to actions as seen in Easy Video Suite.


Video Landing Pages

One more awesome feature of Easy Video Suite is its capability in creating landing pages; something that also can’t be done with Animoto. If you’re looking for a way to capture or audience or create a page explaining your own product or service, there is no better way of going about this. The landing page is a feature that when used with things like a call to action or opt-in can be very powerful.

Easy Video Suite WordPress


Cons – Things I Didn’t Like

There are however a few things I don’t like or disagree with in Easy Video Suite. Its sales page for example, states that by creating these videos, you’ll be getting tons of traffic and sales just by using it. But let me clarify, that creating those videos alone won’t bring in the traffic. Getting traffic from videos either requires you have your own blog or social media channel like one on YouTube with lots of viewers. What Easy Video Suite will do is give you a jump-start into the video creation process.


Pros – Things I Liked

On the contrary, there were many aspects I enjoyed in Easy Video Suite. Besides the many integrated features like your opt in forms, landing pages, and call to actions, EVS also boasts features relating to SEO allowing you to properly format each of your videos. This means it gives you the ability to create your own video titles, descriptions, and keywords.

I’m still unclear why you would need a sitemap for a video, but the integrated SEO capabilities are nevertheless, a great feature overall. The main things I’d focus on are a clear and keyword rich video title and description if, for example, you are uploading your own videos to your website or social media channel. This will greatly help your video move up the ranks and get more exposure overtime.

There are other advantages to Easy Video Suite, such as its dual compatibility with both Mac and PCs and its free hosting with Amazon S3 as one of the most powerful video hosting companies. Most importantly is that Easy Video Suite is also offered on Clickbank giving you a 60-day money back guarantee if for any reason, you don’t like it.


Easy Video Suite Overview

Overall, Easy Video Suite is a powerful video marketing software, despite its somewhat gimmicky sales page. If what you’re looking for is a way to seamlessly create and upload videos, add integrated opt ins and call to actions, and even create videos using your cell phone or tablet, EVS is the way to go.

Even with its somewhat high $197 price tag, Easy Video Suite has loads of functionality and capabilities that most other video marketing softwares fail to consider. If you have a big project ahead of you, like wanting to create and add videos to your website, grow your YouTube channel, or create videos you can customize and tailor specifically to your audience, Easy Video Suite could be a wise choice.

Have any questions regarding EVS? Please leave your thoughts and comments down below!

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